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Whether it is necessary to know language of the country of residence? Two funny cases Agree to a linguistic subject

, the knowledge of language camps of stay plays a large role, whether it be foreign business trip or just rest according to the tour. Having appeared in others language environment, most of our citizens feel discomfort. And the knowledge of the European languages in such countries as Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey most often does not help with communication with local citizens. For this reason there are sometimes amusing stories on a linguistic subject.

With your permission I will tell two comical cases in my stay by the employee of the Soviet embassy in Turkey.

The first occurred in a bakery where two ambassadorial ladies came for fresh bread. They already knew couple of tens words in Turkish that allowed them to do without the help of the husbands upon purchases in shops. So, two nice young women dressed as in summer in the easy gauze dresses emphasizing them slim figures come into a bakery recess where except the seller there is nobody.

Several words about the seller. The typical brown-eyed Turk of average years with black moustaches, in a white shirt and the stomach hanging over a black very narrow thong. Having seen morning customers, he began to smile and is sympathizing asked “Ne istersiniz?“ (What you wish?) One of ladies, that poboychy, “Iki erkek“ answers, i.e. she would like to buy two rolls of bread. However there was a linguistic incident. The word bread in Turkish sounds as EKMEK, ERKEK means the man. The lady just mixed these two words, similar on sounding. It is quite pardonable. The matter is that the system of Turkish and grammar completely differ from the European languages therefore to the Russian person to seize Turkish, the extra time and efforts are required.

But we will return to our bakery. The seller it is dumbfounded asks again, but receives the same answer supported for clarity with two bulged manicured fingers. Here, as in theater, there is a mute scene. I can present the poor Turk. In his head thoughts “Flash I am one man here, and it is necessary to them two where to run for the second until they changed the mind“.

At this time the second Turk with quite European appearance comes into a bakery. As in the period of the Ottoman Empire during aggressive wars to Turkey from Europe and from Russia too, the huge number of captives was delivered, Turks can be not only typical east type, but also blue-eyed, and red. Having seen a mute scene, entered took an interest in what business. Moustached, having winked, explained an events essence. But as the second Turk knew English, the ticklish situation quickly declined. Having picked up two rolls of hot bread, our young women fluttered out from a bakery. More they did not come there, hesitated, probably. But then did not keep and told about this funny case to the acquaintances. Over time it, of course, became known to all embassy staff.

The second case happened to your obedient servant. In the summer, during the heat, to us in embassy two workers in the cellar came to repair thermal communications. Children are young, cheerful. As that is sent to me and asked to take by car to the city behind purchases. Went, bought that it is necessary, and on the way back one of them asked to stop for a drugstore. Business is necessary, I think. Stopped, we come three together into a drugstore. Behind a rack the Turkish woman of average years, very pretty, with a smart nutbrown hair and the easy make-up emphasizing regular features. From it pleasant aroma of expensive spirits proceeded. I involuntarily was lost in contemplation of the woman. And here one of my satellites speaks: “Ask madam whether there is in a drugstore an alcohol“. Ha, and as in Turkish alcohol, I also do not know. I will represent something in Latin, perhaps will understand. I ask: “Ispirto var mi?“ (Alcohol is?) . Madam answers, there is no ispirto yok, i.e., there is saf alkol. What is it, I think, can guys know, probably, went already with someone on drugstores without me. Boys, I speak, there is no alcohol, is some saf alkol. React purely in Russian: “Ask, it is possible to drink?“. What to do, I ask. The smiling face of the druggist is instantly changed: “That you, of course it is impossible, it is possible to die“. I translate the received answer. Reaction is immediate: “It is the fact that it is necessary for us. We take a flakonchik. From the cook - Coca will go zaboristo. Cheap but good“.

Now I know that medical alcohol in Turkish will be saf alkol. If to translate into Russian, then “pure alcohol“ will turn out.