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What do we think of God? Research of customs

Few years ago, during one really cultural action, I heard the phrase which hooked on me. It was said by the well-known artistic director of Praktika theater Eduard Boyakov. He told approximately following: “When I in the company pronounce the word “God“, I have such feeling as if I made something indecent. For example, broke wind“ . As the person who cannot release so easily what hooked on him, I decided to conduct small independent research with the purpose to find the answer to a simple question: what do we think of God?

First of all in the field of my sight my best friend got. I will provide small, but absolutely remarkable quote from our conversation.

- If you are somewhere in the company, and suddenly hear that conversation on the things concerning religion, belief and all it began. How you react to it?

- In any way. It causes unpleasant feelings in me. It seems to me that it is one of subjects about which to talk it is useless absolutely.

- You often speak on similar subjects?

- No, not often. Well unless only with some playful accents.

- With you sometime spoke about it in a family? there is never


- Neither mothers, nor fathers, nor grandmothers, nor grandfathers? there is no

-! My grandmother, when iyegovist approached her on the street and told: “How you think what you will do after death?“, answered: “I will decay“.

- As at you in a family in general the situation with belief was? Is baptized, non-Christian?

- And at us nobody bothers on this subject. We have a noble family, and once long ago all were baptized, and then when began to disappear and escape, the grandmother was not christened any more. Had no time for it therefore did not inspire in it any religious truth. According to all rest too not before.

- Means, in a family all questions of belief remain with you on a personal discretion of everyone?

- Yes they remain just beyond the scope. It is interesting to anybody to speak about it, it is necessary to nobody.

- not interestingly or is not accepted?

- Well not that is some ban secret. Just it is necessary to nobody. Well it as here eggplant. People do without daily talk on eggplants? This same.

So, in general, the situation at all was identical: the subject of God was under the same ban, as well as sex. It, in principle, is clear. In the USSR of sex and God was not. In it there is even a peculiar irony: if it is impossible to think of that from where children undertake, then to think of that from where the first person undertook, in general it is senseless. Now there is no Soviet Union, communism replacing to us God sank into oblivion, and new “god“ did not appear. There was only a death silence directed to the address to nobody the necessary subject.

But let`s be honest. The subject of God is considered indecent and unacceptable only among so-called intellectuals. Their self-conceit does not allow them to speak about such nonsenses. Any civilized person knows that he occurred from a monkey. What do others think, not ranking themselves as a family of the elite? Here - that my look fell to the girlfriend who considers herself as the believer. “Well at last I will hear opinion of the believing person!“ - I thought. But my hopes went out just next day. Easter holiday came, and my friend, of course, in good time put to cook several eggs. But that evening we planned own festivities, and the girlfriend could not refuse it too. The party dragged on till the morning. Result: having fairly drunk and having smoked a grass, she went at daybreak - to church, and did not even forget about eggs, and next day hotly worried concerning what it is guilty. It seems everything well and just - that not so in this history...

If to try to make any approximate generalizations, it is possible to notice one main tendency. Those at whom in a family it was accepted to trust had faith in God. The others - absolute majority - either did not trust, or did not know, as to think about it. Really, you do not think every day of an eggplant? I am not present. But you know what the most terrible secret consists in? This secret really terrible, and I will tell you about it. NOBODY thinks of God, even the so-called believing people. They do not think, they just do what they were accustomed by parents, on a habit to. And when to think - that? There are affairs more important. House, family, work, children, beer, giving, TV... There is no time to think, just once. Life flies, it is necessary to be in time everything, and here to think do not understand about what...

To what I tell all this? Terribly not that we do not think of God. Terribly the fact that we do not think of anything, except “domestic squabbles“ at all. We run, we potter about, turn, fuss, constantly we do something. We kill time somehow if only not to think of sense and the reasons of the events. Of course, where to us to learn such big and difficult world. Let`s be quietly better to live. Let scientists and priests think of it. It is their work, and they all - everything will tell then us...