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How to samoobuchatsya more effectively?

Each of us is interested in development, in deep knowledge of and the world. Everyone wants to become something big, than is now.

Still! It not only is fascinating, but also it is useful! All of us wish to gain more knowledge, useful skills and abilities. But how to make it most effectively? How to learn what to work on first of all to make the life more successful and saturated?

Several simple rules are capable to facilitate all these tasks significantly. With their help you learn quickly and to define effectively :


As it is correct to b to choose the sphere of life which is most of all needing development;

2. What knowledge and skills needs to be found in the chosen sphere of life;

3. As, actually, to find them.

So, we will start …

1. Spheres of life

you Write out all spheres of the life in a column, for example: family, spirituality, personal growth, career, health, rest, finance, relationship, creativity, entertainments and so on.

you Estimate on 10 - a mark scale, this or that sphere of life is how realized. You can draw opposite to each point in a column a scale and record how many points in it are realized.

Put a plus opposite to that sphere which at the moment most is actual for you. Put a tick opposite to that sphere which development will pull for itself development of several others. For example, if you pump over career, then you will adjust finance and, respectively, entertainments, or perhaps and a family? Put an exclamation mark opposite to that sphere which is developed least of all, - it is how actual for you to be engaged in its development? Now choose among a plus, an exclamation mark and a tick the sphere most actual at the moment.

So, we know to what sphere we will pay attention!

2. Necessary skills

What knowledge and abilities needs to be found first of all to develop this sphere to the necessary level? For example, to pump over the sphere of health, it is necessary to study literature on your sores or a healthy lifestyle, to begin to do exercises and to cease to smoke.

What most of all is not enough for you for development of the sphere chosen by you? For example, in an example with health: there is not enough will power to leave off smoking, there is not enough time to play sports etc. (actually, in most cases to people it is banal there is not enough knowledge and desire something in life to change).

So, we know what skill is necessary to us!

3. How to find knowledge and skills

you Take one ability, skill, a habit, a gap in knowledge and you make the action plan for its development, you find books, trainings, courses on a subject and so on. How many money you are ready to spend for it? Or you will be engaged only on free materials? What is the time you are ready to spend? Make a detailed plan about when and what you will do through what interval of time (by estimation) these or those results will appear?

You remember:

Main in finding of new knowledge is their application in practice. If you find it difficult to apply material which you study, wonder - and why you in general spend on it time? Practice exercises for development of necessary skills regularly, conduct a detailed report. From time to time revise the plan for skill development - you make changes if it is necessary.

Self-development pleasant to you!