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Whether shopaholic you? 4 criteria for determination of dependence

A few years ago our country were overtaken by the next “western illness“ - a shopogolizm, or dependence on expenditure of money. Women, and sometimes and men, began to buy much and randomly - what is necessary and is not necessary, the fact that on a pocket and not really. It became prestigious to be the shopaholic - “I buy, so I have money, I am able to afford anything, I am successful in life“.

It generated a tremendous phenomenon: every third woman calls herself the shopaholic. And meanwhile, the shopogolizm, or an oniomaniye, the hardest illness which is similar to alcoholism, drug addiction or dependence on gamblings and not each person suffers from it.

How once and for all to define, you are the shopaholic or not? For this purpose scientists offered four criteria of a shopogolizm, and for determination of dependence only one of them suffices. So, you are the shopaholic if:

1. You often think of purchases, can suddenly break and buy something, though understand that it is senseless.

2. Expenditure often are too expensive, things generally unnecessary, and process of purchase takes much more time, than was planned initially.

3. Purchases involve serious problems: growth of debts on credit cards, quarrels with friends and relatives, troubles at work.

4. Purchases are made constantly, regardless of time of day, a state of health, weather or a season.

Also there are some more signs of dependence on expenditure of money - often the shopaholic feels irresistible desire to buy as soon as in his life there is any trouble. He feels tension and instead of solving the problems, goes to buy and by that, often, aggravates the situation. It is important to shopaholic not to have, and to get , in it its difference from veshchist - the person dependent on possession of any objects. Often purchases, even without developing, right there hide in a dark corner. Process of acquisition is accompanied by rough positive emotions which then are replaced by burdensome sense of guilt for thoughtless expenditure.

The shopaholic - it is not obligatory the high long-legged blonde spending the capitals of the husband - the oligarch, earned by back-breaking toil. Any person, all dependences on a condition of its bank account can be the shopaholic. An essence here not in that how many it is spent money, and that the person is not able to afford these things, they, in principle, are not necessary to him, but it cannot refrain from acquisition. If to ask such person in the course of acquisition why to it this thing, he will hardly answer something intelligible.

It would be desirable to note that the shopaholic can buy not only traditional “clothes - footwear - accessories“, but also anything: perfumery, cosmetics, books, stationery, children`s things, electronic or household appliances and even food. Be not surprised! If you buy a lot of food which you do not manage to eat and which should be thrown out, and and do not stop doing it - perhaps, you are subject to dependence on purchases too.

Thus, we found out who such shopaholic. This is the person who hides from the problems, buying unnecessary things in spite of the fact that they it is too expensive for him. Acquisition process, but not possession of a thing is important for it. This person we depend on purchase the same as the addict from the dose. He also tests withdrawal pains if he cannot go to shop. He also feels “arrivals“ when purchase took place. He also promises himself and surrounding to throw to buy, but breaks and hates himself. It as well as any other dependent needs the help of the expert.

Think, you are such person? Whether it is so remarkable to be the shopaholic? If is not present, so why to slander on itself?