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Beer. Than this drink is good?

“Are good to live! And it is good to live - even better!“ You remember this well-known phrase from “The Caucasian captive“? So does our quite good life even better, especially in hot midday or stuffy summer evening? Of course, definite answer: beer! Better than a mug of this drink in hot weather there can be only two mugs him!

And therefore I invite you for a little table. Let`s sit, we will drink on a mug of light, we will talk … about beer, certainly.

Admirers of this frothy beverage become more and more, especially during a summer season. It also is not surprising - the mug of fresh beer perfectly satisfies thirst. But it not the only advantage of drink which taste was familiar to ancient Egyptians and Romans!

The drink having multithousand-year history is very useful. And it is not banal “excuses“ of fans to wet a neck. You judge, one liter of good svezhesvarenny beer in enough contains the mass of useful substances: minerals, vitamins and acids daily necessary for our organism. Beer reduces risk of a disease warmly - vascular system, promotes treatment of stomach ulcer and even improvement of complexion. Besides, beer possesses the calming and somnolent action. Well, just from all diseases medicine, but not drink!

Unfair sources, evil tongues and those who understand nothing drinks, claim that they from beer promptly gain weight. But beer so low-calorie drink that if from it recover, then equally well it is possible to grow fat also from the use of mineral water. Actually, beer stimulates appetite, and healthy appetite - a sign of good health. With beer there is always a wish for something tasty … Truth?

On one sources, the first mentions of beer belong to the 7000th year BC. Last century the American scientists managed to find clay plates on which people at a brewing copper were represented. To these artifacts, according to archeologists, at least 5 thousand years. Many centuries people not just cooked beer, and studied art of creation of this intoxicated drink.

Process of preparation of beer begins with malting - wetting and a prorashchivaniye of grain. Then barley is mixed with the warmed-up water and wait for formation of a mash - sugary liquid which brewers filter, and then cooked with hop addition. Beer, as we know, fermentation product. So, it is time to add to the turned-out mix of beer yeast and to watch fermentation. The so-called “green“ beer which turned out after that is separated from yeast and left to dobrazhivatsya. It is a closing stage of preparation of drink. It can already be tried!

Business needed for small - to be solved whether to filter beer and whether to pasteurize it. Pasteurization is a short-term heating of beer to 60 - 80 degrees for the purpose of destruction of the microorganisms living in drink. A filtration - clarification of beer from yeast and microorganisms. Of course, these two processes considerably prolong to beer life, but along with it influence taste of amber drink. Such beer can be stored in bottles several months, however it is considered that the filtered and pasteurized beer simply loses the highlight. About usefulness of the drink which passed processing certainly, too you should not speak already. Nonfiltered beer lives only several days. It is possible to be treated with it at restaurants and cafe at which work pass - breweries, or in bars where daily deliver fresh beer from beer factories.

It is time to enjoy already prepared product, to estimate its golden color, aroma, tart taste … But before starting tasting, pay attention to foam in a circle. Good beer has to have foam not less than four centimeters high, and it has to keep at least four minutes.

Drink beer on health! But do not forget, the Ministry of Health warns: the excessive use of beer is dangerous!