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What dangerously religious education?

It is no secret that in Russia the orthodox church was always the important social institute playing not the last role in life of society. In recent years the ROC applies for the increasing post in public and in political life. I want to pay special attention to active lobbying of a school course by orthodox church of “bases of religious culture“.

Certainly, the church is capable to play a positive role country lives. Apologists of Orthodoxy consider to its promoting growth of spirituality, tolerance, achievement of a public consent. All this so. But unless in the period of socialism our society was less spiritual, than, for example, till 1917 when the orthodox church had all opportunities for influence on society? I am silent about “consent“, about international “tolerance“ in which simply there was no need owing to feeling of a community of our people as uniform, Soviet. Also it was reached without attraction of religion in general and any church in particular.

But me it would be desirable to pay attention to a bit different aspects of religious education. It is about education, formation of mentality. Of course, first of all “educational“ influence is directed to “future parishioners“ - children, but even adults are subject to this influence. And not the worst of adults! Namely those who look for answers to questions of meaning of life about the place of the person in the world, look for the moral guidelines considerably lost in the last two decades. In other words, people not indifferent, seeking to become better. But it is possible, with not too developed analytical skills. And these people easily get under influence of the religious organizations among which leading place is taken by orthodox church.

So what qualities are cultivated by church in flock?

The basic, in my opinion, is concluded in the characteristic of parishioners: “flock“, “pasomy“ . The herd needing the shepherd. And the herd does not need to think, for this purpose there is a shepherd who will direct in the necessary direction. And for this purpose it is necessary that “pasomy“ relied not on himself, and on the external authority invested by trust. How to reach it? First of all, to place emphasis on trust as opposed to reason and understanding. And the church quite successfully copes with this task even concerning adults. What to tell about impact on children, still unconditionally trusting to everything, told by adults?

As shows my own experience of communication with churched Orthodox Christians, substitution of reason belief happens quite successfully. And the belief in doctrines is adjoined closely by belief in church as institute, and blind trust to everything that is told by representatives of church. In total! We receive the obedient herd which is habitually trusting any “to instructions from above“.

And there is also other party of a question. Whatever spoke about that, as among outstanding scientists there are many believers, but in general religious thinking resists materialistic . And first of all that the materialistic thinking relies on reason on understanding, so - on doubt. The main obstacle to knowledge of the world in this case is the insufficient knowledge. But this obstacle objective and over time surmountable.

Moreover, the knowledge of the world does the person stronger and if in relation to materialistic thinking it is possible to speak about belief, then it is faith in the person, Vega own forces and opportunities. And against it the thinking religious is directed.

First of all the faith in the person is replaced with belief in the highest forces; all best human qualities are taken away from the person and attributed to god and already as special favor they can be given to the person. Natural human ability to reflect and doubt is suppressed - its place is taken by belief and obedience. The place of knowledge (and, above all - desires to know) myths of two - occupy, three - and more thousand-year prescription, presented as absolute truth. And for her perception in this quality, first of all, ability to trust - as the general installation, as the dominating property of the personality is necessary.

Means, there are all bases to believe that such quality as belief, and will be cultivated first of all at lessons of “Bases of religious culture“ - the new “God`s law“. I will provide only one phrase of the head of ROC: “We have to standardize a substantial component of education and build system of continuous orthodox education - from a kindergarten to higher education institution“ .

If in the state there is a church, church higher education institutions have the right for existence. There are to them people not casual and at the age of reason. But notorious influence on children, on my extremely biased look, inadmissibly.

Having allowed priests in an education system, we in ten years will receive generation of the people incapable of critical thinking. Moreover: the people who are brought up by priests on ready templates will be incapable also of the conscious moral choice, are incapable to see alternatives, in general to develop is moral and is intellectual.

If it is also that education about which need tells the country leaders, Russia is waited by the unenviable future. However, a lot of things depend on us here, on our position and desire to protect the children, to see them reasonable and independent.