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You want a pacification? We go to Suzdal!

Small, cozy, warm and such city, far from megalopolises, - the reserve...

the Road

we went To Suzdal in the evening by the last bus from Vladimir. In the theory we had to reach fast as only 40 km, but it would be too simple. This distance overcomes the bus in 50 minutes as stops in each settlement and such - that, distance of 2 - 3 km lands people in a clean floor, near indexes “the village“. And people leave, and with a smile upon the face as though did not work all day, leave on a country road through fields somewhere afar. Also there is no discontent in them that transport does not go to their destinations that roads are broken that legs hoot that there is a wish to flop in a bed and to go off to sleep till new morning which will bring the same road again. People left and came, and all of us went … And from a window, throughout almost all way, it was possible to admire shaking ognenno - a red decline.


Having reached by

the city, we hurried to in advance reserved “guest rooms“. Very widespread and convenient way of placement. In Suzdal in principle there are not enough hotels, generally all stop as well as we - or rent all house, or the room. The host was very lovely and pleasant person who created us all conditions for rest, fed with potato pies with a heat about a heat and left us to prepare for a dream.

the Pokrovsk monastery

Woke up we very early and went to ours pass - travel on the wonderful city. As we lived opposite to the Pokrovsk monastery, and began with it. The monastery was founded in 1364 on the low coast of Kamenka. In this monastery the considerable number of beautiful and innocent women was at different times ground. Among them - Solomoniya Saburova, one of Ivan the Terrible`s wives, both wives of his son, but the most famous prisoner of the Pokrovsk monastery - it is unconditional, Eudoxia Lopukhina (Peter I`s wife). Long time for territories of the monastery there was a Pokrovskaya hotel, but now these constructions are given to the monastery. Nuns still live in them and the shelter is open for girls. the Rizpolozhensky monastery

Meanwhile we continued by

the way on Pokrovskaya Street through Kamenka to the Rizpolozhensky monastery which, unfortunately, is in desolation. The monastery - female, and its history is connected with Saint Eufrosinia Suzdalskaya. Here its wedding with Alexander Nevsky`s brother had to take place, but he died in day of a celebration, and the unfortunate girl remained in the monastery and accepted tonsured. According to the legend when troops of the khan Batyya ruined the city, only this monastery remained is whole, thanks to her prayers. In 1813 in honor of a victory over Napoleon in the monastery at the expense of city dwellers the highest structure of Suzdal - 72 - a meter Prepodobensky belltower is erected.

the Kremlin

Having left the monastery, we moved along Gostiny dvor, by the incalculable number of churches, on the coast of Kamenka, to the heart of the city. Exactly here, in a river bend, the first earth strengthenings were built and the first city cathedral is built, and around it the Kremlin rose. In Nativity Cathedral there is well-known Golden gate executed in technology of “fire gilding“ (gold aiming on copper). Drawing is carried out by the gold dissolved in mercury. At further heating mercury “evaporates“, and gold strongly connects to metal. On a cathedral belltower and today it is possible to see the hours which appeared here at the end of the 17th century. All of them also beat off each quarter of hour, watching within so many centuries the course of our history.

the Museum of wooden architecture

Near the Kremlin, on the opposite river bank, was stretched the wonderful semi-fantastic world - the Museum of wooden architecture. If to compare to the similar museum in Small Korelakh, then, certainly, scope in Suzdal is not so big. But, as well as always, there are pluses - here it is possible to come into all houses and to get acquainted with their internal furniture. With surprise for herself learned that “the built-in furniture“ which was cut together with the house is characteristic of country log huts: polat, regiments and, of course, benches which surrounded all room. The territory of the museum is stylized under the real village therefore here a set of windmills. Spaso`s

- Efimyev the monastery

Now we walked on other coast of Kamenka, going to Spaso - to Efimyev to the monastery which in the 14th century carried out also functions of an outpost. If to you carries, then you will hear a belfry voice. In the territory of this monastery the prison case with the richest history also settles down. In 1766 Catherine II organized prison here for political criminals which had sad glory of one of the most cruel in Russia. Lack of instructions on stay terms was a distinctive feature of keeping of criminals. Most often the following formulations met - “is termless“, “forever“, “before correction“. Through the Suzdal prison there passed both dissenters, and Decembrists, and many eminent persons of the Russian history. In 20 - m a century she visited camp for various categories of citizens, prison of special function and even children`s colony.

Summing up the result, I will tell that Suzdal - the beautiful city all impregnated with history and light. Inhabitants are very benevolent and in every possible way try to help you and to tell something interesting about itself and the life. If I should have characterized Suzdal in a word, I would tell - open . If you want to spend quiet days off, to breathe fresh rest and to plunge into absolutely other world, here very much it will be pleasant to you.