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Sweet cherry and felt cherry. What secret of their origin?

Are only one large cherry which has a high trunk. It is sweet cherry. It and the most sweet. Finding out an origin of modern cherries, scientists assumed that garden cherry, most likely, arose from “a casual meeting“ of rather undersized steppe cherry with sweet cherry. They say that, creating steady against diseases and cold weather of a grade, I. Michurin considered historical experience and “used the help“ sweet cherries.

Sweet cherry , Cerasus avium (L.) Moench., family Pink (Rosaceae) - a tree up to 30 - 35 m high (it is the maximum height, in the nature and the more so in well-groomed gardens similar ancient copies meet extremely seldom), with the rare, directed up branches. Leaves udlinyonno - an ovoid form (is larger, than at cherry), on the scapes bearing two pieces of iron in the top part. The white flowers blossoming in the spring along with leaves on long pedicels are collected in inflorescences - umbrellas. Fruits of a tuposerdtsevidny form are painted in red, yellow, pink or almost black colors. Pulp of forms wild-growing most often on taste bitterish, at cultivars - juicy and sweet.

In a wild state sweet cherry can be met in extensive territories from Western Europe to the Western Asia, including in the Caucasus, in Ukraine and Moldova, in Iran, Asia Minor, on the Balkan Peninsula.

In the biochemical relation fruits of separate grades are characterized by very high content of sugars (for example, to 17% at a grade, popular in the past, “Dragan yellow“) and the low content of acids (less than one percent) that does sweet cherry by the favourite delicacy which is giving way unless to the Vladimir cherry and wild strawberry. The fact that fruits of sweet cherry ripen very much early plays the role also (in comparison with other fruit-trees); their main consumption, is natural - fresh. But they can and be preserved, prepared compotes and jam.

Allsorts Compote

400 g of fresh fruits of sweet cherry, cherries, plums, and also apricots, peaches, apples - in any set.

2 glasses of water.

4 - 5 tablespoons of sugar.

Lemon crust.

Cinnamon, a carnation (seasonings for convenience it is better to unite in a gauze sack).

Fruit to wash up and allow water to flow down. To Zakipyatit water with sugar and seasonings, to lower in it the washed-up fruits, to weld, cool, to withdraw seasonings! By the way, from apricots and peaches of seasoning it is better not to add to compote.

of Jelly from sweet cherry

of 400 g of fruits of sweet cherry, 2 glasses of water, 5 tablespoons of sugar and 3 teaspoons of gelatin.

Sweet cherry carefully to wash up, remove stones, to fill in with the boiling water. Having welded, to filter on a sieve. To add sugar, the wetted gelatin to the received broth and, stirring slowly, to perekipyatit. Having shifted sweet cherry from a sieve in a dish, to fill in with the cooled jelly, to allow to stiffen. Now the product is ready to the use!

... Sweet cherry in Siberia, speak, did not get accustomed. But Siberians found good replacement to desired sweet cherry - brought a remarkable plant from the Far East. In - the first, taste is very similar. In - the second, it is not necessary to climb up a tree because the plant is small, to reap a crop conveniently directly from the earth. Fruits of the Far East beauty resemble more likely a sea-buckthorn superficially - sit on branches, as if sewn, they have no habitual cherry “tails“, fruit stems.

By the way, about tails. At a plant it appeared - one shortcoming: fruits were fallen in love not only to people, but also the Siberian mice. Even bark under snow is gnawed round on branches rings. By the way, cherry stones too very much are pleasant to birds.

Cherry felt , Cerasus tomentosa, family Pink or Rozotsvetny (Rosaceae). Cultural forms of felt cherry a little in what differ from wild plants. Unless insignificantly the size of fruits (the relation of mass of a stone to pulp as the sizes of seeds are almost identical at wild and cultural plants), shades of the taste of watery pulp reminding taste of sweet cherry.

Height of bushes can be from one to three meters. Fruits, in the nature, as a rule, ripening in August as if are covered with felt omission - from here and the name of a plant.

In literature quite wide area of distribution of felt cherry is specified in the nature, except the Far East - the Himalayas, China and Japan.

Like other cherries, fruits of felt are useful to prevention of diseases warmly - vascular and blood system.

The recipe of preparation of jam from felt cherry is similar to what we cook from cherry ordinary, Vladimir, or from sweet cherry. Only water should be added less.

There is also other recipe. For it about one kilogram of fruits and sugar will need. And also lemon half juice.

Surely we dry the washed-out cherry fruits, having spread out to fabrics, then we clear of stones (however, it is possible to cook also with stones), we pour sugar and we leave to start up juice. Only for the second day we cook on weak fire before full dissolution of sugar. Then we cook already on slightly bigger fire to readiness, periodically removing the appearing foam. Then we add lemon juice and after cooling we spill in glass jars. However, it is possible to manage and without lemon juice - jam all the same will be tasty, fragrant!

The same recipe is suitable for jam from fruits of ordinary cherry. But about it, ordinary, we will talk next time.