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On what marketing of Apple is constructed, or the Third you will be?

the Biological father of Stephen Paul Jobs - the Arab of the Syrian origin. Arabs are excellent dealers. As well as their brothers by birth and enemies on belief - Jews. Jobs is a good dealer. By 2007 in the world of 200 million devices 25 million - iPad (1 and 2) work under control of iOS, from them.

But there is nothing ingenious in Jobs`s activity. All wisdom of strategy of Apple is concluded in the Arab (initially Persian) saying: “What happened once can not repeat again, but the fact that there were two times, will occur also in the third“.

Release of new gadgets of Apple is constructed on number “3“. This very interesting number. Here both the Holy Trinity, and Pythagoras`s doctrine, and in art (literary, theatrical, cine) is the rule of three-stroke structure: tie, culmination, outcome. In case of Apple it is possible to speak about the rule of “the third wave“. The paradox, but innovative Epl never was. On the contrary, the company always was catching up (in the field of smartphones and tablets).

Ai - Phone

to People were pleasant to

expensive Nokia phones of a series 8800, and people liked PDA with the touch screen from Glowfish, to Acer, HTC and many others, (Palm) which nowadays sank into oblivion. Here to whom Jobs by the first two waves in telephone business is obliged. Those who could seize upon them, chose such models. It is easy to count quantity of newly converted gadzhetoman, annual involvement in a pyramid of conservatives and to let out double plus - the smartphone with the touch screen, having accompanied release of powerful PR - campaign.

The fashion on expensive phones was created by Nokia 8800. And - here an ambush! - fell the first victim of the iPhone, having opened of it the way. People were ready to buy just phone for 30 - 50 pieces (especially in Russia). Art sapphire, luna gold (so it seems?) - where they? Hey! Evaporated from counters at once.

Situation with a PDA approximately same. These technical misunderstanding so were pleasant to geeks and tekhnofila. It was necessary only to present such PDA in more clear cover for the mass user who was not wishing to spend 90% of time for control of a gadget, but dreaming of opportunities of the mobile computer of the size of a pocket.

By the way, iPhones not expensive. You bought it for thirty, a year later sold for 15 and again bought for 15. 500 dollars for the iPhone - it is normal. And I speak about purchase from our greedy MTS, Beeline and Megafon. Whereas 8800 lost in price of percent 70 right after purchase.


began 2007

B sales of the first UMPC. Many already also forgot this subclass of mobile devices. The most popular Samsung Q1 model was sold in number of only 150 000 devices. Compare to 25 million iPads!

Funny prophecies of analysts look today. The total cost of the market of netbooks and UMPC in 2013 will make about $27 billion. And the share of UMPC and MID will make 68%, by 2013 they will receive 68% of a market share, having fairly pressed netbooks. But if to understand that the tablet is and there is UMPC + MID, then everything is correct.

But UMPC wave, as well as the subsequent wave of netbooks, gave necessary marketing information - people need “bit“ from the full-fledged computer. They do not want to create content on desktops. People want to consume. Texts, video, games, music. To them to spit on inconvenient keyboards - they do not gather “ìíîãîáóêàô“. To people to spit on power - they play in casual a flash - games, watch cool videos with Youtube and chat in “Schoolmates“.

The Ipad project, perhaps, the oldest of the existing devices. To it even 22 years. Oktroyte the Science and Life magazine, 1988, the 12th number, on p. 36, heading “Bureau of Foreign Scientifically Technical Information“. We read:


A competition of ideas on this subject was held by the American firm “Eppl“ which created the first personal COMPUTERS in 1976.

The competition was won by group of students of Illinoyssky university. Winners imagine the computer of the close future as a box of the size of a thick commonplace book. On one party of a box - the color screen on liquid crystals. There are no keys or buttons, except the inclusion button... “.

And now termination:

the Radio communication with system of navigation satellites and with a databank will allow the owner of such COMPUTER to recognize by transport at any time the location on the planet with an accuracy of several meters and to quickly calculate the shortest and convenient route in any other point. And if to steal such computer, it will be possible to learn right there where it is, having sent to air the personal call signs. Creation of such personal computer will not demand new large breaks in technology or discoveries. Practically all necessary for it already exists “.

There will pass 20 more years before “all necessary“ - the buyer - appears.

of iCloud

U you the home computer, the working laptop and the smartphone is. It is necessary for you that certain files were always available on all devices. And it would be quite good to have the copy on the server. And that all this machinery was synchronized? Perfectly - “clouds“ float to you.

Quite so iCloud works. Bought a MP3 through iPad, and the file is already played in iPhone. Photographed themselves in a mirror by means of phone, and a photo already on Macbook desktop.

Fine? Only two questions to developers. In - the first, what for? In - the second, why so long? Even slow Miscrosoft created the SkyDrive even in three years. In 2008 there was, perhaps, the most popular the file - the synchronizing service - DropBox. But also these two services were after a wave from Google. Of course, Jobs waited for formation of infrastructure - mac, macbook, iphone, ipad, ipod, - but services of competitors perfectly work in iOS. To transfer everything, peresokhranyat, to peresinkhronizirovat? Whether it is not too dreary for the 21st century?

Actually, in what a problem?

Jobs told

On the presentation of the second iPad: “ … Technologies are inseparable from the humanities - and this statement is very fair for devices of a post-computer era. Competitors try to grope optimum balance in the new PC models. It is not that way which chooses Apple - actually, the future behind post-computer devices which it is simpler and more clear than habitual PC...

Here Epl has a problem. They are not innovators. They are kopipaster and vylizyvatel already existing. Dovoditeli to mind (from where Mac OS went?) . But if does not appear new, then there is nothing to lead up and there is nothing to present beautifully. When those who introduce disappear and creates new (HTC, Nokia, Motorolls), will disappear also Apple as a parasite dies after death of the owner.

But Jobs understands it perfectly. His company spends for research activity more and more. If in 2006 there were 700 million, then in 2010 costs of development and innovations approached 2 billion.

Apple is the last stage of the technical invention - marketing. When to spit on function with innovations, and potrebna only loud statements: “Long live post-computer era!“. Costs of maintenance of sales grew in the company from 2,5 to 5 billion dollars in five years of introduction “ayfonok“ and “otpad“. For the sake of justice, I will note that the Apple CEO realizes the today`s niche of “kopipaster“: the company begins to spend for researches much. Whether only not late? Having shot ahead on financial performance, Apple cannot and is not able to offer something new

IT - innovators - Nokia, Motorolla, Intel - reached the limit within post-industrial economy. For 2015 Nokia Morph was announced, for example. Matter is not that it cannot simply be created. A problem in an absolute invariance of phones and computers over the last 10 years. Technologies in a decade did not approach creation of similar devices at all: with a changeable form, the scalable screen.

A brick with buttons or a sensor - that`s all. It is similar to evolution of cars. There passed more than 100 years, and they still a trough on 4 wheels with a smelly internal combustion engine. Evolution of IT stopped. It is a pity.