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Registration of SP independently: where to go also what to bear?

According to Wikipedia: “Individual entrepreneurs - the natural persons registered in the order established by the law and who are carrying out business activity without formation of legal entity“ .

It is hard to say what happens at us in the country to small business. From everywhere there are shouts about business recession, a business zakoshmarivaniye, an arbitrariness of officials and security officers. On the other hand, following the results of 2010 in one Moscow 170 thousand individual entrepreneurs are registered. And this figure constantly grows. In general across Russia every year 40 000 people make the decision to register SP. Another thing is that small firms quickly disappear for quite economic reasons.

But we will not be about sad. So, you decided to register SP independently. And even without leaving the main work - the legislation allows to work on hiring and to be at the same time an individual entrepreneur. You do not represent how often some middle manager opens own trade booth near office not to run far behind donuts and kvass (an example quite real!)

Services in registration of SP are presented at the market in the wide range: from 2000 to 6000 rubles. The difference is caused by the number of services. One will just consult, others will prepare a package of documents, the third offer everything turnkey, including opening of the settlement account and production of the press at once.

By the way, I will notice - the bank account and the press for SP are not always obligatory. But if you so want to stamp something, then look for firms where the press is done free of charge. It often happens. Oh that it I! We register! Well then we spread 500 rubles for production of the press.

In addition it is necessary to pay the state duty (the state of the will not miss). This year duty makes 800 rubles. For opening of the settlement account we give one thousand more rubles.

The question “Where to register SP“ depends on the place of residence. Itself I know only the Moscow address No. 46 MIFNS: 125373. Moscow, Pokhodny Drive, possession 3, building 1. And address of the Petersburg registrar No. 15 MIFNS: Krasnogo Tekstilshchika St., 10 - 12, an entrance from Sinopskaya Embankment. Tried to find something like the catalog of registrars on regions of Russia, including on the website of FTS of the Russian Federation, but failed.

How many registration of SP lasts? Under the law on it allotted five days. Any company which is engaged in registration of firms calls term at least a week. In practice registration can last till 10 days. The matter is that tax specialists have two normative documents. In one established period - 5 days, and in the second the requirement - not to make mistakes in registration documents is established. And if make a mistake - it is necessary to remake. As a result to estimate the term of registration quite difficult. Here as will carry.

The question “What to bear“ in heading means only the list of the papers and documents necessary within the law. List of these documents not long:

the Statement for the state registration of the individual entrepreneur in the established form, with the signature of future businessman. And the signature from this year is certified at the notary if documents are filed by the authorized representative (for example, your grandmother).

the Copy of the passport of the natural person registered as the individual entrepreneur. Besides if the copy is born by our grandmother, then it is necessary will certify her (copy) at the notary.

Receipt on payment of the state tax (original). than

In case you were the foreign citizen or that it is worse - the person without nationality , it is necessary to throw with couple more of papers:

Notarially issued translation of the passport of Russian.

the Notarized copy of the document confirming the right of the applicant temporary or constantly to live in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Visiting the sites of firms - registrars, pay attention to stage-by-stage breakdown of procedure of registration of SP. At one all in two stages, at others even in eight. In practice quite simple algorithm works: collected documents - gave - got permission or refusal - started business or retraining of documents.

We will positively think - to you it was lucky and registered. The documents following which need to be protected as an apple of the eye are handed out:

1) the certificate from state individual entrepreneur;

2) the certificate on statement on tax accounting;

3) an extract from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs);

4) statistics codes known in narrow circles as “letter from Rosstat“;

5) the statement for use of the simplified system of the taxation with the press of registering body - MIFNS;

6) the press which is optional, but time was made, not to throw out so!

7) copies of all registration documents;

8) an information leaflet with addresses and phones of your future “torturers“: tax inspection, Pension fund, Social insurance fund and others.

All - now you not some office plankton or the creature shivering! Now you are a businessman and the businessman. In one cohort with Gates, Potanin, Jobs and Vikselberg!

Whether there is life after registration, or several pluses of SP:

It is necessary or not to buy and register control - the cash register, depends on a form of activity of the businessman. Read the law on KKM. All are not necessary, and are necessary to us article 2 and 3 where the list of the kinds of activity of SP which are not demanding use of KKM is provided. By the way, the cash desk is not connected with ENVD in any way.

One more plus for “individual“ - registration at the place of residence, so, it is not necessary to be spent for rent of very expensive office. To do the websites, to grow up mushrooms, to make decoration of handwork, to write down piracy DVD with pornofilms or it is possible to render consultations at home by phone or through scype. But if you need to KKM to establish houses, then tax specialists will request the lease contract. With whom decide to imprison him - the spouse, the grandmother or the neighbor in a communal flat.

Accounts department - piece difficult, but It cannot be that hard? Depending on desire and complexity of the account it is possible to save also on the accountant. Digital technologies are ready to help

also here. Here what found for independent conducting accounting (recommend only at simple forms of the account):

1. 1C - where without them! The program paid, updates are free. However, you remember that for setting up the program if that, to you “boy“ will come and to be picked it hour, two, three... Payment at them hourly.

2. Business - Pak - the free program ground under SP.

3. The taxpayer of SPINNING TOPS - the free program from FTS of the Russian Federation for formation of the reporting (without taking into account).

4. Online - the Moyedelo service - a paid monthly subscription. Is demodostup for SP and Ltd company.

Here, perhaps, and all. To paint pluses and minuses of SP, to tell about all “reefs“ to, in time and after registration it is possible infinitely, and big articles not in fashion now.

Ran to look for “roof“... Fie you to collect documents!