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Early development. Who such Glenn Doman? Myths and reality of

At acquaintance to materials about “early development“, at once you face references to Glenn Doman. Who is he such?

Glenn Doman was born (Glenn Doman) in 1920. In 1940, having graduated from the university in Philadelphia, Tiempl where got acquainted with one of outstanding American doctors, forty-year-old professor of neurosurgery Tiempl Fae began to work as the physiotherapist in hospital of university. Professor subdued Glenn erudition, admired with masterly operating of a brain.

The tragedy of the bay Pearl - Harbor (7. 12. 1941) shook America. Glenn, as well as many Americans, the next morning was enlisted in army of the USA, bravely was at war, having passed a way from the fighter to “the commander of an infantry company“. Having gone to a stock, Glenn returned to physiotherapeutic practice. “I was a respectable young family man and went on the way of the adoption of my provision in society. I think that those days I was very close to becoming part of system of society“ - Glenn remembers.

But the meeting in 1947 with Fae will change radically all his life. Glenn becomes the director of service of rehabilitation of the Fairy Center. Soon there began to work as Cathie - Glenn`s wife, and the brother Robert. “Team“ - “the research group consisting from the Fairy … and three Domanov“ was so formed . Years went, the Fairy Center went bankrupt, they began to work in private sanatorium. Glenn gains popularity as the associate Feya, masters administrative activity and, having found means, in July, 1955 opens the Rehabilitation Center.

The new stage of activity of “team“ began. Glenn writes: “ During the period from 1956 to 1957. we developed new approach which purpose was an establishment at children with injuries of a brain of the stages of development characteristic of normal children . In development leaned on idea the Fairy that the brain of the baby evolves, passing stages of development of fish, reptiles, mammals and, as a result, the person, i.e. “ontogenesis repeats phylogeny“. In 1958 out-patient treatment of 76 children is carried out. In September, 1960 in by “the Magazine of the American Medical Association“ placed article about results of this treatment . In article it was said that from 76 patients 74 achieved significant progress. Contrary to the standard practice of the magazine, the announcement of article was distributed in many mass media.

For “team“ “DECADE of GROWTH AND EXPANSION“, however, without Fairy which departed from affairs began. Soon the rehabilitation Center was transformed to Institute of Human development (Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential - IAHP), and “team“, having ceased to practise medicine, began to develop programs of training and a grant for assistance to “neurological development of the children who transferred brain damages“. For obtaining the program parents are obliged to visit a five-day seminar of IAHP where they are acquainted with application: petterning (manipulations with extremities and head); receptor stimulation (sight, touch, hearing); a respiratory mask (for increase in amount of carbon dioxide in the inhaled air), etc. to receptions. The program parents have to realize houses, coming

to IAHP for an assessment of “results“ and “replenishment“ of contents.

IAHP begins to print materials and to hold the seminars of the “gentle revolution“ series devoted to “early development“ of healthy children. In 1964 there is a book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read“ (How to teach your baby to read) in which, on experience of training in reading children with injury of a brain, the author claims: “Is more senior than two years training in reading is given more difficultly and more difficultly from year to year … Likely, the best time to begin (to read), is 1 year. It will occupy the smallest volume of time and will not take away a lot of energy from you. (If you want to add to yourself a little bit problems, then you can begin training from 5 months, and if you extremely purposeful person, then even with 3 - x)“.

... Before continuing the story about G. Doman, I will make some retreat. In 1985 for two months before term I gave birth to the son. After two months “it was written out by growing “ in hospital with the diagnosis “encephalopathy, threat of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis“. Understanding of this trouble came in several months and for 4 years connected our life with doctors on treatment of children with injury of a brain. For these years I saw: both amazing progress, and a grief from powerlessness; learned a role of the parent in fight in the future of the child; faced charlatanism and fraud and personally realized that “the hope, dies the last“. I want to add that at the son still the pathology of eyes which led to a blindness was revealed. There passed quarter of the century, the son, having graduated from St.Petersburg State University, works; participates in various creative programs of the city; plays sports; independently (with a white cane) moves on the megalopolis; makes success at women, i.e. leads full-blooded life of the young man.

The care of the son abruptly changed my life, and I began to deal professionally with issues of social rehabilitation of children - disabled people. It was necessary to steep in studying of medical, psychological, sociological and pedagogical literature. In the middle of 90 - x me the translation of the book of Glenn fell into hands: “What to do with your child who transferred injury of a brain“ (What To Do About Your Brain - injured Child. 1974.) .

The impression was double: it seems, everything is correct, but persuasive populism in a statement of developments of a brain of the child was traced. Against the story about “search of truth“ to the reader it was presented simplified, and in some cases obviously not corresponding to science, given about a brain of the person and a technique of his development. It forced me to get acquainted with Glenn`s activity closer. And here it became clear that in 1968 the American academy of pediatrics recognized that efficiency of the petterning method is not confirmed with experimental medicine and its application is inexpedient . The same concerned “a respiratory mask“ and other receptions. The idea the Fairy that “ontogenesis repeats phylogeny“, was recognized as a scientific world of insolvent even earlier.

But most of all IAHP became famous for the edition and sale of books and grants on training of healthy babies in reading, mathematics, swimming and acquisition of “encyclopedic knowledge“. The books written by Glenn, and is later Janet and Douglas Domanami, claim that easy and certain ways of education of geniuses are . According to their theory if formation of a brain of the person happens in the first years of life, and these or those functions develop only if they are demanded, then it is necessary to teach the child to the letter, the account as soon as possible and to put “encyclopedic knowledge“ in his head. The American scientists criticizing the IAHP methods constantly point that there are no objective data on results of their application and “that thousands of families in vain spent time and money for Doman`s programs“.

The books of Daman which got into Russia in 90 - x against “bright future for the personality“, quickly found a fertile field among young and inexperienced parents to whom relatives gave the joyful chance much time to devote to children, and were quickly adopted by jobless newly made psychologists, sufferers of the paid application of the forces.

In conclusion there is a wish to note that:

1. There are no confirmed data that someone managed to execute techniques Domanov fully.

2. There are data that “ability to read“ to school according to pictures, resulted in need to teach the child to read at school books without pictures .

3. It seems that all Russian specialists in the IAHP methods are not able to read, calling G. Doman the scientist, the neurophysiologist, the neurologist, the neurosurgeon, voyenvrachy, etc. when he calls himself the physiotherapist everywhere .

4. I will agree with Cathleen Ann Kvil that “Professionals have nothing to gather from pseudoscientific methods of Doman, except his skill of marketing which operates hopes and dreams of parents “.