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About season results in Fc Arsenal

So far “Arsenal“ tries to get beginners and to hold the players who are already available let`s remember the pleasant moments from last season. Them was a little, but they undoubtedly are worth it that once again to remember them in spite of the fact that on the general background of the catastrophic end of a season they look not so brightly as could.

The best goal.

Second goal of Samir Nasri to “Fulham“. The goal in itself is beautiful, and its timeliness and importance put it independently among other balls hammered with “Arsenal“. Samir Nasri to that match endured the brightest period of career in “Arsenal“, and during a goal combination did everything so perfectly that one of commentators described his work with a ball precisely of “touch of an angel“ (a touch of an angel).

Alternative: Arshavin`s goal “Vest to Bromvich“.

The best team game.

“Arsenal“ - “Chelsea“ 3:1. Clear business that this match not only which it will be pleasant to remember, speaking about last season. But on the level of devotion, desire, dedication and spirit, it, is undoubtedly allocated against all other matches of “Arsenal“. It is in any case allocated, it is possible to say safely that the team played this match almost faultlessly if not to reckon with small exceptions. This day, appear, at last construction of next “Arsenal“ of Arsen at the mental and physical level ended. What turned out as a result, all of us know...

Statistics of year.

Trying to fill this heading, rushed was in the section of statistics to learn more precisely as as “Arsenal“ napasovat and filled on gate. But after survey of all data did not notice anything of that kind that could surprise really - neither the greatest number of transfers, nor the greatest percent of accuracy of shoots for goal. The most important statistics in my opinion, is the statistics of performances of Jack Wilshire who shot in this season who having rushed into the main structure of “Arsenal“ of 47 times began a match with a starting whistle and 6 times came for replacement. Jack nearly only who spent a season without enormous recessions, on high for himself and team level.

Saying of year.

In view of the unsuccessful results shown by team towards the end of a season, the press began much more actively “to throw arrows“ in Arsene Wenger. Considering that Wenger`s relations with representatives of masses - media in this season and so were not on the ball from - for the published story about love affairs of Arsene, the Frenchman became much more violent in communication with local wordsmiths. Than it is worse than business of “Arsenal“ went on a football field, especially Wenger looked nervous that at the microphone that being on a brow during matches. Commenting active, passing into aggressive behavior during matches, Arsen told: “I cannot sit on a bench with a quiet face as if I am junked. I worry about a match and I want to win. And yes, I worry because I want that my team won and it does not mean at all that I behave thus because I lost control“.

Comparison with the previous season.

Here and it is not necessary to guess. In last season we began to play far worse home games with middling persons. The “MU“ which won a title won it practically at the expense of only one ideal form in home games where only two points were lost. If in the previous season any outsider could not count on points on “Emireyts“, then in the past reached that fans elementary were afraid of home games. It is sure, play we slightly more successfully in native walls with middling persons, the champion`s title could be won already by the end of April.