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We sit with the child: faultless life or a syndrome of “the flying sock“? Whether

such situation Is familiar to you approximately (a subject from one mamochny forum): “… The husband does not help me at all. The child is 5 months old, I like a squirrel in a cage, turn all day in cares. All economy on me. There are no grandmothers - grandfathers, to leave the child there is nobody. The husband comes home, is filled up on a sofa (the variation - sits down at a computer). Something to help - you will not be interrogated moreover and is accustomed - eternally on the apartment scatters the socks. I already and syak explained to him, asked, swore … Nothing helps. Scandal every day. Forces is absent, was tired …“ Similar subjects can be found

about mothers-in-law, neighbors, grandmothers - grandfathers. Well and, of course, not only “the flying socks“ are the reason of the similar conflicts.

Here three possible reasons of sad succession of events.

Reason 1: “The closed space“

Being in a child care leave, we get into a situation of “the closed space“. This situation is very artful. It is not so terrible when the closed space external, is important that it did not become internal feeling. It - when we involuntarily go in cycles in ourselves, the problems, the economy and so on. In the closed space significant is on what we did not turn attention earlier at all or turned it slightly. The closed space - the excellent environment for growth of flies to an elephant state. And still - the beautiful soil for a samozhaleniye.

Self-short circuit is fraught that sometimes elimination of “the flying socks“ becomes the excessive purpose of all family existence - the care absorbing all thoughts and feelings, the main family subject and the main family leisure.

The internal closed space needs to be eliminated in any suitable ways - to whom than closer: communication, study, books, girlfriends, Internet, work. The main thing not to be lazy, work, look for, to develop and, of course, never to despair and not to believe that a situation desperate - if the entrance to “the closed space“ was, then and an exit will surely be found!

Reason 2:

Grant “Lack of favourite business“ to

, this reason is more feasible than previous. All human being seeks for productive work, for inspiring activity, for development. And if in time not to satisfy this requirement, consequences can be very deplorable. Only present if long not to satisfy requirement, for example, for food, we start anew to be angry, then we fall flat-out, we fall in a condition of apathy, and there and it is possible to bring itself to an illness. Here and with activity. If not to be engaged in business which would bring satisfaction and joy you will start anew to be irritated on trifles, to carp at all and at everyone, and then you will fall into the complete boredom and despondency.

Rescue of drowning - work drowning. It is a high time for to find business in holiday to liking which would take the most worthy place in thoughts, feelings and actions. And then, as - nibud taking place in thoughtfulness about a new culinary masterpiece (puppet theater, the master`s thesis, repetition of the English words - necessary to emphasize) by fallen “the flying sock“, forces will only remain to think: “About! Friend! Let`s go - into place …“, and all the rest will be unimportant.

Reason 3: “Who here bad? “

In any problem situation it is very important to h2 to distinguish “person“ and his action which in us can cause irritation (it can be inability, unwillingness something to do, the bad habit, and can even quite harmless interest, hobby and so on). What it is simpler to think and tell the member of household in a situation, for example, when he bought on the last money of pigeons? You remember: “Where thirty of cases?! You that such unscrupulous, and?!“ “Ah, parasite! It is direct so would kill a parasite!“ (Familiar words from the remarkable everyday movie “Love and Pigeons“.) And then crown phrase of Lyudki: “But does not drink!“ And in general, the person - that good!

Here and in life, It is necessary to distinguish constantly: and who bad? The person or his habit or business? And to learn to forgive, belittle, smooth bad lines, and to support and encourage good. Perhaps, well its “the flying sock“ when for the rest, it seems, all and is not so bad?