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Beautiful man`s figure at a modern rhythm of life? Easily!

Apparently from heading, article is intended for men. At once I will make a reservation, for those men who played sports earlier, or they were given a beautiful body by nature and they did not manage to start this beauty yet. To achieve result very important, but it is even more important to keep it for many years. At the same time without making special efforts. To grow thin, pump up muscles or just to tighten a torso on forces almost to everyone, and to keep here reached by a time is very big problem.

“About - about - oh, you have already a tummy!“ Such statement sounds for you like a bolt from the blue. For you which always was sports and tightened which tempted with the figure girls, wore undershirts to be distinguished from crowd. And now, vanishing for days in office, you are not able to afford such luxury as a gym and good healthy nutrition and the more so some there diets which you never loved and did not understand for what they are necessary.

“What to do?!“ - you exclaim to yourself, quoting the great classic. There are two options - to reconcile and bury the figure further, claiming that and so everything suits you, or to undertake some measures. If you chose the first, then do not even read this article further - in it there is no sense. If is not present, then it is not obligatory to buy the subscription in a gym at all and to stick out there a half of night since more time does not.

House sport - here a way out. “But how? - Pessimists will object me. - Time, stock etc. is necessary.“ I will answer: the main thing - desire, and all the rest is reparable.


Everything that is necessary for the man, to the guy or the boy of the house for trainings is a horizontal bar (is made of an ordinary pipe diameter corresponding to your successful fellow, the pipe is held apart between walls by means of bolts usually in a corridor), gymnastic rings (are on sale in any sports shop, rings need to be tied to a horizontal bar) and a backpack . Time for trainings Where it to take


? If there is not enough time to go to the gym, then houses from where it will appear? In that is continually that: in - the first, you do not waste time for the road to the gym, in - the second, for successful maintenance of muscles in a tone only two hours a week (on an hour of training a day are enough, for example, on Monday and Thursday), and in - the third, nothing ties you to certain time and certain days of week. If was not in time to 19. 00 h, are possible quietly and in 20. 00 h to be trained today if it did not turn out on Monday, so training will be on Tuesday.

The main thing that there was at least one day of rest between training days. For form`s sake it is necessary to try to adhere to certain days and duration of training no more than an hour.

the Choice of loading

What to do exercises? Exercises need to be done power and basic, i.e. on all groups of muscles. By scientists it is proved for a long time that men are influenced better by anaerobic loadings, i.e. power, than aerobic. Therefore I advise exercises with burdenings, in other words, with an additional weight.

Originally this weight is your own body, the backpack with a weight in it is in addition put on a back later. The main condition is the growth of loading. What he will - solve to you. It is possible to increase weight through a certain period, to add the number of approaches or repetitions, to complicate performance of exercises. Weight can be increased too differently: ideal option - disks from a dumbbell or a bar. But it is not panacea, it is possible to replace them with ordinary plastic bottles with water (it will allow to lift more evenly loadings). There is a lot of opportunities and everything depends on your imagination.

the Program of exercises

Very first and very much the main thing - warm-up . Warm-up is carried out at any speed and the form is from 5 to 10 minutes old before emergence of the first sweat. The main task of warm-up - a warming up of muscles. I bang a punching bag - very well warms.

Exercises only 4: pullings up, a press on rings, squats and giperekstenziya.

Equipment of vypolneniye following:


it is better for b to carry out pullings up the wide successful fellow to a breast. The wide successful fellow provides good development of deltoid muscles (a humeral belt) and all muscles of a back. The wide male back is a standard of a man`s figure. Exercise needs to be carried out purely, without breakthroughs and on full amplitude, when raising a chin over a horizontal bar - an exhalation. It is better to execute 2 correct repetitions, than 10 it is wrong.

2. A press on rings : - costing a starting position on a small stool, hands are straightened along a trunk, a ring in hands. “We act“ from a stool and we bend hands in elbows - a breath, then we rise by means of straightening of hands in elbows up - an exhalation. Depending on your sports preparation it is necessary to choose the press depth (to fall how low) and the number of repetitions. Exercise is also carried out accurately, without excess fluctuations.

3. Squats are carried out by classical option: legs are moved slightly apart, the back a straight line, a look is slightly higher than the head. We squat to situation when hips become parallel to a floor - a breath, we rise - an exhalation. Usually squats require heavier weight, than for pulling up and a press on rings. For this purpose it is possible to use family members - having put them on shoulders.

4. Giperekstenziya . What the scary word is? This exercise for development of direct muscles of a back, gluteuses and sgibatel of a hip. As a result of training of these muscles the risk of a spine injury and sinews decreases, the general working capacity increases. It is carried out the same as a press on a stool or a bench, only in the opposite direction. Lying on a stomach, a stool around a coxofemoral bone, it is necessary to record legs (for a sofa, a case, etc.) . Further, having risen from a floor, it is obligatory directly along a trunk axis, we do an exhalation, having fallen - a breath. This exercise can also be complicated further, having taken a heavy subject in hand and holding it behind the head.


We - not women, and it pleases, as well as women are pleased by the return. The diet, of course, is, but it very simple - is more than protein (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products), whenever possible, that always at a diet there were vegetables, fruit, to try to eat more often - better than 5 times a day little by little, than - not to overeat the same quantity of food in days for 2 receptions, and the main thing.

It is desirable to go to addition to everything more on foot, to move at office in process of possible etc. I, for example, essentially do not go by the elevator.

Well, that`s all miracles. All these conclusions are based on own experience and are used by me within three years. Before transition to “House sport“ I visited 17 years a gym where I trained not professionally, i.e. especially for a figure and health.

Of course, these councils will help not all since each person is individual, but will help the majority - it is precisely. Also everyone will understand it after the second month of trainings. Not to loaf the main thing - not to miss training and to give all the best on them completely.

Remain beautiful and healthy!