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How to make fried spaghetti with cottage cheese?

the Dish of my own production, but all responsibility for your indigestion I all the same do not bear. Why? Well, so simply, I do not want to bear something such here responsibility. Itself I do not know why, but something prompts to me that it is not necessary better. It`s all right, we will start business.

And business at us it:

1. Take macaroni and cook them. In as! Ingeniously, huh?

2. Put a frying pan on fire and put on it oil, it is possible vegetable, and it is possible also creamy as it is pleasant to you more. Add spice - oh, yes! It is my favourite part of process. Extremely I love when they, beginning to be roasted, it is slightly heard crackle and let out surprising aroma. Nyam, nyam, nyam but what am I telling?

Means, I usually take spice such: caraway seeds (it here main), white mustard, ginger and black pepper (slightly - slightly, if you not the masochist), an anise, a basil, a marjoram, an oregano, assafetida, a turmeric, a carnation. For special fans of spices which I, undoubtedly, am it is possible to add still something. But now I, perhaps, will stop on it. Also notice, caraway seeds, ginger and a turmeric - are obligatory!

3. we Knead cottage cheese so that friable weight turned out, we pour out all this weight on a frying pan. Yes - yes! Cottage cheese directly on a frying pan! As zashkvorchat, huh? it is stirred slowly Further, we wait while all this well is fried thoroughly, cottage cheese will become such liquid lasting weight as in movies about aliens, and we add macaroni.

4. It is mixed, we fry some more minutes.

5. we Add salt to taste, personally I prefer black - it more usefully, and more tasty usual. It even diseases treat. However, rare it, as infection. And its smell of rotten eggs not to all is pleasant to

6. we Take away a frying pan from fire, we add ketchup or tomato sauce, either paste, or small cut tomatoes, and also chopped greens if is.

7. Everything is carefully mixed.

On taste fantastically, well goes with tomato juice.

Just in case I will write here still ingredients :


2 macaroni.

3 cottage cheese. Tomato sauce, paste or ketchup, not an essence important, main - something tomato

4. Tomatoes, though if there is something tomato, then it is possible to do also without them

5. Greens, are better if fresh, but will approach also dried

6. Spices: caraway seeds, a turmeric, ginger are the main thing, and also it is possible to add an anise, a basil, an oregano, a marjoram, a carnation, assafetida, black pepper and white mustard in grains.

Nearly forgot: that to digest all this, well to prepare the most useful and improving tea of all times and the people.

So, ingredients for the best tea in the world:

1. Ginger (it is better if in powder) - 0,5 h l.;

2. A carnation - 8 features;

3. A turmeric - 0,5 h l.;

4. Cinnamon - 1 h l. (it if in the morning because cinnamon invigorates not worse than coffee);

5. Sugar or honey to taste.

We fill in all this business with a glass a kipyatochka (except honey, of course) and we insist 5 - 10 minutes.

We enjoy.

Useful effect:

1. Ginger - the anti-inflammatory, invigorating and clearing means. Cleans generally from microbes and viruses. It is very effective against flu and any colds. Wets monocelled on the spot! Improves digestion (you will forget about swelling and weight in a stomach).

2. A carnation - the natural exterminator of multicellular parasites. To such the cleaner from worms.

3. The turmeric - cleans from toxins, generally blood.

4. Cinnamon - it can be used as coffee substitute, besides it positively influences vessels.

Fukh, it seems all.

And, here still - bon appetit!