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How it is good to sleep? Seven rules of a short, but useful dream

Textbooks in biology claim that the person needs 7 - 8 hours for a dream. But in life of each modern citizen there are days, and even the whole weeks or months when it is necessary to sleep for 4 - 5 hours a day. There are legends of yogas which, allegedly, at all never sleep, and Napoleon considered that the dream is only an addiction.

Of course, the great commander could not confirm the words in practice, and we too will hardly manage to repeat a feat of the Indian yogis. But nevertheless, whether perhaps for us - mere mortals to reduce time necessary for a dream?

It appears - yes! So, seven main points necessary in order that not only it is essential to reduce the need for a dream but also to make it deeper and useful:

1. The relaxation

Ability to relax is not such a trifle as can seem at first sight. Many qualities, such as goodwill, optimism, resistance to stress, susceptibility depend on this skill. In the east slackness in general is considered a sanctity sign, and the yoga is a system of exercises for achievement of total relaxation in which the person receives secret knowledge. But we will not press in mysticism, and we will tell only that in this case it is important to us to learn to relax to help an organism to be exempted from mental garbage and muscular clips. Otherwise the dream will turn out not such deep and useful, as a result - it will be necessary more.

2. The surrounding situation

plays the Major role a microclimate here: the excessive heat and cold can significantly increase your need for a dream. And even if at you is for this time, then health and mood with which you will rise, are not worth precisely it. Besides it would be very useful if you developed a habit to air the room before going to bed even if it seems to you that “and so will descend“. The person has property to get used to much, and you can just not notice that air in the room became stale.

3. Food

Very important point! Any food in 5 hours prior to a dream! If you cannot refuse a dinner, then eat stewed vegetables around 16:00 and warm milk with honey, fennel and a nutmeg after 18:00 or just before a dream. Fennel and a nutmeg are such spices which not only will help to relax and to fall asleep quickly, but also will make your dream deeper. And milk for the night - very good means for those who suffer from a habit to abuse a dinner. Besides, if to drink it for the night every day - it feeds nervous system, and as a result - memory, ability to study improves, resistance to stresses increases.

4. You lay down a bit earlier

Ideally at 22:00. “ Hour of a dream is equal till 00:00 to two hours of a dream after “, - Paul Bragg, and not only it claimed! For three thousand years B.C. wise Hindus wrote down in the Veda practically the same.

5. A shower

the Warm shower before going to bed - not only hygienic need, but also an additional tool for relaxation. In the morning - a contrast or cold shower, and in the evening - warm. - do not mix the main thing!

6. Forget about sleeping pill and other muck

Even if you have a sleeplessness or you cannot long fall asleep, do not resort to chemistry. Believe, it is enough points stated by me in order that your dream was healthy and pleasant. Everything that it is necessary to you - it is only to master and apply them all.

7. You sleep alone

Even if you madly love the half, it is all the same best of all to sleep to one. Sex by sex, but for a dream is better to take other place where rest and silence always reigns. Sleeping with a cat or a dog, and I will not speak - those who so do, do not represent as far as it is harmful.

Sweet dreams and good mood in the mornings!