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Rubens, “Gippodamiya`s Kidnapping“. From where centaurs undertook?

of Gippodamiya - the granddaughter of the god of war Ares (or Mars that same). At its birth oracles foretold to daddy that it is waited by death when his daughter marries.

The father (him Enomay called) decided that no marriage will exist: “I want to live!“ And to the daughter asked in marriage endlessly. The father thought up test for grooms: the applicant has to the first ride to the appointed place. He had to win against Enomaya.

Before jumps it was necessary to make a sacrifice. While the father of the bride prepared a ram, the applicant went to a way on a fourfold team. The ram was killed and fried, fat was burned, blood was poured out in a fire, gods accepted the victim - and Enomay is started up after the groom (his chariot the charioteer by the name of Mirtil governs). Overtaking nothing not suspecting the young man, it kills him with a spear (the bloody father: his father - god of cruel, senseless war).

Horses of Enomaya were very fast therefore it every time caught up with the next groom. But Pelop, one of them, bribed Mirtil and the first came to the purpose. Won daddy (sacred simplicity!) did not begin to investigate the defeat reasons, just committed suicide. And the lucky person invited all the relatives to a wedding feast:

With Gippodamiya the marriage was celebrated by Pirifoy Iksionov.

Here tucherodny animals - only tables of a porasstavlena were -

He invites to recline in the cave shaded by an oak grove.

(Ovidy, “Metamorphoses“)

the Happy groom Pelop (he is Pirifoy) is Ares`s grandson too. His father - Iksion, Ares`s son. Therefore Pirifoy Iksionov is a name and a middle name. Iksion was, to put it mildly, not decent: on one of divine junkets it stuck to Hera, Zeus`s wife. And Zeus not to arrange dismantling, palmed off on Iksion a cloud with Hera`s shape. Deception was successful!

In Rubens`s picture “Iksion deceived by Juno“ in the right top corner - Jupiter (Zeus). At the left - couple in an embrace. Between Jupiter and this couple - Juno (Hera), the wife of Jupiter (Zeus). She with gloating watches the events while Jupiter stays in a pose of deep thoughtfulness. What the Supreme master thinks of? Probably, that even such, highest position - not a guarantee from infringement of his honor.

And how the lover feels? In his hands - notable proofs that he received the desirable - Juno. Actually it is not Juno, it is a cloud embodiment, the goddess Nefela. So the legend speaks. (In a picture there are some more figures. A peacock - a sacred symbol of Juno. The kid with wings and a torch - the cupid, a symbol of carnal love. Over lovers Apata, the goddess of lie and deception soars.)

Draw was successful: Iksion copulated with a cloud! But besides - after this act from a cloud the herd of centaurs dropped out (there is no mention anywhere, through what is the time they dropped out). From here at Ovidiya expression “tucherodny animals“ are brothers and sisters of the groom, Pelop.

Among these “tucherodny“ there were individuals of a masculine and feminine gender, centaurs and kentavressa. They tried to obtain each other too (despite consanguinity) that was imprinted with almost documentary accuracy by the great artist.

The wedding feast began:

Here Gimeney sing, fires smoked at an entrance,

I young goes in an environment of women married, Divnoprekrasn`s

the person.

(“Gimeney sing“: Gimeney is god newly married, “Gimeney sing“ - sing the wedding anthem. “Fires smoked at an entrance“ - lit wedding torches.)

And further - everything, as at people:

... yours, about a centaur from furious svirepeyshiya, Evrit,

wine kindled Heart also beauty young newly married,

B it intoxications the power voluptuousness is doubled by carnal!

was broken a feast At once, tables are overturned. Already violent grabbed with force

young by hair of Evrit,

drags Gippodamiya, others - which wished

Or could take; it seemed, - the city captivated.

female the house is disclosed by Shouts.

was Started singing, drank wines - and rushed! Was impatient to take Evrit the bride of the brother! He seized Gippodamiya and dragged, without being confused at all the fact that relatives look at it! And looking at it - and the others began to be enough all who were pleasant!

One of guests, Tezey, the hero of remarkable force, rescues Gippodamiya, but the centaur holds production, does not release! This dramatic situation was also displayed by Rubens: in hands at Evrit`s centaur - the bride. On revenue to it Tezey, behind him, probably, the groom Pelop hurries. Some maiden lies on a floor - dropped.

What was shown by Rubens - only the beginning of magnificent slaughter. Everything is used: large bottles for wine, cups, hunting trophies... A fight is so bloody that its description even to quote the hand is not raised.

From where the myth about centaurs - strong and unrestrained animals undertook? Attempts to explain how myths about them appeared, are known and logicians are not deprived. One of such researchers - Palefat - in the work “About Improbable“ writes:

“Say about centaurs that there were such animals who had in all appearance of a horse except the head - that was at them human. However if somebody believes that there was such monster, then it is impossible. Because also the nature of a horse and the person is not conformable in anything, and the food at them is not similar, and the human mouth and a throat through themselves cannot pass a horse forage. If such creation was once, it would exist and now. Truth here in what.

When in Thessaly Iksion reigned, on Pelione`s the mountain the herd of bulls which did inaccessible to the vicinity of mountains ran wild. Because, interfering in settlements, bulls caused damage to trees and fruits, and together with them ruined also a livestock. So, Iksion announced that will give a lot of money to the one who will exterminate these bulls, and some young men from the foothills, from the village which was called the Cloud think out to accustom horses to riding. (Earlier they were not able to go astride horses but only harnessed them in vehicles.)

And here so, having sat down on horses, drove them there where there were bulls; and, having attacked their herd, began to throw in them a spear. When bulls began to pursue them, young men left (horses were quicker than bulls); when bulls stopped, people, having turned horses, again threw in them a spear. And it is that in the way them exterminated. From here they also received the name of “centaurs“ because they pinned up bulls...

So, centaurs, having received money from Iksion and being proud of the business and wealth, began to violate and make bad affairs... Once lapifa (the people which tsar was Iksion) called centaurs on a feast, those, having got drunk, are enough their wives, force them to sit down on horses and rush together with them to themselves home.

Then centaurs, attacking on lapif, began to wage with them war. Going down at night to the valley, they made to them ambushes; with approach of day, having stolen that is possible, and having set fire to the rest, centaurs ran away to mountains. When they thus receded, looking at them from a distance it was represented from a back that it is a horse, except for the head, and the rest - that it is people, except legs. Seeing this unusual picture, people spoke: “Centaurs from the Cloud attack us“. From this their look and such history inexplicably composed the myth that from a cloud on the mountain the being in whom the horse and the person united was born“.

Here also it turns out that centaurs are ordinary riders who lived in the village the Cloud. And leisure story-tellers somewhere embellished, somewhere invented, somewhere prisochinit - and fantastically strong and furious fantastic beings who are given rise from a cloud with a body of a horse, with a human torso and the head turned out.