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Jealousy. So which of two loves stronger? Why we love

, it is more or less clear. We meet the person who as it seems to us, completely corresponds to our ideal. To that example of perfection which we cherish in the imagination long ago. Notice: it seems, but is not actually. And we direct for this person, without suspecting, the union with it will be paradise or hell for us. Why we are jealous - too clear: we are afraid to lose it. Speak, is jealous - means, loves. Yes anything similar.

Love of love discord. All know what from two loving one loves more. It means that such person is more capable to self-sacrifice for the sake of wellbeing of another. And here another can not have this sincere quality at all. He appreciates another what receives from it - for care and attention. Is not able to give, but to take he agrees and considers himself quite deserving gifts.

If in itself he is a person kind, then as love considers the gratitude for a caring attitude to it. Every time, receiving something good from the partner, he with feeling says: “I love you!“.

However, at the same time it does not worry at all what works it costed it to “darling“. Next time can demand bigger, but will always thank: “I love you! What I would do without you!“. To any victims for another will not go. Well he does not know that the love assumes also devotion in relation to an object of love! Probably, as always, the reasons are covered in the childhood.

More hard case with the finished egoist who loves only himself and wants that the world rotated around it. He speaks to the partner about the love too, but with the purpose to induce that to feats for the sake of itself(himself) favourite. The feeling of gratitude here absolutely is absent. There is a sober calculation and pretense. And “love“ will last until it is favorable to it.

And what proves jealousy? The fact that one is capable to care for feelings of the elect, and another still should grow before. Rather loving person, despite pain of possible loss, will not begin to make the life miserable loved by the suspicions and experiences. Whatever was created in his soul, he is ready to be ready to do anything that the object of his love and cares was happy. Ah, whether there is such sublime love presently? So there is a wish that it was!

Other party in case of alleged loss of the loving person “will go off the rails“. Jealousy scenes full of dramatic nature with sobbings, sufferings, charges and threats to kill the traitor or to take the own life will be put to use: “I will not be able to live without you!“. It also is clear. Notice, the person speaks only about himself and presses on conscience of the partner. He, as before, does not care about feelings of another. In a case with the perfect egoist the jealousy is expressed in the most outrageous forms: not an otda - and - am! And it is only about the loss which is drawn in imagination.

But how classic - Othello with his passionate love and mad jealousy? Just our Moor - the ocean of the storming, not constrained feelings. And for the rest everything keeps within the scheme of behavior of the person described above who did not learn to love yet. He admitted that he fell in love with Desdemona for compassion to it to torments. And she fell in love with it for it torments. Who loved stronger?