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than the English education is better than Russian?

my Many Russian friends with an enviable share of scepticism ask me a question: well and to what you there to it in England are taught? At the same time secret implication of a question usually is as follows: “What at them it is taught what is not taught at us?“

Actually the answer to this question very difficult and to answer it, it is necessary to describe everything from the very beginning.

When I came to study, I felled into an easy coma. The first that dumbfounded me, is the number of lectures per se. If in MGIMO us packed from legs to the head everything that is necessary and it is not necessary to know to the journalist (history, political science, all types of the right which only exist on the earth), then here in each semester there were no more than 6 objects, each of which to last no more than 1. The 5th hour a week (some hour).

Easily? - Elementary!!! I was horrified. What us 4,5 subjects can learn? aaaa!

But there is more to come. My second shock was connected with the maintenance of courses. Actually, we had only two practical subjects: Statistics (however, I also argued on a practicality) and Metrics (how to consider success of marketing campaigns). All the rest was just philosophy and water. For example, on branding our dean Alan gave to us lectures that brands - as a rainbow: all know that this everyday natural occurrence, but, nevertheless, people admire it as if it is magic.

Generally, you understand...

In such oasis of free time, I spent with friends in pubs more time, than at lectures. Periodically Alan pulled out us different marketing conferences and round tables which besides came to an end with pubs … with

Well and where here, tell me, education? And meanwhile, from my remarkable University of London such companions as Mahatma Gandhi, the inventor of phone Aleksand Bell, the prime minister - the minister of Japan Hirobumi, and also musicians of Coldplay were issued in due time.

Well so in what a dirty trick?

At the end of me mowed news that to us the number of examinations reduced to two (for all the time of training), and the others replaced course.

With a question of a dirty trick I came to Alan, having waved before his nose MGIMOSHNYM the diploma with the infinite list of disciplines.

- Ok, - he told, - history of state and law, - you remember something it?

- I Remember the teacher …

- There now … Already something. We here somehow decided to conduct research. Our Dali to krasnodiplomnik examination questions already familiar to them, a 1 year later after the termination of higher education institution. And so … any of them did not write on a ball through passage.

- OK, I agreed, - and how about a practicality?

- And what you call a practicality?

- Well, all that it is useful to me at work.

- And you are sure that there is a uniform standard of what is necessary for the employer? Usually appreciate sense of duty, working capacity, independent thinking and ability to create ideas … We try to teach you to the same: not to cram, and to think, at the same time to organize the ideas according to the required format. In our case, it is the academic format. In case of the employer it can be something else ….

And in general, you know, I am a supporter of the theory that the most brilliant ideas are born in pubs, but not in audiences. Therefore the English education in general is the education based on ideas of socialization. The trick is that when you gather together with the classmates in an informal situation, all of you equally anyway discuss what was at lectures. Our task as teachers to make so that material awakened interest in such discussions, is not present anything worse, than if the student speaks - this subject “cool“, and this - “sediment“. And on it everything comes to an end. People study when the subject is interesting to them when it causes an emotional response which wants to share with others.

- But it does training very simple, isn`t it?

- Simple??? For those who are ready to communicate, discuss problems, to go to round tables and so on, - it is unconditional. And how about those 60% which already filled up one course and remain for the second year? I think, for many of them all would be much simpler to learn by heart to the last small letter and to forget next day …