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How to choose hotel, gathering for rest? We answer important questions

Without any doubt, summer - a time of holidays and pleasant rest. Irrespective of where you are going to go and what type of rest you prefer - on the sea coast, excursion round, the European shopping or a ski resort, it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of hotel. From the place in which you, let and temporarily, will stop not only your mood and the general pleasant impression depends on a trip, but also your health and safety.

As is correct to choose hotel?

for this purpose needs to answer you with

the following questions:

1. How old are you?

2. With whom you will go to a trip?

3. What type of rest you prefer: quiet in the territory of hotel or active, including various trips and excursions?

4. Whether you will eat in hotel? And on what system?

5. What personally is necessary for you from services in hotel, in the room and on the beach?

A let`s consider your answers now.

1. Whether there is paradise in a tent?

Than the young man, easier he is reconciled by that with temporary inconveniences therefore many young people choose rest in campings - it is an opportunity to have a rest cheap in others country. And the most necessary: on local sights - they get the sea, the beach, the exotic nature and excursions almost for nothing.

To the contrary, the people are more sedate and is more senior, the it is more at them the settled habits and the principles, the more important for them comfort: they are ready to pay for seafront rooms, for food according to the all inclusive program, for the fact that in the territory of hotel will be: a gym, court, SPA - salon and so forth even if they will also not use all services which are available in hotel.

2. “With you though on the world`s end!“

As a rule, it is not accepted to have a rest alone. Usually go to holiday in couples, a family, with friends, with children. If you go to have a rest with children, then you should specify whether there is at restaurant of hotel a separate children`s menu? And also existence of a playground, animation is necessary for children, a paddling pool and a convenient entrance to the sea.

If the young company is sent on leave, then it will be obvious to live not interestingly among mummies with small children and elderly married couples. Young people want the drive, thrills, new acquaintances, flirtation therefore also hotel they will choose youth.

3. He told: “Went! whether“

you Dream of quiet and peaceful rest, or bright night life in the city is necessary for you: bars and discos till the morning? The situation hotels where married couples with children like to stop and elderly people, strikingly differs from the happening hotels in the downtown calculated on bachelors.

Whether you are eager to learn more about others country, about traditions of locals, about local culture and history, to try ethnic cuisine? If yes, that choose the hotels located in the cultural centers of the city then you will have an opportunity to make the card of the walks and excursions, to merge with crowd of locals and to steep in local color.

And can you arrived for the sake of good shopping and are ready to walk the whole day on shops?

All this needs to be considered at the choice of hotel too.

4. Whether any all inclusive is good?


about food, it is necessary to proceed from this where you, actually, go. If for Turkey and Egypt it is much safer to have a rest on the all inclusive and ultra all inclusive system, than to eat at unclear small restaurants, then for a trip to Europe and the European Union countries to choose all inclusive more expensive, simpler to take itself only breakfasts or “half boards“ (a breakfast + a dinner). You will be able always to have dinner in the city in any of the small restaurants which attracted to you.

5. “Here and now!“

the round price depends On services which are provided under a roof of hotel (besides accommodation and food). The hotel, the cheaper is simpler.

For example, in hotel with an aquapark you pay for accommodation more expensively. This option is good if you are ready to ride hills all day long and you are not confused by crowd of the people which will daily come to an aquapark from other hotels. Perhaps it is better to arrive few times to an aquapark and to pay $30 for the entrance ticket, than to overpay $500-1000 for hotel?

For families with small children existence in a hotel room filled chock-full pass - bar - test whether for endurance, whether for solvency. And here existence of the safe in number will help you to save the valuable things, to relax and feel safe.

Think also of in what you will be engaged on vacation, plan all the holiday that swimming was not your only entertainment on the beach and you had not to miss in a lobby in the evenings - bar. Specify whether in hotel animators will work and what entertainment program expects you in the evening.

And now that it is not necessary to do .

1. The tour operator - he is a seller!

to Trust everything that you are spoken by tour operator about hotel, is not necessary. Of course, it is better to ask it to recommend you several options of hotels on your preferences. But it is necessary to remember that the tour operator is the same seller, as well as in any other place. To sell tour, to fill all places redeemed previously in a certain hotel - here its main objective. And the success of your rest depends only on you.

It is also necessary to visit offices of several different tour operators. Because the set of hotels at them can appear different, the prices different, as well as airlines with which they cooperate.

2. I trust - I do not believe

does not need to take too very much to heart all bad, as well as good, reviews of hotels on the various websites, like Turpravda. ru. If speak about hotel only good, then most likely responses are written by managers of hotel or the staff of travel agencies. It is normal when one people in the responses are happy with hotel, and something does not suit others. Define personally for yourself: what for you is categorically not acceptable.

For example, you go with children and it is important for you that in number it was pure, food - fresh, tasty and various and that small it was not necessary to miss. Therefore pay attention that is written by people in the reviews of cleaning in numbers, food and animation in the chosen hotel.

3. New - means, the unknown

should not go to the new, recently opened hotel, you will face continually small defects and subquality work in the room and on the beach. And employees of hotel strenuously will save on you.

Do not think that if you are the first clients, then you in everything will be pleased, counting on your good reviews of hotel. At all not! Owners of hotel should give the credits which were taken on construction, to pay real estate taxes and other. And the hotel still plainly did not pay for itself, you are the first tourists and not the last who will be convinced that it is not obligatory to erase beach towels and that the cheap food and tasteless cocktails are a company counter of hotel. Therefore it is worth going only to the hotels checked by time and other tourists.

Successful to you rest!