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How to prepare a fried lemon and to whom it will be to the taste?

Actually not necessarily lemon. Any material - though a melon will approach though an apricot though the piece of a piece of cardboard or even meter of a barbed wire, the main thing that color was as much as possible yellow and a product passed sufficient thermal treatment, then around it will become clear to all - it is fried.

On a smell and color the hungry, eager for food minds are flown. By modern science it is definitely why yellow in combination with processing in a deep fryer perceives hungry as food not established, but you will not argue with the facts, all it love .

In the last several months the entertainments which are especially skillfully prepared by different Masters came across to me.

An ideal example of fried it is bright - yellow eggs the culinary masterpiece in which the Master, taking idea as a basis (it is bright - yellow eggs) that 30% of men of a bl - a bl - the bla, by masterly roasting reaches really magic taste can serve: in total on compulsory check of paternity! But among hungry minds sometimes come across curious, and he was a little simple to enjoy taste of an entertainment, they wanted to contemplate the certificate of quality on eggs. You never know, suddenly they synthetic, yellow all - …

the Master became puzzled of such impudence. In - the first, offensively when you try for people, and they also demand certificates. And in - the second, the certificate - that at it was lost. While from America went, was available, and then was gone. And copies everything were lost too. And suppliers lost all certificates too, or it grieves them new to send.

Well, the “very serious scientific research“ which showed that 30% of men are not biological fathers of the children though was “very serious“, but for some reason is not recorded anywhere. And data how many people took part in research whether there was it in one city or across all America, age, racial accessory, the social status investigated - everything disappeared. Again - even if the certificate on eggs also was that is very doubtful, without full reference on “serious research“ it is impossible to understand - whether means it that 30% of women become pregnant not from the husband because are dissolute or because at husbands sperm is biologically not active and a family it is necessary to address for donor.

Nevertheless, eggs were successfully eaten, yellow, fashionable, and the crust crackles.

One more dish on which it is possible to judge professionalism of the Master is called “Fried yellow dates - work of world plot“.

I will honestly tell, I not often had to enjoy such delicate taste. Having stayed all Egyptian “Date“ revolution on Facebook through a profile of the acquaintance from Egypt, reading and translating all news what could only be found from English and Arab, reading correspondence and the statuses of Egyptians, watching video from the place of events, exchanging calls every day with the acquaintances living in different parts of Egypt, corresponding at forums with Russian-speaking residents of Hurghada, I, of course, made some approximate idea of what there occurred, but article of the Master demonstrated to me as I was mistaken.

Date first - the Pharaoh`s rating in the people is rather high also life in the country of the Pharaoh paradise: low prices, salaries high. The certificate on date is provided - “One Woman Told the most reliable news agency of the world, and I overheard“.

Facts : for example, in Hurghada before revolution there were 15 new inhabited residential districts called Mubarak - 1, Mubarak - 2, … Mubarak - 15. The only library in the city was called … correctly, Mubarak. As well as many other objects over all country. Probably, even Stalin with Hitler were more modest.

Egyptians are younger than 19 years knew only one incumbent president of the country - Hosni Mubarak, and did not know what means to live in the state where there is no martial law. Having held the president`s post, Mubarak first of all introduced the military regime allowing to put in prison of any extrajudicially. Probably, his fellow citizens too very much loved for it.

We will pass to the economic situation which developed before revolution.

According to the official Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm, 63 million Egyptian citizens (from 80 million) received the state subsidies for the food, that is their income did not cover even expenses on food.

according to the same newspaper:

Justice, political stability, low prices, clear drinking water and convenient public transport - the main thing what Egyptians in 2011, according to survey conducted by the National center of social and criminal research dream of.

Participation in poll accepted 2956 people. Questions consisted in what Egyptians dream of how to achieve dream, what obstacles for implementation of dream etc. of

by results of research, 77. 6% of Egyptians do not dream to hold an important political post and to carry out transformations in the country. 21% connect this unwillingness with disbelief in a possibility of changes in Egypt. Slightly more than 3% of respondents declared that they would like to become members of parliament to serve people. About 45% reported that they would like to work in parliament to have a good social status.

Many noted deterioration in economy in Egypt, a difficult situation with poverty and a rise in price of products.

42. 4% of respondents reported that they are puzzled with a problem of pure drinking water, 42. 2% stated a wish on improvement of the sewerage, 38. 9% brought up a transport question.

Poll also investigated opinions of respondents on the country. More than 40% dream of the best economies, 36. 8% want to see the unemployment solved a problem, 35. 3% are interested in drop in prices on products, 30% hope for political stability in Egypt.

we Go further. Again facts.

According to the United Nations, the fifth part of residents of Egypt live less than for dollar a day.

Egypt is the most densely populated state in the Arab world with the population in 78 million people. about 104 000 Egyptians tried to commit

according to the Center of statistics (CAPMAS) the suicide in 2009. From these 104 000 more than 5000 people died. And 60 percent from them were aged from 15 till 25 years.

If to all this to add lack of compulsory medical education, the highest unemployment rate among youth, the continuous conflicts between Copts and Muslims, then the certificate on dates at the Master will appear lime.

Noticeable Islamization of the country. It is enough to watch family albums and old movies, 30 - 20 years ago women put on on - European and perceived all this normally. In modern Egypt the girl without scarf on the street risks to seem available.

But it is the facts not yellow, not fried therefore to the Master not interesting, he has sources of information, more reliable.

The next yellow date - the Suez Canal. It is presented by the master as one of the major, caused revolution rather fabricated. But allow, the canal was built long before January, 2011, but, probably, there was it somewhere still. Perhaps, in Karaganda. And to Egypt got in exactly before revolution.

So, by means of masterful work on material it turns out that Mubarak is the favourite of the people which are well off for one dollar a day, the Egyptian society solid, dynamically developing, the state legal and secular with a high standard of living and excellent social guarantees. By the way, there are no pensions there too, except for government employees, and Mubarak after resignation was granted the raised pension as to the military with a long standing and to the general - $350 a month. What there the average salary turns out?

But again - neither yellow, nor fried dates will not cause any salivation in admirers so they need only to be thrown out on a garbage can.

But the true skill is to provide chance to hungry minds to take part in roasting of a product. The product for this purpose has to be universal and convenient.

For example, yellow buttercups. Name of a dish: “When the cat in slippers will inflate, stinks disgustingly“.

And the Master`s admirers right there join in roasting process:

- And when the cat imposes under a chair, perhaps, smells of buttercups?

- Cats do IT because it corresponds to their natural requirements, they so mark the territory, and is put by the nature: “to otimetit“ all to the district!!!!! And cats do IT of a svolochizm and cantankerousness of character!!!!

- Yes you just do not understand cats!!!!

- To cats approach is necessary special, just like that even cats do not propagate!!!!!

- Lived where the world slides, cats absolutely lost shame, to people break life!!!!!!

- And cats to themselves lick eggs!!!!

- I - that actually very much love cats, but if when she in slippers spoils to me, I her this slipper on ears!!!!! Well, if I catch up …

I can be understood without effort here that process of roasting of buttercups is the real break in modern science, is the ideal, working model of the perpetual motion machine as it is really infinite.

I would characterize the dish as “A fried unshaven pink cactus“. For yellow at me still qualification has not enough: I am a blonde.