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How it is correct to return from holiday?

Summer in the heat, and in plans at most of Russians holiday is still planned.

Quite often it turns out so that, coming to work after vacation, people feel even more broken than before went to have a rest. Irrespective of whether you returned from an outdoor recreation, from the Turkish beach or from dangerous travel on the Amazon River, several simple rules will help to return to normal.

First of all it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to enter working process gradually. For this reason it is more correct to reserve tickets with completion of holiday not to the day, and having a gap at least in couple of days.

“Often after an exit from holiday of people can even ache, - the psychologist Natalya Panfilova claims. - It is such protective reaction of an organism, classic psychological method - to prolong to itself holiday. The illness allows to make transition to surrounding reality by softer. And though the person all the same comes back to household chores, frying pans, flat-nose pliers, but will not go to work. Holiday-makers write off usually disease state for acclimatization. But all this about one: the person cannot quickly switch from one rhythm of life to another“.

If suitable tickets did not appear, and you understand that you will be forced to go to work less than in a day after heated legs in the Mediterranean Sea or surveyed the ruins of a country house of Zeus then following councils will facilitate your life.

In - the first, try to sleep before appearance at work. In - the second, take care of the diet: have densely breakfast at home and do not pass a lunch break. Eat more proteinaceous food, vegetables and fruit. In - the third, drink more water and fresh juice. Try to refuse strong tea, coffee and sweet aerated water. Though the small piece of a chocolate will precisely increase mood and a tone.

Now as for the work. With high degree of probability you are expected by a blockage. But you should not snatch on all tasks at once - it is so possible and to overstrain. It is better to plan all tasks for week accurately. Try to increase loading gradually: do not perform the work demanding serious concentration and nerves in the first days. Give preference to those affairs which bring pleasure.

It is unlikely in the first days after holiday you will be able to brag of high efficiency. There is nothing terrible in it. You do not reproach yourself, and promise yourself encouragement at the end of the working day or week better. For example, visit of restaurant or meeting with friends.

In general, the motivation for work is the main guarantee of successful inclusion in daily speed. Remember what at you is banal there is no money.

If till a lunch still far, and you already suffer a shortage of forces for further work, arrange yourself a small break for several minutes. At this time it is possible to watch photos since holidays, to share impressions with colleagues, to breathe fresh air.

Psychologists claim: the better the person spends holidays, the post-holiday depression is heavier. Therefore, coming back to work, it is important to keep positive emotions.

As option - bring together colleagues and organize at the weekend a corporate party or a sortie on the nature with shish kebabs and soccer. As a hand will remove post-holiday slackness.