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How to force the husband to have a bit on the side?

Quite often it is necessary to hear complaints about how the man, faithful, devoted, in love with the zhenikhovstvo period, suddenly became the terrifying ladies` man not passing any skirt, it was worth putting a stamp in the passport. Similar transformation - the true art available not to each woman. But, knowing algorithm, it is possible to reach heights in this hard business. The main thing - not to miss any point. There are no trifles here.

The first from what it is necessary to begin - with the statement about your eternal and invariable love to the husband. And to remind him of this love of times on twenty in the course of the day. It is desirable - in the presence of strangers. At the same time it is very useful to ask: “Darling, kiss me!“, - and with insult to inflate sponges if suddenly the kiss does not follow.

Point second: do not forget to ask more often: “Darling, and you love me?“. And immediately demand the answer. Let tells how loves when for the first time understood that loves whether is going to love eternally. Let will swear what loves. The question should be asked not less than ten times a day.

Point third: do not forget to say to the husband about what you just do not represent for what he could fall in love with such usual creation, not remarkable and without special beauty and talents as you. Surely mention, as the hostess you breath-taking, is not dusted the third week shelves, and prepare not especially. At the same time once again ask: “But you all the same love me, the truth?“ Also add: “And why? For what?“. Let will sweat, explaining.

Having carried out thus preliminary preparation, the fourth can start point: jealousy. Be jealous constantly. To all and all. Be jealous of work, of the women passing by nice and not really, especially be jealous of women whom the husband faces on work. Surely describe advantages of each of them. For example: “I understand, it has such figure … and such naive eyes. Probably, it is very pleasant when she looks these glazishcha and attentively listens, huh?“. If the husband denies everything - do not listen. Hopelessly wave a hand and begin to cry. Without shouts and a hysterics. Bitterly, plaintively.

If the husband continues to assure you of eternal love and even consoles when you cry with jealousy, then it means that time of point of the fifth - hysterics came. Now all tears have to come to an end with the accusing shouts: “You what you think, I am absolutely a silly woman? Without eyes, perhaps? What I, do not see!“. Then it is necessary to cry and throw the arms round bitterly to the husband a neck with words again: “I understand that I absolutely silly, forgive me! Just I very much - very much love you!“. Do not forget to demand immediately a kiss and the answer to a question - whether the husband why he loves whether he stopped loving loves you and whether is going to stop loving.

Separate point - the husband`s parents. It is impossible to miss at all. It is necessary to be jealous of parents especially furiously. Any visit to them has to be followed by preliminary tears (“Your mother does not love me! She hostilely looks at me!“) and the subsequent blamestorming session (“To me it was so uncomfortable, and you all sat and sat! And what to you there, honey it is smeared, perhaps?“). If the husband visits the parents without you, it is necessary to make a row after such visits. You say that his parents badly influence it that his love to you decreases after visit of parents and so on. If at the same time you are able to give as a positive example of the parents - it will be absolutely good.

After each scene it is necessary to throw the arms round a neck, to be reconciled and demand proofs of eternal love.

Do not lose sight of the husband`s friends. You have to as it is possible to distribute more widely information that you suspect the husband of changes. Surely complain to his friends of a carelessness from the husband, of frequent delays at work (“And whether precisely he at work? I here think that I am not present!“). Tell about all shortcomings of the husband and you tell every time: “Well same only between us, huh? it is simple to me there is nobody to talk!“.

Come to the husband for work and make scandal to some attractive employee. Accuse her of destruction of a family. Try to draw attention as it is possible bigger number of people to this scene. Then apologize to the woman, tell that were simply not in themselves with jealousy. Apologize to the husband, begin to cry (the more it will see people - the better), tell that very much you love him and similar scenes will not repeat any more.

Regularly repeat all points from the first to the last. Most likely, will be two consecutive passings enough. In a hard case - three. If it does not help, then you were not lucky - you got the one-woman man. And he will really love you eternally. If, of course, does not get to the psychiatrist earlier.