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How to find the rental apartment? Two years ago I also could not present personal experience of

that I will live in the rental apartment. With the husband perfectly was to us in the parental house under a careful wing of mother. But incidentally the interesting offer turned up - the son of the mother`s colleague went to work abroad. The husband told: “Let`s go, we will look“. And we went.

The apartment suited us in all respects. Spacious, in the prestigious house, with good repair and at the same time for very reasonable price. We risked and moved. As a result perfectly arranged the life, felt taste of independent life. But all good sometime comes to an end. Like a bolt from the blue in one and a half years news that the owner comes back. We were asked to release the apartment.

And here I have two months to find new housing or to return to parents, and I already ooh as do not want back under “a careful wing“. Without delaying, I began to act and steeped to the world of the Moscow real estate, to the world of a cheating and unscrupulousness.

I will tell you 5 most frequent deception to which realtors resort. What aims they at the same time pursue, still remains for me a riddle.

Running forward, I will tell that I contrary to everything managed to find the suitable apartment at the price accepted for us. And we still live separately and happily!

Deception No. 1 “Personal“

the Internet - a boundless flow of information. Exactly here the main search of the rental apartment is conducted. Bulletin boards dazzle with tempting offers from “individuals“ and “owners“ with the zero commission and phrases like “agents a request not to disturb“. It is naive to believe that these announcements really from owners. 99% of all announcements are placed by agents. The commission all the same should be paid. And the earlier you reconcile to this thought, the quicker will find the apartment.

Deception No. 2 “Large too lie“

Fairly believing that in such question, ticklish from the legal point of view, it is better to work with the known and large real estate agency, I saw the websites of the most popular of them. Offers in the section “rent of apartments in Moscow“ delighted me. Fantastic descriptions of apartments were supported with professional interior photos, and the prices at the same time struck with the availability.

But the mirage vanished with the first call to agency. The manager kindly explained that the most part of the apartments shown on the website or are fiction, “advertizing“ according to her, or are offered for sale and are given up to this point. And still hoping for competence of staff of the eminent companies, I left applications to several agencies, but any of them so was not to me useful.

Deception No. 3 “Good luck ghosts“

Fishing around agents, I in parallel conducted active search of the apartment independently. In series of the tiring offers suddenly there was a hope particle in the form of the attracted apartment. I call the agent. And further the play was played according to several scenarios.

The scenario 1 - y: the agent reports that the apartment will be shown only in a week, two, three … Also asks to call back. I call back in agreed day and hour, and the agent answers that the apartment is leased for a long time.

The scenario 2 - y: I agree about a meeting on the apartment. We come and with surprise instead of the accurate and attractive apartment we find the broken furniture, the soiled bathroom etc. It appears, the placed photos, were made five, ten, fifteen … years back right after repair.

The scenario 3 - y: we come to a meeting in due time, we wait at an entrance (the exact address is reported right at the end, and number of the apartment in general can be learned, having only approached it), and there is no agent everything and is not present. We call back to learn where it. In reply we hear impudent lies. For example, the apartment was just leased. Or the owner just decided not to lease the apartment.

Such cases irritate. It is clear, that the person on that end of a wire lies, but it is impossible to do with it, alas, anything. It is necessary only to go home. And next day my phone was broken off from uncountable calls of unclear agents to which my number was just sold.

Deception No. 4 “Small liars“

afflicted Me with

and not reasonable deception offended.

For example, in the description it is specified that the apartment one-room. I call, I specify, I agree about a meeting. And having only entered the apartment, I find out that it is the two-room apartment with one locked room. For me it is powerful argument even not to watch the apartment, but I was not warned in advance, and I spent the time.

Or still: we essentially did not consider old panel houses. The agent calls, offers the apartment. I ask about the house. In reply: “It is modern 17 - the floor house“. I check the address on the Internet. In the photo I see a decent skyscraper. Again I agree about a meeting, again I go. I wait for the agent at a house entrance. The agent approaches and joyfully tells me that the address another. It appears, the apartment is located in next 12 - the floor panel house where in apartments sedentary bathtubs.

And what you will order to do?

Deception No. 5 “Pig in a poke“

At some moment I ceased to consider offers without photos. Several times, having given in to arrangements of agents, I went to see such apartments. The result was depressing. The oral description was not true at all. Sometimes agents were unpleasantly surprised with a condition of the shown apartment, they for the first time got acquainted with it personally, having arrived with me.

And here we approached the main and incomprehensible issue - the scheme of work of realtors in the market of a sjem of housing in the city of Moscow.

“Black hole“

Being very sociable, my husband razgovorit once the agent with whom we waited for the owner of one of apartments. By the way, together with us then at an entrance 7 - 8 couples more crowded. Fortunately, the apartment was useless and a fight did not happen.

The scheme of work of agents on hiring of housing is as follows: is agents from the lessor and the employer. In normal conditions who employs the agent that also pays him the commission. However at us the employer always pays . Usually the cost of services of the agent makes 100% of monthly cost of the rented apartment.

From the lessor belongs to the agent`s duties: to photograph the apartment in the best foreshortenings, to make the attractive description, to place the announcement, to receive calls from sufferers and their agents, to appoint and coordinate displays of the apartment, to make the contract.

The agent from the employer has to: to write down wishes to the apartment, to look for apartments and to make initial selection, to agree about meetings, to accompany the client at survey of apartments, to check documents of the owner and the offered text of the contract to observe all rights of the client.

But agents too people also carry out the working duties somehow, if at all carry out. Therefore also photos will be irrelevant, and in the description there will be mistakes some of which deliberate... In the absence of mood will tell that the apartment is already leased, previously on the apartment will never go, will be late for a meeting with the client or will not be at all, will print out the first contract on the Internet and documents will not check for the apartment of the owner, and a lot what can create. And their clients should pay for everything.

For the successful transaction agents still have to agree among themselves about amount of remuneration. As only the employer pays, his agent has to share the commission with the agent of the lessor. If they do not reach consensus, you do not receive the apartment. Usually such arrangement occurs without presence of clients at an initial stage of negotiations on a meeting. And at survey of the apartment the employer`s agent a kite turns around the clients that they, God forbid, did not agree directly with an adverse party for the smaller commission.

If you independently found the apartment, you all the same should pay the commission to the agent of the lessor. Perhaps, you will be given a discount.

We a discount were not given, but promised that if within half a year the contract is dissolved because of the lessor, then to us will find the apartment free of charge. I am skeptical about this “bonus“ as experience showed that in most cases the agents conducting search of the apartment do not differ in attentiveness to details, and their offers are often opposite to the client`s wishes. Even it is terrible to present that they will find if work for free!