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What we love East coast of the Crimea for? Yalta vs. Feodosiya. Part 1

Best of all this counterfeit lock looks from the sea. Close it is only restaurant at hot top of the mountain, all courses - exits with which to the beach are tightly blocked.

But here you managed to break to water - in Miskhore where the mermaid, or in Yalta, on the city beach between breakwaters longs in a blue bay. So, at your service narrow strip of the stony coast. Having indulgently made people this concession, the sea falls almost at once on depth, somewhere in the Black Sea chasms. The local sea stubborn and half-civilized as if the proximity of epic rocks excites in it a certain ancient pride.

Speak, stone beaches are purer than sandy. We do not know and do not want to know - to us to liking a sand. On it it is pleasant to roll about, and on it it is possible to enter the sea without slipper. We are not seagulls to jump on cobble-stones! And not yogas that on them to lie. Therefore quickly we are going also to bus station. On east coast of the Crimea there is a “direct“ road along the coast. But it, this road, such curve, and places and dangerous that quicker and more simply to reach through Simferopol. Whether it is necessary to say that no taxi drivers will be necessary for you? You do not want to meditate three hours in the trolleybus, there are regular buses and minibuses. Just be not too lazy to reach the schedule and cash desks.

Stop! Let`s go at first on Ai - Petri. Otherwise then, in Feodosiya when you are pressed by charming realizatorsh of tours, you will be defenseless. Also you will give yourselves to persuade, and you will go by already tourist bus back, on YuBK - and it is the whole day and a lot of money. On Ai - Petri is better to go from Yalta. We went there on the minibus, and half-roads had a good time jokes and choral singing. Somewhere to the middle of rise. Then such mad, petlyavy and risky serpentine went that tourists fell silent and withered. No, it was not dangerous to go - the car new, a paving decent and the driver quiet as a boa. But somehow, for it - god, languidly also it feel ill at ease. The bus diligently a per in skies, precisely fitting into turns and stopping to pass the same poor fellow creeping towards, that is down. And then suddenly escaped on a free scope of uplands, and behind a window of a zabelel, such native birch bosk turned green such inappropriate in the subtropical Crimea also...

In transparent mountain air the whiteness of trunks, greens of foliage and a grass, paint of the sea and the sky are so pure as if they were just rubbed from first-born minerals by cheerful young gods. On Ai - work as Petri all season it is dramatized the dressed-up Tatars - smartly prepare national dishes and very expensively roll persons interested on horses. Is there and caves, one of which, to Trekhglazk, you can not only find quite independently - without the aid of precautionary horse breeders, - but also for a modest bribe, under the ticket, to go down in a belly terrestrial.

A three-peephole - the cave of mine type, and there is not present either remains of ancient animals, or fantastic stalactites. But there is a snow heap blowing as the real winter icy cold on the bodies heated by the Crimean sun moreover the Owner. He watches visitors from height, from one of walls, and makes indelible impression on children. The well-known ropeway will help to bring memories of these eyes down in an integrity and safety. You will exchange a little intense jokes waiting for landing until to you adjust the car from where not to run away any more, and the car will shake, sailing away, and under legs to you tops of toy pines suddenly will slip. This dizzy and inevitably short travel is similar to attempt to fly back to the childhood - the attempt which almost came true.

And now forward, reader! And I...