Rus Articles Journal


In a bottega sharply smells of paint,

the Board table, sheets of papers.

the master`s Raincoat richly - red -

I the master - almost the magician.

Messere Lodovico against

of Togo that the son studied here.

But the son so in aspiration is strong,

That breaks off powerfully a circle

Fatherly resistance,

Though to the son is only thirteen years.

Work is better than inspiration,

As far as darkness light is more pertinent than

As Michelangelo of a bulk

Ya, having left, uvidat around?

of Wons of clouds grows white herd,

Itself having covered a heavenly meadow.

of Wons of a poplar stand the massif,

So of marble the massif,

to Them processed is big - and by a miracle

of Works it is presented, prospects.

Here Michelangelo in cozy

Gardens of Lorenzo, isstuplyon,

Gets the idea - and itself of fierce - In a massive stone - it gives to

of the Future images shine.

Is transparent marble, he lives,

I is felt the breath of its

promising flight.

the Flight of fancy, for example -

That will bring into other sphere,

Other than life here -

In the favourite city rich

On entertainments, pleasure, arrogance. Ah to make

the sculptural garden

Its - Florence

I Look

At clouds - heavenly marble - I find

With creations

in them Suddenly similarity.

the Stone is nice. Buonarotti`s

since childhood

Liked to tesat it and to touch.

It tender and it strict,

the Giving multi-colored light.

Is pinkish, gold,

I white - foam and a wave.

The massif heavenly is lowered as if by

its creations here,

Where the variegated environment,

where life at times presses terribly

of aspiration the best people.

At Medici is full of people.

the Ferocious Savonarola

Wishes to cross out everything - It propovedat


the Ascesis - the way elected by him.

Skitanye of the sculptor. Heights,

That should be taken while.

wrapped Life a turn, them to decipher Potrebno`s


Life is a same interpretation,

Who coped - that succeeded, there is no

Who and it is awkward to speak.

In service nowadays the master ripened.

It will cut David the mountain -

torches burn at the Nights,

to Compare Buonarotti during a time

To a Cyclops - the Lamp is pressed to the head by

- and works at the nights

of Buonarotti, having forgotten

of Missile defense a reality where we go with you,

At times a reality having stopped loving.

Two on a bench

of Missile defense stir TVs - What

to Buy I do not know

manage Here -

Good to choose. To me - big.

To Michelangelo is business

to Them? Local life is dense. there is no

I border to it, a limit, height is so conditional


Here on the woods the lying master,

I hunched his back,

I paint on a face and What colors

will arise letters

Chrez images on that chapel? Again created reality

will explain

in practice

Very much Looking. to

Well, transport

To a styazhanye aspiration to heart

On a creative rush.

the Chapel to us goes on about means

of Poznanya of new prospects.

The Pieta streams and flickers,

Grief by force of density flows.

Able to look incorporates

I of grief of that sacral honey.

Two stir - Again Bought the disks

, and the evening is not empty.

Life is good, it is not necessary risk,

the Route is clear.

Is boring? Let

of heights and

of Vast distances grow

To Michelangelo!

Hear heaven such notes,

As will sound an essence of a way.

But Michelangelo to death

did not reconcile with height.

Is unimportant - to the protege go on

we do not think just of a way terrestrial.


over us It transferred a massif to marble of light.

I understanding - as if Mind licks a flame

- for nothing lived!

I as, living under clouds,

to Change the destiny a verb?.