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Animals grow wiser? Researches and the facts

in recent years scientists study behavior of “dumb animals“ in search of the answer to a question more and more fixedly: whether they grow wiser and if yes, that why?

Etolog Andrey Neuronov notes that rather often stray dogs in Moscow, crossing the street, behave exactly - in - exactly as people: look at first on the left, then to the right. Moreover, they use public transport, without being mistaken in when it is time to leave.

He explains it with the fact that “a trial and error method they find out the safest ways of migration on the city, and it is fixed genetically at their posterity“; “at animals complex orientation on background noise is formed (to announcements, etc.) to smells, temporary intervals, and, to a lesser extent, visual irritants“, but even if first “it is a little such “guest performers“, they manage to keep the gene pool in the subsequent generations“.

About that, crows are how clever, it was already told, and except them it is necessary to mention rats and cats. The scientist emphasizes that for the last thirtieth anniversary they essentially changed behavior, having become extraordinary clever, cunning, hardy and … curious. Homeless cats, for example, showing sharpness, successfully unbend a cover of a can in which there was some food.

The geographer Boris Rodoman who writes that rats and crows very much grew wiser quite agrees with this opinion. He (and not only he) considers that “the animals and birds living near people have a history of populations comparable on rates of development to human history. For decades of coexistence the experience which is passed on through training that allows to survive in the urbanized environment is saved up“.

Besides, B. Rodoman insists that dogs most often surpass the owners in moral qualities and in general pets have higher morality, than people. In this regard the student`s joke is remembered.

Professor of veterinary academy at lecture asks a question:

- Here if before a goat put a bucket with water and a bucket with vodka what he would begin to drink?

- Water, - chorus answer students.

- And why?

- But because a goat.

the Anthropologist Brian Hare (Harvard) published conclusions that “accommodation near people of hundreds of generations of dogs changed their informative abilities at the genetic level“. According to its research, the cultivated dogs understand human views, gestures, a mimicry much better, than monkeys.

The scientist - the historian and the writer Alexander Gorbovsky assumes that to etologa quite appropriate to organize the systematic “the developing training“ at vagrant animals, and then to set them free, providing thereby acceleration of process of their poumneniye.

Alas, unfortunately, scientists have facts that dogs who were before house and were then on street, lose abilities to brilliantly understand the person. Perhaps, they consciously erase treachery of “the big brother“ in memory?

On the other hand, chimpanzees who were taught language of deaf-mutes, give the ability to relatives. The British titmouses learned to open the dairy bottles sealed by traffic jams from a foil at the fellow tribeswoman who departed from owners …. Notice, not to pierce a beak, namely to open!

The Californian researchers, finding the answer to a question of the reasons of basic change in behavior of animals, came to a conclusion that this process is influenced significantly by their activity, because intensive loadings (for example, run), promote formation of brain cages. Owners of dogs can easily check it if are not too lazy to provide them the corresponding loadings on walks. Interestingly, and this regularity is actual for people?

According to messages of news agencies, in Texas a certain alligator partitioned off improvised materials part of a drain and thanks to it arranged himself the dwelling - the lake about 75 feet and 600 feet in depth in the diameter. Even did not confuse him that at a reservoir there is an oil slick as nearby there is a propane plant. But employees of the enterprise feed up a crocodile now - the single.

In the same Texas invasion of the red ants having addiction to electricity which other species of ants avoid is observed. These crumbs cause to local authorities a serious headache, gnawing through wires and putting communications out of action. The biologist Tom Resberri in a fit of temper called them mad, but if as they manage to learn unmistakably and successfully to bypass all poisoned baits?

On the Internet it is possible to meet video on which the surprising behavior of the cat banishing a crocodile is imprinted. But it is florets in comparison with news that in Florida two six-month-old kittens tired out on a tree … an adult bear who terrorized residents of the town of Apoka. The witness of this scene Jason Daniels told that they began to bypass a predator around, publishing war-calls, and as a result that was afraid, began to move back, did not rest against a fence yet, and then headlong rushed on a tree.

Pets can help the person. I will give an example from own life. Long it happened to me to forget about the fish put on fire for a cat of Musi, and it burned down. And so, the pussycat decided to take this question under own control. Yes, really.

It began to accompany me in kitchen when I reported that I went to cook fish, and remained there to a timer call (which I, certainly, once again did not hear, shipped in work), and then came and sat down on a computer table, blocking the monitor, making up the head and driving a pad on my hand. And as I am grateful to it!

* * *

Animals grow wiser, and it is good if do not become at the same time aggressive. Most of experts agrees in opinion that those from them which live with the person succeed in intellectual development better or lead a gregarious life. Means, force of collective works?.