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Ideal higher education institution - dream or reality?

Graduates of 2011 are at the moment anxious with entering higher education institutions. Each of them, of course, dreams to study at the best university which will conform to its requirements and criteria.

Now I am an entrant too and often I dream on “What Has to Be Ideal Higher Education Institution?“. I think, now it is an actual problem among graduates. In this regard I decided to conduct small survey to learn opinion of modern teenagers.

the American dream

in general, all graduates drew an identical picture of the higher education institution of dream: the smart building, a beautiful view from windows, huge light rooms, green plantings in the yard, a lawn and is a lot of flowers, the convenient parking - in a word, the American standard. The majority was mentioned existence of convenient furniture, pure audiences, high ceilings. And all are convinced that the most popular place - the dining room. And therefore it has to be cozy, modern, about Swedish a table and … free food!

Entrants dream of restrooms, conditioners and heating system.

Existence of computer classes - one of the main desires of the modern student. Children want that at university there were best computers, printers, scanners and free Internet connection. But it is impossible to forget about books also. The library has to contain all materials necessary for students in higher education institution, for study and entertainment.

“An honor roll - pride of any university, - one says of interrogated entrants. - It has to be equipped state-of-the-art, interactive and with all necessary functions. It would be good that besides information on outstanding students, it was possible to find the schedule of couples, and also the latest news in it“.

Girls often place emphasis on appearance of university. And here guys, on the contrary, care for comfort. But in general their opinions on how the ideal higher education institution has to look, coincide.

will show Opening

University - as a live organism. And besides external appeal, there is a strong wish to feel his soul. To what it is represented?

The most important is a trust and heat which reign in the atmosphere of student`s life. Each visit of university has to bring joy and satisfaction from communication with peers and teachers. Most of entrants dream of careful and sympathetic mentors who love the work and with pleasure communicate with students.

The higher education should not be unilateral, besides specialist subjects, it is necessary to study other developing sciences, to pay much attention to sport. Some entrants suggested to replace usual exercises with various sections which can be chosen at will. For example to skate also skis in the winter, and to swim in the pool in the summer or to skate on roller-skaters.

One of my friends who differs in very refined taste offered idea about music on changes. In her opinion it will help to relax and be prepared for the following couple. Music will provide good mood both to students, and teachers.

Very many dream of the improved schedule and an individual approach to everyone. Some expressed desire about that to choose what objects to study.

There were offers to spend occupations in nature, and also to arrange more excursions and trips to Europe and abroad.

So, results of poll were very interesting. Summing up the result, one may say, that most of children draw ideal higher education institution according to the American standards.

We will hope that our most cherished dreams about ideal university will be realized. For now at our disposal any higher education institution of the country which, maybe, also concedes to all ideals but gives the guaranteed higher education and a good start in life.