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Whether only to planes volcanic ashes are dangerous?

In May of this year one of the largest volcanoes in Iceland - Grimsvotn woke up. Current eruption on a volcanological scale corresponds to the sixth level (to the most powerful eruptions the eighth level is appropriated).

Volcanic ashes consist of small particles of volcanic breeds, parts of glass less than 2 millimeters in size. Vitreous parts very firm also act on a detail as if an abrasive. At first damage compressor elements. Melt in combustion chambers, corking them. Also stick further on turbine shovels. Engines as a result can stop. And it already happened. But ashes components which can get into the lower airways are capable to cause and violations of health.

Volcanists tell about a case which happened in June, 1982. “The Boeing - 747“ the British airline, following from London to New Zealand, flew by through an ashes cloud. It was thrown out by the Indonesian volcano of Galungung. The crew of ashes did not see, but noticed that glass of a cabin began to shine. Further the luminescence was thrown on engines. In salon began to smell sulfur. In a few minutes all 4 engines of the plane - the giant decayed. And it, planning, directed from height of 11 kilometers down. In 12 minutes at the height of 4 kilometers there was a miracle - it was succeeded to start at first two engines, then one more. As a result the liner safely crash-landed at the airport of Jakarta.

If does not maintain “iron“, that it is possible to tell about influence on the person. Physicians warn the population of Europe that volcanic rainfall contains toxic agents. Stay in the open air to asthmatics and that who suffers from others of a bronchial tube - pulmonary diseases is especially dangerous. However also the healthy people without chronic diseases who “adjoined“ to volcanic ashes can feel unwell.

Assume that dinosaurs were ruined by eruptions of volcanoes. Scientists established that they began on the peninsula of Hindustan 68 million years ago and lasted long very much. In air many vitreous volcanic ashes, carbon dioxide were thrown out, from - for whom it became impossible to breathe. And clouds of volcanic ashes closed the sun and arranged the real winter. In this accident only small animals survived, and dinosaurs died.

However, there is one more version, that the huge asteroid which was falling to the Ground 65 million years ago and left behind a huge crater with a diameter of 15 km on the peninsula Yucatan in Mexico is guilty of death of dinosaurs. The blow of an asteroid was so strong that in air clouds of sulfur, dust and a soot which caused long winter rose. After this “wintering“ only a half of all living beings on Earth survived.

Both of these versions have the right to live. What was the first or second - scientists only assume, but something was “doubivatelny“ in full death of dinosaurs. Because the first version is confirmed that in easy many dinosaurs found volcanic ashes. And found food which did not manage even to be digested that speaks about their almost instant death in stomachs of animals. And the crater on the peninsula Yucatan in Mexico silently confirms with the existence the terrible past.

How it is possible to reveal easily and quickly whether there are ashes in air? I think, this council will not prevent since many of us travel. What it is possible to tell also about volcanic “clouds“ which do not stand still too. For the night it is necessary to expose white plates on a balcony, and to look in the morning whether there was on them a raid and in what quantity. Thus, you learn, the area where you are is how strongly touched, and you will understand whether you get to a zone of a huge cloud of volcanic ashes. Of course, such diagnostics is very relative and will show only strong pollution.

And finally - about influence of activity of volcanoes on weather. Any volcanic eruption in Iceland can brake growth of temperature on Earth, climate change and weather conditions in Europe.

One of the largest volcanoes which woke up in May of this year in Iceland - Grimsvotn, is characterized so.

It is under the biggest glacier on Hugo - the country East, in its center. There thickness of ice reaches one kilometer. Eruptions Grimsvotn happened quite often, but were not such noticeable as present. Now it had enough energy to kindle this part of a glacier, the crater was formed, and ashes are thrown out on height to 14 kilometers “, - Saltykovsky, the volcanist told.

As far as the volcano is dangerous, depends on where wind will blow. “ B 2010 when Eyjafjallajokull was thrown up, blew east wind, and the peplovy cloud reached Western Siberia. Here yet there is no such danger, but wind can be replaced at any time “, - the volcanist warned.

Initially the cloud of ashes was at the height about 7 - 8 kilometers , - Leonid Starkov explains. - Now it settles. And Europeans already inhale particles of volcanic ashes. To residents of Russia, I think, it is not necessary to put on gas masks. Most likely, visually they will notice nothing, but vigilance will not prevent. Unfortunately, to define that the loop of the Icelandic eruption began to cover, it is possible only by means of the radio spectral and chemical analysis “.

Catastrophic eruptions changed even climate on Earth. That to understand it, we will remember the past. The ashes cloud from a volcano of Krakatau which blew up in 1883, two times rounded Earth. And for several years on all planet average temperature went down by several degrees. Mechanism of “volcanic winter“ such: when concentration of particles of ashes in the atmosphere is big, they become the screen - reflect sunshine and do not allow them to heat air.

The ashes arriving from Iceland can give the picture more similar to that which developed after a volcanic eruption Ale - Chichon in Mexico in June, 1982. Then the loop of a smoke and dust was reeled up on the Northern hemisphere and as if would cover it with a hat. The hat resolved three years. And several next winters became very cold. And in other hemisphere - for example, in Australia - there were droughts. It is not excluded that similarly the climate will behave also after current eruption.

P. S. Last message of the British weather service: “ the Cloud of the ashes which are thrown out by the Icelandic volcano Grimsvotn (Grimsvotn) almost did not change the configuration, but will reach North soon - east regions of France, Holland, Belgium and East of Germany “. It seems that Europe is expected again by cold winter...