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How to make friends with a horse?

So, you decided to be engaged in riding. I congratulate! But before approaching this half of ton of live hot weight, it is necessary to acquire several useful tips.

Council the first: before a trip do not forget to buy carrots, apples or, at the worst, at least cookies.

Further: you came to a stable or to a hippodrome or that there at you and asked to drive - business it ordinary here. Do not forget to warn that you the beginner and that you were given a quiet horse.

One more very important point. For a sedlovka of horses usually bring “to outcomes“ - it is when they stand in a corridor attached to the chain or a rope tense between walls. Ask that before it to you allowed to come into a stall to a horse for establishing so-called initial contact. Believe, put this much more fascinating, than riding.

So, you entered a stall - a room three on three, and closed a door behind you! Now you in private with this huge being who is interrogatively looking at you big kind eyes. He all strained, raised the head, the beginnings is noisy to involve air, hided ears.

“Quietly, small, be not afraid, it I, I came just to communicate …“ - is so tender and slightly heard that he listened. You approach slowly, but it is sure, having extended a hand an open palm forward. Here his soft, warm muzzle already on your palm... be not afraid, do not worry. He will not bite, dexterous horse lips just look for entertainments so just time to give it!

The main thing - be not afraid and behave surely, give food an open palm, a little intense, fingers together and are unbent on a maximum back. Horses do not bite, but by mistake can take a finger, having taken it for one more carrot. Pat and stroke-oar the new friend another on a shoulder during an entertainment. Notice: on a shoulder , but not on a neck and not on the head! It is important! You only came! You are not so close to this handsome to scratch to him a muzzle. And the main thing, upas you God to do the sharp movements about an unfamiliar horse! It can even be dangerous! Though it is rare, but why to you to frighten him once again?

So, carrot all is eaten, apples of a sgryzena, cookie too, and the handsome man provoked by a yum-yum tycht a muzzle in your stomach, tries to climb in pockets … Just time for transfer of the relations to new level! You scratched to it a shoulder and withers how I also advised? Here, now slowly you pass to neck .

Usually horses joyfully accept such signs of attention and reciprocate. Here at the beginning horsemen also there comes the fiasco! That yours 70, well it is admissible, 80, kilograms against its half-ton? Here is how will scratch you with love teeth! And teeth, has to notice, they have still those! Even canines are!

Therefore I recommend to put at once the palm to his muzzle as then, during a food, and, holding it opened, to allow it to scratch as much as necessary. For some reason many at this stage begin to show fear signs: lower a hand, strain, confusedly smile and depart. Do not do so! The horse will not be able to understand why you in the middle of communication suddenly decided to leave is and will remain for her secret.

In herds of a horse often scratch each other, this mutual caress is called a grooming and is a sign of the friendly relations. You can congratulate yourself, you found the new friend! So scratch it properly - he loves it, and itself will show you where it was nedochesat.

When it will allow you to stroke and scratch a muzzle , especially about eyes and ears, can be sure that friendly relations were established. Now it is possible to start a sedlovka, however, previously it is necessary to clean still a horse. But it already another story altogether...