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What is demagogy? Receptions useful and popular

However, of “heyter“ in the world it is a lot of, and everyone hates only in what he is not strong. Respectively, instead of using offensive words lightly in their address, it is better to learn several most popular receptions of demagogy which, undoubtedly, will be useful to you in life.

Running forward, I will notice that philologists equate demagogy to … to sport, fortunately, only for a long time intellectual because physical showdowns are not absolutely pertinent if you already lost “fight in words“.

Participating in a verbal duel - demagogy, - you have to pursue only one aim: to morally kill the rival, without having given him the slightest chance to take a revenge or to recoup. And to make it perhaps uncountable quantity of ways, I will tell you about some, you can read others on the numerous websites and forums, but if you and have not enough of it, you can think up own, demagogy - game in which there are few rules!

Your most important weapon - a voice. Here opinions disperse: there has to be it soft and friendly or firm and as the poet wrote, “to burn down with a verb hearts of people“. From the first words you have to let the audience know that the owner here one - you, and your opponent - a usual punching bag what to you meet at every turn.

It is possible to make it in several ways - you remember that there are no rules here: for example, it is possible to destroy authority of the rival in eyes of the audience instead of the introduction, having told an amusing story which main character is your rival. And then thoughtfully to ask whether such person can look in the face after it in general. But! Be afraid of direct charges and insults because they not only will not increase respect for you, but will incite listeners against you, will force them to come over to the side of the rival.

Russians, as we know, very kind people; it is peculiar to empathize the Russian person weak, so use it is quietly you take down charges of the interlocutor in your address, without answering it it words.

If you noticed support of the audience, then safely rush to attack and attribute to the opponent any bad qualities (which bad can, generally, and not to be). For example, if your interlocutor the most part of life studied, then it is possible to hint that his brain cannot quickly acquire new information. If he is a person family, then, perhaps, it cannot just be one.

The most mean, but also the most effective way - a manipulation sense of the statement. You have to find some hidden context which inexpressibly offends you in any words of the interlocutor. If you use virtuosity - the crowd will be on your party and will not believe the rival`s justifications in any way.

However if good luck suddenly was not on your party - do not despair and continue trainings. The one who to them recognizes himself becomes the loser here always. So, even at defeat you leave “battlefield“ highly having raised the head.

Experiment, think out, try - here you the owner, so try to let know it all the rest … It is desirable, of course, words, but not fists.