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How to force the wife to have a bit on the side?

of the Woman are usually not so ready for an adultery as men. And business even not only that the man, as well as any male, aspires as it is possible to scatter more widely the seed - for ensuring a variety of a view with the purpose of its best survival, and the woman opposite - seeks to keep posterity. And not that “all men are goats“, and women, of course, warm and fuzzy. Just at women is much less time and opportunities for change in comparison with men.

The woman needs to support the house in a condition of harmony and a cosiness (and cleaning, by the way, not it fast occupation), to make breakfasts - lunches - dinners, to erase, watch children … And often women also work. So you understand, here you will not especially run about on the left. It is necessary to make certain efforts from the man to achieve desirable result.

The first that the man who tries to obtain betrayal of the wife has to acquire: the wife is given it forever, she from it will not get to anywhere, it is its unconditional property. It has to be the most sincere in expression of similar confidence.

Consequence: it is not required to look after the wife, she all the same will not get to anywhere. If there is a rush to give the wife some gift, a pleasant surprise (for example, to present her a bouquet of flowers just like that, for no reason at all, just because she - here such remarkable and favourite), then similar rushes should be pressed on a root.

It is necessary to learn to forget memorials - birthdays of the wife and her parents, a wedding anniversary and so on. Especially effectively, if on the occasion of such date the real holiday is arranged (for example, an anniversary banquet of her mother). At the same time optimum at first to tell the wife: “Darling you go itself (begin without me), and I will approach later as soon as I finish with work“, and then not to arrive. On questions why so it turned out to answer with an innocent look: “Sorry, absolutely from the head took off!“.

It is necessary to inspire constantly in the wife what to get to with her, actually, and is no place. Married - it was lucky! - and now let sits and does not try. All the same it is necessary to nobody. Surely it is necessary to repeat at least once in day that such blunderer (the fatty, the thin person, uneducated, not able to put on and so on) cannot count on any attention. Well the phrase approaches: “You what you think, though somebody will look at you?!“.

What the wife made - everything badly. The wife watches TV - “As you can watch similar nonsense?“. The wife reads the book - “These female novels again! “ (it is unimportant that she reads, the main thing - to state a certain relation). The wife tries to tell about the problems at work - “What you stir all the time? I was tired, the head hurts me!“. The wife silently sits in a corner - “That you are silent all the time and pout?!“. It washed dirty socks of the husband? These are not those socks which were required to be washed! For lunch chops? And there was a wish for fried fish. And in general, why the second day it is not dusted with in - it that top shelf, under the ceiling? What means from where it is known? It is felt!

It is impossible to lose sight of children. If everything is all right, it is proud to declare: “My son! My daughter!“. If there is something unforeseen (the two at school, the broken neighbour`s window and so on), then immediately it is necessary to make a complaint to the wife: “Your son (your daughter) badly studies! You that, being not able to track his (her) occupations? Well, where to you …“.

You do not go with the wife anywhere. Parks, theaters, restaurants, clubs - all this not for your joint pastime. But do not forget to tell how you visited pleasure institutions (certainly, it is exclusive by business need!) . And, of course, about what elegant women you saw there (“Do not take offense, expensive, but you in comparison with them - a paper bag a paper bag“).

Do not allow the wife to communicate with girlfriends of the house. Let visits them or where they want to go there. If only only “these stervyatnitsa“ did not cross an apartment threshold.

Be not interested as your wife spends free time. If only the lunch was ready, and relative order was kept in the apartment.

If you incidentally found out that your wife both is beautiful, and is graceful, and perfectly puts on, and in general, other women cannot hold a candle to it, clench teeth, do not take in head to tell it it. As a last resort, take of it an indifferent view and ask: “You what, dyed a hair? Well - well …“.

If as a result of such complex of actions you do not achieve change then divorce is provided to you.