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And what dark side at your personality?

you Remember that old horror film where quite decent professor turned into the monster and destroyed everything around?

He the first started talking about the evil and kind parties of the person, but nobody believed it. Equally as nobody could suspect the kind intellectual of all those murders which were created by his dark side.

The dark side, or the Shadow as it was called by Karl Jung, is at each of us - at me, at them and even at you! Yes - yes! And only our own fear to see in itself what is not pleasant to us prevents us to get acquainted with itself closer. But … can, will be enough to be afraid?

How to meet a dark side of

1. Everything that you condemn, you despise and you do not love in other people - it is manifestations of your Shadow. If in you there was no they are you could not see it in the outside world. Could not attract such people in the life.

2. Of what manifestation of the character you are ashamed? Or just would not like that you had them. What qualities you try to eradicate? If you make efforts for being someone, so you make efforts for to being someone another is and there is a Shadow.

3. Sit down exactly, relax, remove excess thoughts, and try to feel the answer to a question - what I definitely am not? Notice! To feel! It is important! Well, how? Felt? It is your Shadow.

What to do to us with the Shadow?

the Father Freud was right

that it is impossible to suppress itself. However, Buddha also spoke about the same, claiming that you become what you resist to. But Freud did not give a method of that notorious sublimation, and Buddha`s methods are too unclear and difficult for the modern person. Nevertheless, now we will try to make what monks, devotees and ascetics of all traditions and doctrines, and also the psychotherapists and just good people who are interested in self-development so long aspired to.

Namely … to reunite with the dark side and to become more complete!

Why to integrate the Shadow?

1. Integrity . Fight against negative qualities is a fight with itself. Just the person likes to identify himself more with the fact that he considers as the best (of course, he all such good and fluffy!) and to consider negative qualities as something separate, a bad habit, defect, and even intrigues of a devil! All this leads to contention with itself, waste of energy on the senseless internal conflict in addition and to condemnation of others.

2. Unity , faith in God, vision in all of the Holy Spirit (divine) - not mere words, but a condition of consciousness of the normal, healthy and happy person. If instead it seems to us that around one idiots, - means, still is what to work on. Reuniting with the Shadow, becoming more complete, the person becomes more humane, tolerant and spiritual.

3. Happiness . How the happy person looks? The oligarch with Mercedes and models? Alas, and they have a Shadow, that is the internal conflicts, - and this tension will allow to be to nobody happy - to either the bum, or the oligarch. And what your Shadow put before how many at you money or sex? She will try to return all the same to a source, to integrity as the rejected child who unsuccessfully is eager for your acceptance.

Reunion with the Shadow

1. Find the Shadow (see recommendations “how to meet a dark side of“), concentrate on it, experience. What it? If it had a color, then what it would be colors? What character? What feelings? What to the touch? By sight? How old is she?

2. Close eyes, put index and average fingers of the left hand on a point between a nose bridge and an eyebrow at the left (it is an important akupressurny point). Having concentrated on the Shadow, make a picture picture (record it not movably). Note 4 elements: feelings in a body, emotion, the picture (clearness, brightness, depth etc.) thoughts.

3. Lower the left hand, touch two fingers of the right hand to a point between a nose bridge and an eyebrow on the right. Concentrate on yourself - that is, on contrast of the Shadow (record the picture, as well as previous). Note 4 elements.

4. Alternate item 2 and item 3, concentrating on pictures and noting 4 elements until feelings are erased - it will mean that integration is complete. The feeling that meanwhile and to others there is no difference will also be a sign of successful reunion.

That`s all! With successful integration of your Shadow! Continue to work in the same direction every day: find all new and new elements of your Shadow and integrate them. The effect will strike you!

PS. The method applied here is called GP - 4, and for details it is possible to address Zhivorad Slavinsky`s books.