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You want to learn yourself? Dance oriental dances!

Hey, the women running forward that all to get on well at the overflowing life stream, stop! Take a detached view of yourself and remember that you are the Woman . And it is not important what you - thin or full, high or small growth, the blonde or the brunette. You are already beautiful because you are perfect in essence.

And to become more sexual, younger and more vigorous? Yes it is easy! For execution of these desires it is enough to plunge into the world of an oriental dance and to join secrets of eternal appeal of fantastic beauties.

Probably, it is difficult to find the person who would not hear about Belly dance. This western name of dancing equipment. Wonderful and fascinating occupation. In the dancing woman the natural coquetry, mysteriousness and poetry - all that so is not enough for us in modern life is shown to feel the nature.

And gait? Smooth movements of a body? Special shine of eyes?

In any case to speak? Occupation by oriental dances - fine sensual training of a female body and all organism.

Dance forms a figure, tones up and gives unprecedented emotional lift. In it is mute self-expression, courageous experiment and awakening of a feminine. It is a high time to get rid of complexes and the constraining barriers. Freedom! Polet! Imagination and incendiary chords of east music.

Convinced? Then take in hand decorated with bracelets a cape for dance, put on wide trousers and choose a scarf: beaded, with monist, paillettes, beads … Dress a pearl - chiffon or organza and feel the Shamakhansky queen.

So what we dance?

Here it is necessary to be defined because there is a set of schools and courses on training in the Egyptian, Arab, Turkish and other dances. In use we call everything - “Belly dance“. But often dance which is executed in Europe, the USA, Russia and in the Arab countries now is only club option of the classical dance mixed with the jazz, a flamenco a Latina, division into styles exists classics etc. of

In an oriental dance:

- national style (Saidi, halidzh and so forth dabk);

- classical Arab dance;

- a modernist style or bellidans - show - belly dance statements.

What style is closer and more interesting to you, depends only on you. Dance in any manifestation is unique for each woman the fact that it emphasizes beauty and originality of its movements of a body.

By the way, a basis of all dances of the Arab countries are the movements by hips that not only it is useful for health, but also is very sexual.

And figure? Dance promotes soft and gradual combustion of fat, strengthening of a cardiac muscle and lungs, blood circulation of internals improves, and it is fine prevention of gynecologic diseases.

Eh, oriental dances! It is the whole school of great and ancient culture of beautiful relationship of the man and woman. They won the world for a long time and found firm popularity in our country.

But it appears, it is possible to study such dance not everything. Belly dance is one of forms of sports occupation for women and before their beginning it is necessary to consult with the doctor not to receive deterioration in health.

Occupation is excluded by dances during sharp inflammatory and purulent processes in an organism, at an exacerbation of any chronic diseases and pregnancy.

But, unlike fitness and aerobics, Belly dance has not enough age contraindications. And it is absolutely optional to become the professional dancer and to carry out the difficult movements by a body. It is only enough to follow the movements of soul under sounds of bewitching music that for many years will help us to keep a charm of youth, mysteriousness and feminity. Directly in the eyes the bearing changes, grace, “royalty“ and good mood appears.

Girls, women and grandmothers, dance on health! Experiment, show an ingenuity. Accept the body it what it is, care for it, despite of its forms and the sizes. Also start up each occupation will be for you opening of a wonderful world of an oriental dance and acquisition of full self-confidence!