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How to make meat in a clay pot?

In the ancient fairy tale the magic clay pot tirelessly cooked tasty porridge, another, besides, vyzvanivat at the same time a wonderful melody. But it in the fairy tale. In real life the ordinary clay pot put in the furnace or an oven creates in itself special temperaturno - moisture conditions, and the food in it becomes extraordinary fragrant gentle and tasty.

Presently began to forget about pottery. And in vain. It is possible to prepare in it any dishes - meat, fish, vegetable, mushroom, krupyany, and they turn out not only tasty, but also useful to health. We will give several recipes of preparation of meat here in pots as all subject too big for one article. the Recipe of beef in a pot

Pulp of beef cut

oblong pieces across fibers, slightly - slightly beat off and quickly fry on oil that the appetizing crust was formed. Potatoes slices fry too, separately to a spasseruyta circles of onions and a root of parsley. On a bottom of pots put thin plates of salted pork fat, on them - the fried meat pieces, from above vegetables, salt, add bell pepper, ground black crackers, bay leaf and fill in all with meat broth or hot water, approximately a half-glass for the portion.

Put pots in well warmed oven and further support average heating (180 ). In 30 - 40 minutes add the sour cream mixed with the crushed fennel greens. Fans of hot dishes can add a little davleny garlic and other spices. Take meat in a pot some more minutes in an oven. By the way, it before preparation it is possible to pickle, then a dish, depending on marinade, will develop a characteristic taste and aroma. Especially gentle roast from beef made in a pot turns out if previously at several o`clock to wet meat in kefir.

Ingredients : for 500 - 800 beef - 100 - 150 of salted pork fat, 1 - 2 carrots, 1 root of parsley or a celery, 1 - 2 head of onions, oil for frying, broth, 2 tablespoons of ground crackers from the Borodino bread, 600 - 700 of potatoes, 300 g of sour cream, bay leaf, bell pepper, garlic, greens to taste. the Recipe of pork with potato in a pot

the Piece of pork pulp wash out

, dry, cut pieces (approximately 3 cm) and within an hour take in the marinade prepared to the taste (on the basis of vinegar, wine, beer, lemon juice, kefir, etc.) . Meanwhile cut the peeled and washed out carrots, potatoes and onions in cubes. In a hot frying pan lay out the kept waiting pork together with liquid and fry, stirring slowly, to a ruddy crust.

Spread out meat on pots, add vegetables and fill in with sour cream mix with salt, the pepper crushed by fennel, garlic and other spices. Cover pots with covers or flat cakes from the test and put in the warmed oven for 50 - 60 minutes.

Ingredients : on 500 g of pork - 2 bulbs, 3 - 4 potatoes, the 2nd carrots, 2 glasses of sour cream, salt, pepper, spices to taste.

the Recipe of preparation of chicken in a pot

Boil rice to semi-readiness, having seasoned it with spices, as for pilaf. The processed chicken cut on small pieces and fry on chicken fat with addition if it is required, vegetable oil. From giblets and tips of wings cook a little broth, remove excess fat, foam and filter.

Put the boiled rice, pieces of chicken cut by half rings onions in portion pots add a tomato - paste, vinegar, fat from a frying pan where chicken, the broth made earlier was fried, salt, pepper and put in so-so the warmed oven approximately for 1 hour. Before giving on a table put a circle of a lemon in each pot and strew with greens.

Ingredients : on 1 chicken - 1 glass of rice, 3 bulbs, 1 glass of chicken broth, 3 tablespoons of a tomato - paste, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, vegetable oil, a lemon, salt, pepper, spices, greens of parsley and fennel to taste. the Recipe of a dish from mincemeat in a pot

Small cut onions fry

on vegetable oil. In the same frying pan lay out mincemeat, tinned corn together with liquid and, stirring slowly, bring to readiness. Cut a white cabbage in average cubes and fry on vegetable oil in a separate frying pan. Then mix both weights, salt, pepper and spread out in portion pots. Pour in each pot of a little vegetable broth or slightly diluted tomato paste (it is possible ketchup), strew with grated cheese and bake in so-so warmed (180 ) an oven about half an hour. Give on a table directly in pots, having strewed with the crushed greens.

Ingredients : for 700 - 800 mincemeat - 2 bulbs, 400 - 500 of cabbage, 200 g of tinned corn, vegetable oil, broth or a tomato - paste, cheese, salt, pepper, greens to taste.

Here it is so possible to make meat in pots. It turns out very tasty and nourishingly. Bon appetit!