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To drink or not to drink?

Interesting French paradox...

Why French dare to enjoy a breast of the duck prepared in fat ton and oil croissants and to remain slender members of the nation with a small amount warmly - vascular diseases while, for example, unfortunate Americans try to sit on boiled food and buy up in thousands magazines about a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, but only get fat even more with risk to catch heart attack?

The French paradox opens for us interesting nuance. The French healthy heart is obliged by the excellent state to red wine which residents of France very quietly drink at supper.

And caution...

Not all in scientific community support the French phenomenon, saying that even if French die of heart attacks less often, but mortality at them same, as well as on average in the world.

And, the use even of small doses of alcohol daily, conducts to risk of development of breast cancer in women where even the smallest dose is considered unsafe.

Other researches show that folic acid (sheet vegetables, bean, oranges) helps to slow down development of breast cancer, by support of normal cell fission and restoration of the DNA function. Women who took alcohol, but at the same time consumed at least 600 mg of folic acid a day, did not risk to develop a breast cancer more. It is important to know moderation and to consume many fresh fruit and vegetables.

Some incorrectly treat opinion of scientists and consider that there where one portion of alcohol is useful, means a little will be useful several times more! “Moderation“ in the phrase “moderate alcohol intake“ in this case is ignored, and there is only “alcohol intake“. The concept of moderation is distorted in compliance with idea of it of each individual. For example, one portion of alcoholic drink a day is considered moderate, but if you did not drink week and on Saturday all drank 7 portions which are due to you - it is already search which can “pour out“ in unpleasant diseases like cancer, a high blood pressure, a disease of a liver or an inflammation of a pancreas over time. Not to mention risk to have an accident and obscene behavior in society.

It is very laudable, to begin to care for the health and to drink moderately, but also there is the reef. If in a family there are stories of an alcoholism disorder, the person can be predisposed to it, and the most innocent portion of alcohol is capable to develop at it an addiction. You remember alcohol when you take medicine - some of them are incompatible with alcohol.

So to drink or not to drink?

Some experts recommend to remember family history of diseases before deciding on norm. Young women with cases of a breast cancer in a family can refuse in general alcohol or drink very little. Men of middle age with history warmly - vascular diseases in a family can continue to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail every evening.

And most important.

Do not give to useful properties of alcohol to pursue themselves when you decide to be indulged with cocktail. If you drink moderately and can control yourself, then you do not need a reason for a glass of wine.