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How to become more creative?

People happen not creative only because prevent themselves to be shown, but what sense in being not creative? Why then to live? And whether it is interesting? To live not creative life? No, it is not interesting at all, and many and live. Not creatively. To be afraid of itself, drive themselves into the most undercover corners of subconsciousness. And then speak - eh, I have no talent. Here, another more presented with what I. I have no ability, or at all, top of all marasmus: to me it is not GIVEN! It is not given! Ponder only how it is not given? Who to it poor did not give the rest of it? Who except it could get up it? God can? You are not foolish. Was given ubiquitous and all-powerful not to give the rest of something to a particle of. Same it is ridiculous. Come round if someone something to someone does not give the rest - that of it it and is, that particle which got a false idea that whether to it you see something gave short. Ridiculously! That is, it would be ridiculous if it was not so sad.

And what, after all, to do? How to return itself that, our congenital and natural ability to create? To create itself, to create the life, to create this world … it also is our true calling! Our original essence and beauty! Creative game - unless not is an essence of this world? Creative game all of us and everyone, but we forgot, once we played. Suddenly to us bothered to be all-powerful, all-knowing and perfect and we decided to play absolutely other game. That and if … and if I am not able? And if I have no abilities? And if to me it is not GIVEN? Here that we also got, is final also on long. Yes, yes, and you as thought? What else can ruin perfect, all-powerful and all-knowing if not it?

Here also finished badly, now it is very difficult to return back. Of course! We lost the lawful omnipotence and whether lost? No, only the faith in him was lost, only belief and all that. Whether it is possible to lose something actually? I mean true essence of whether it is possible to lose it? No, it is always with us, just we forgot about it. We began to divide ourselves and the world, light and darkness, good and bad - tasted a fruit of knowledge of good and evil, so to speak. Since then also paradise and hell began to exist, until then there was only Paradise. Actually only it also exists, only one Paradise and one God. If there are paradise and hell - that in effect is two hells and if there are God and the Devil - in effect, it is two Devils. But something I distracted, talked nonsense so to speak, I bet to the majority it will become unclear about what I. Or I underestimate you, dear readers? Well, perhaps, perhaps. But actually all of us underestimate ourselves, we are afraid to dootsenit, so to speak. We are afraid and suddenly. And what will be told? And what will think? And how I look? And whether will estimate? And whether recognize?.

To Tkh … Bothered. Very strongly bothered, misters. Now I will cut out to you one secret, great and terrible. About that how to return itself former perfection, the true nature. Though, no, perhaps I will not open, all the same who does not know that will not understand and who knows - to that is not necessary. And in general, to tell about truth - a sign of a bad form and not culturally it. Even ancient did not write down truth in the sacred writing, and so, beat around the bush in hope that there will be a clever man, or more precisely the razumnik also will reveal that great and terrible Secret of Life. For this purpose there is also numerous spirituality and not really what in effect is not important, the main thing that helped, unless not so?

But after all dear readers, if you read up to this paragraph I cannot but thank you for so valorous courage and patience. The great ascesis was made, so to speak, therefore has to be though some awards as it is necessary from time immemorial.

However, I not wanted to tell about it, and just to share experience. For certain, all of you know such phenomenon how a literary stupor? When it is necessary to write because “otsen kusyat hotseets“ as one Chukchi spoke, and for small letters so kopeks drip. And here still this infection - a literary stupor, so to speak. Not only that do not bribe for rhymes - as sang one sings, but I distract again.

Generally, you can congratulate me, I learned to overcome a literary stupor. Well somehow! Though a little bit! It is already good! And further it will be better! You know why? Because practice! Yes, yes! Practice - that great cause! With its help all is possible. Yes, yes, you were not mistaken, all!

In this case of the practician extremely simple: just you sit down before a blank sheet of a Word and you allow fingers to write down everything, than will inflate the head. Here is how at present your obedient the servant also does. :) In general that, initially I planned just on - an art - to terapiitsya, write down the next small group of nonsense in the very much the personal diary. But then, nevertheless, decided to show this method in operation to you, my dear readers because can be useful to whom.

The main thing, do not try to create a masterpiece, you - already a masterpiece! Do not force themselves to create, create! Do not do something because it “is necessary“! Do something because you like to do it is the only real sign of genius and happiness. The main thing is a love to art so do not allow to join to this opposite type under the name Censor! The most disgusting creation, has to tell, all creativity still in embryo kills. Therefore many great and not really creators also have this notorious creative impotence. And, all of us - in effect creators. And it is not important that critics, censors and other Kaka - all of them, only unfortunate creators will tell.

Dare to be shown by what it was not! Successful to you creativity!

PS: Well it is necessary, wrote the next ravings, and wrote the whole article for School of Life, interestingly, it will be accepted in the main release? Hm, it would be amusing. Anyway it was surprising! It was something, I will not be afraid to tell - the miracle just came true! I had not to force myself to earn money. I had just a good time and it was fine! Well and that that in that magazine pay only dollar for article, not very well. The main thing, I took one more small step on the way of the small personal development.