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For women: how to catch fish?

there Came the fishing season, and men part good companies in unknown fishing distances. Come back sometimes with fish, sometimes without (well did not peck!) but always very happy with. And to wives, of course, enviably. And it is a little uneasy: you never know there, on this fishing … The nature, silence, stars in the night sky over a fire … And family duties somewhere it is far. And suddenly will get used? There is a wish to check. And how?

It is senseless to read to the husband of morals and to remind of a debt to a family. It is a right way to quarrel. Eventually, not so much he also asks - to go only on fishing, to have a rest outdoors and in silence. It is better not to row, and to keep it the company.

Only you remember: it is possible to go with the husband to fishing in the only case - if he feels that you want not to watch it, and too to have a rest from daily duties that you like spending the night outdoors, a fire, stars and … fishing. Here - that the dog is also buried. Like to ride - that everything, and here sanochka to carry - only some.

If you think that fishing - the tiresome occupation suitable only for idlers who just doze over a rod then throw out these thoughts from the head. In - the first, fishing can be very active if to catch on a spinning - with it it is necessary to move constantly, to throw constantly. But for women nevertheless the rod - a quiet seat ashore on a folding stool is better. This - that quiet seat is very hazardous piece. When you look at a float and you wait - here - here will move, here - here will peck, and at the time of a poklevka heart crashes somewhere, palms become damp, and fingers squeeze a fishing-rod - well directly as if here - here you will break the bank in a casino.

So, point first: how to persuade the husband to take with itself on fishing .

First of all - at all it is not necessary to ask with it on fishing if the company “only boys“ is supposed. Especially if this company agreed in advance to go, chose the cozy and fish town, week - another is trained for tackle, by a stock of products, checks tents and so on. For a start it is optimum - to suggest the husband to go on fishing together instead of a trip on the dacha. Especially, if at the dacha there is your mother who will always find occupation to idle hands (for example, to weed a kitchen garden, to dig up still a bed - another, to repair something).

Do not forget to tell the husband as you all life dreamed to catch a small fish. At least the smallest. There now though bleak.

Do not take in head to accompany the requests for fishing with hysterical crying or hysterical shrieks. Fishing does not suffer similar, it is time of a relaxation and peace of mind. If you at a stage of a request row, then can forget about fishing.

But here you persuaded. There comes time of point of the second: how to be prepared for fishing .

Take with yourself a sweater - at night at reservoirs happens cool. Do not forget a bathing suit. Surely - the repellent is more powerful (where a reservoir - there and mosquitoes, and especially behaving with brutality). Gumboots and easy footwear like slippers. Take several pairs of surgical gloves.

Consider, you have to be useful therefore study recipes of a mobile kitchen, learn how prepare on a fire, in a kettle and from concentrates (for example, quite good soup turns out from borsch in a bag and banks of stewed meat).

And here you on fishing. Now point third: how, actually, to catch fish .

Do not take in head to help the husband to equip a rod. You will surely make something not so. You watch enthusiastic eyes better as it does it. Ask to show more slowly - you are going to learn everything!

When business will reach the first throw, take care that around there were neither bushes, nor trees are potentially dangerous objects on which it is very easy to hang up a rod. You should not begin with that your husband was forced to jump under a tree, trying to get a hook, or disentangled a scaffold from bushes.

But here you is thin - poorly learned to throw a rod. Now it is necessary to supply it with a bait. For many women - a heartrending experience. Fish does not eat something decent, like sausage. Serve it a worm, a crank, a maggot and other delicacies. Will be able to take it in hand not each woman.

You remember about surgical gloves? Their time came. For this purpose they are also necessary - that it was not necessary to take all these worms and maggots barehanded. And if hands are reliably protected by gloves, then why and is not present.

It is possible to buy, of course, special dough for a bait, but fish not the silly woman and meat eats with much bigger pleasure. Besides, your task - to impress the husband as much as possible favourably as the fisher. Therefore it is better to fasten solemnly surgical gloves, with concentration to attach a worm to a hook, to throw a rod and not to take eyes from a float. Let the husband see that you are really very keen on fishing. And if it turns out to catch something! Do not forget about a delight storm, but only not in case at the husband pecks. Admire whisper!

You remember: you not ballast, you have to be useful. Therefore make a lunch and a dinner. It is not so difficult, nobody waits from you for high French cuisine. The main thing - do not jump aside from a fire, do not grab barehanded a kettle and try not to put too much salt in soup or porridge. In a dinner preparation time think of a breakfast at once - if your husband loves the first biting, then rise will be very early.

Point fourth: any complaints . Do not complain on mosquitoes, of dampness, cold, the drizzling rain, the smoking fire, tasteless stewed meat, tent and so on. One complaint - more you on fishing will not be taken.

Do not take in head to do big eyes or to make a row if you find out that the husband took with himself not only pickles, but also something alcoholic. Will not damage a little encouraging alcohol on fishing, especially at an evening fire.

Rejoice. Rejoice to each caught small fish. Rejoice to the nature, stars, a cool breeze from the river or the lake. Rejoice to fireworks of sparks from a fire. Smile as much as possible. And, maybe, you really will like fishing. But the main thing - can, the husband will like to go on fishing with you.

And point fifth, it is the last: after fishing . Do not forget to thank the husband for the given pleasure. Povostorgaytes still fishing, a povspominayta the hazardous moments of a biting, romantically sigh about stars over a fire. Shy take an interest in the textbook on fishing and - when next time it is possible to derive still such pleasure when it is possible to go to fishing again?

And sometime you will even be taken in the company “only for boys“.