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The “White Nights in Perm“ festival or Where to go at June night?

Summer 2011 - go years in Perm began with a sensational festival the White nights in Perm . The esplanade became the center of cultural life of the region. Theatrical performances, concerts, a flash - moba and even a grandiose air show - all this already was and still it is necessary to attention of everyone. The festival is live process as a result of which new works of art, monuments, an art - objects, cultural and creative associations are born. The festival takes place from June 1 to June 26 and unites in itself several separately taken festivals and an art at once - projects.

It and not less known independent annual Live Perm festival uniting in itself all directions - from poetry, theater, cinema, the fine arts to various projects in the directions of the modern art.

It and the International ethnofuturistic KAMWA festival - 2011 - the great river Kama gave the name to a festival, having connected two ancient roots KAM - the person, the shaman and VA - water.

Of course, Flaertian should not mention - the international festival of documentary cinema. The festival is devoted to movies in which the hero lives on the screen the part of the life formulated by the director under laws of dramatic art i.e. the main objective of actors and to transfer the director to the viewer naturalness of behavior of the documentary hero.

The White Magic - 2011 project which passed within a festival from June 3 to June 9 inclusive made the strongest impression on inhabitants and guests of Perm Krai . The audience managed to behold the real show of illusionists and magicians from around the world. Tickets bought up literally on the fly therefore was worth a lot to get on representations. Visitors could see modern circus in all its originality and surprise, this circus - where as advertizing said, “doggies will not be“. So it also appeared, it is really other circus. I will tell only about its small part:

On court of the viewer was presented to of the Show “Dangerous Turn 2“ (Sacude collective, Spain) which made impression personally on me. It is a performance of vertical dance with elements of theater, acrobatics, poetry and video. It is necessary to notice that show was absolutely free, and passed on a facade of the building of Legislative assembly of the city of Perm.

Residents of Perm saw of “Show of the winner“, Laura Herts (France) . The gutta-percha body of Laura Herts breaks and freely accepts the poses available not to each of yogis. An hour and a half risky somersaults, twine and balancing of the clown.

Besides to us the Performance “M2“ was presented by the Belgian collective Cie Ea Eo to . Four jugglers are locked on a scene which becomes less and less. What strikes, so it is permanent job with the viewer: you feel like the participant of process.

In the first days of a festival it was possible to observe a festival of bears “Medveday“ It is an exhibition of ancient and collection toys “Mishkina of history“. Especially it was pleasant to children.

Besides, kids for the first time could and can still gambol in the city which is in the city - Kartoniya`s or the Cardboard - on - Kama . Adults did not remain indifferent too, and with children`s enthusiasm climbed a cardboard labyrinth, bought different souvenirs on Kartoniya`s currency, with a fixed rate of 1 W of =20 rubles, and the return 1 W of =15 rubles, were photographed against cardboard constructions, played lotteries and board games, listened to music of cardboard radio, and, even visited Really Free Market (Absolutely Free Fair) where it was possible to take anything itself for memory. All this well and now, hurry if did not visit this wonderful Cardboard city yet!

Of course, I cannot but tell you about Lend - Arth the Myths of the Urals festival . This special event in life of residents of Perm! Within a week in the downtown on the platform before Ural hotel the group of artists mounted an exposition from 7 original an art - the objects made of environmentally friendly, natural materials (stones, soil, branches of trees) and connected among themselves by one mythological idea. An art - objects perfectly contrast with an urbanistic landscape of the city, impress with the scale and idea. It was especially lucky inhabitants of hotel since they have an opportunity to look at installation from above. I walked on the platform, and here what art - objects were presented to my curious look - “Creation of the world“, “Ural Ridge“, “Portal“, “Chud great“ , etc.

the Festival in the heat therefore be in time, do not oversleep the most important! Ahead still a set of events, exhibitions ( a mammoth Trace, the Exhibition of private collections in the Museum of Modern Art , etc.), festivals ( a sport festival, Yadance, a festival of bears “Medveday“ ), performances and theatrical representations, days of culture of regions of Russia, excursions (the excursion tram with walk in the Paradise garden, bus excursions is organized), concerts, the Planet of People project (Within the project there will take place speeches of foreign musicians), aviation show ( on June 24 - 25 ) and many other things. Besides, in Perm first the pedestrian street, the so-called “Perm Arbat“ appeared . Everyone will be able to find interesting to itself(himself)!

Unfortunately, not to transfer all impressions in one article, not to tell about all events, not to show new monuments. Therefore welcome, dear visitors! You will not regret.