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Breast pain: what to do?

- our Granny was upset yesterday, the heart took. It was necessary even to call an ambulance!

- Horror! And what?

- Nothing, the cardiogram was written down, the ukolchik was made, all also passed. Told, with heart everything is all right, pressure increased. you Learn

? I think, the situation is typical for any family in which there is the granny. I hurry to calm worrying at once: almost for certain nothing terrible happens to the upset kind elderly women. At them there are all acquired chronic hvoroba, but the happened family skandalchik does not add any new sharp threats to health.

Sometime I will write the best-seller devoted to an image of the Uneasy / Offended / Upset Grandmother, but now we will talk about another.

Let feminists will throw stones at me, but men - beings much more gentle, vulnerable and vulnerable, than women. They, men, endure stressful situations heavier, they are almost always disturbed special, unknown to women, by fears and alarms, they take the responsibility more often and make decisions. And to middle age, to that crisis of the middle of life known for all, tension which is saved up for many years can pour out in serious diseases.

There is such concept - a point of the smallest resistance. It is that system of bodies which suffers first of all. And so, at men is closer to forty such point most often is warm - vascular system . And if ladies of childbearing age (and presently it and fifty, and even fifty five years) are protected by the high level of estrogen in blood from atherosclerosis in general and coronary heart disease in particular, then men of this protection are deprived. And remarkable male qualities - uncompromising stand, determination, aspiration to leadership, the will to win, an azartnost - impact to life relish, of course, but do not promote preservation of health.

So, we have most often the man in the blossoming of forces, not the boy, but the husband. Moderately, and sometimes and immoderately well-fad, loaded by problems on most I cannot and smoking for this reason about one and a half packs of cigarettes a day. The different caliber which is often burdened by family dismantling. Eating ABBA when also ABBA than. Almost always - occupied so that for itself there is not enough time.

It is, by the way, a position, citizens, this attitude such - I one carry this enormous cart, and nobody appreciates me! About such with reserved pride the family speaks: “You understand, it such, will not go anywhere until the fried rooster pecks!“ - and it is very serious risk factor for emergence of acute coronary issues.

As looks this rooster and what to do if he nevertheless pecked?

the Rule first, universal, written by the biggest font - in any situation keep calm . Always. Remember that at least a half got to accidents perishes from - for panic. Only the quiet person can soberly assess a situation, help himself, and is frequent also another. Whatever it happened, but if you in consciousness - at you are several seconds on a deep breath and an exhalation. Count to ten - and begin to think what occurred.

A case from practice : during a heat at the young woman darkened in eyes, the head began to spin. It moaned and waved hands. There was this, alas, on the bulvarchik full of grannies to first-aid kits in string-bags (and where without them?) . In ten minutes the lady had in a mouth nitroglycerine, validol, clonidine and adelfan. All these drugs strongly lower pressure. The lady had to put a dropper and to carry to a hospital.

Therefore rule number two, too universal: any drugs from others hands! Even if the remarkable pilyulka cured the aunt Klava of weight in a stomach - not the fact that you will not turn blue, having eaten it is unknown that. Otplevyvaytes also wave away, especially from small tabletochek and gelatinous capsules! The only exception - validol, it killed nobody yet.

And the third rule, the most difficult for real men - be more attentive than to itself . Do not hide the head in sand if suddenly to you does not gasp; do not wait for two days when there passes pain under a shovel; do not drink almagel if heartburn which never was earlier all of a sudden began. In general everything that the person can make without harm for himself at thorax pains is to take an aspirin pill, to drop thirty drops of Corvalol, at desire to thrust validol under language and to ask immediately for the qualified help. And not to be engaged in self-diagnostics and self-treatment at all!

of the Whole two cases from practice - one sad, another more cheerfully

the Man of forty years at breakfast turned pale in the morning, became covered then, felt that from it “hands are taken away“, lay down. The wife panicked exactly three minutes, then called an ambulance. In ten minutes we arrived. On the cardiogram there was the sharpest period of a widespread heart attack.

In the first two hours, just during the sharpest period, it is possible to try to dissolve blood clot in a coronary artery and to restore a blood-groove. Procedure is called trombolizis. And so, in fifteen minutes after the beginning of a trombolizis there was only a small injury of a myocardium. That is the person was left without large hem on heart and the guaranteed disability.

The second history is very similar to the first. Only the man behaved patiently and quietly that the wife did not worry. As a result we reached it in a day when everything was already very bad, and about a trombolizisa the speech did not go. He survived - through shock. It has an aneurism of heart and not too joyful forecast of life expectancy and its quality now.

Moralya from these stories at once two . Do not play for time - the first. By a call accurately you say that heart - the second hurts.

However life is various. And the reasons for pains in a thorax there is an infinite quantity.

Pretty often breast pain arises at stomach ulcer, at pancreatitis, at pneumonia, at cholecystitis, even at renal colic. Often - at increase of pressure. About NTsD, the talk of the town of all emergency doctors, I also do not speak.

Therefore - once again: never panic ahead of time. But know that immediately it is necessary to ask for the help :

- at emergence of the burning or pressing pain behind a breast (against physical activity or at rest);

- at pain in the top half of a stomach, especially if sharp weakness, sudden perspiration joins;

- at pain between shovels or under a left shoulder-blade, too with weakness and perspiration;

- if you feel interruptions in beat, it seems “butterflies in a stomach“, and to you is subjective “does not gasp“;

- if there is severe heartburn which you did not suffer earlier;

- if your habitual stenocardia does not pass after taking the medicine in a usual dose;

- if attacks of stenocardia become more often or arise not only at loading, but also at rest.

And still even if it seems to you that menacing does not happen to you, my long-term experience prompts: any discomfort in a thorax has to be looked with the doctor (with record electrocardiogram, it is natural) not later, than within a day ( is desirable - in the first two hours ). And let there fifteen times will appear intercostal neuralgia - better and better, than to pass something serious.

So do not hesitate to call an ambulance or to descend in policlinic. Everything will be quieter.