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Whether it is possible to receive qualitative the Internet - education?

become more and more popular remote education, despite the stereotype which developed at many people that distance learning, or the Internet - education, is absolutely useless type of training. First of all such opinion was consolidated because such education is not fixed legally in any way. The virtual environment of education offers a huge variety of online services of training and an overabundance of manuals today. These are such materials as various audio recordings, training tests on analog of entrance examinations which will give a full picture that on them will occur how and how to solve on them tasks it is correct. With their help it is possible “to podnataskat“ without problems the pupil of all for few months of a hard work and he will come to examination not just quiet and faultlessly prepared, and this procedure for it will be absolutely habitual and familiar. Also by means of training online services not the problem will be in only several minutes (and even seconds) to find the necessary literature in electronic option, and also tests of last years to be guided what were and can be tasks. Of course, to make a full-fledged preparatory course of separate scrappy fragments, business difficult. But on condition of easy orientation in the Internet - space, it will confuse nobody. And I consider rates of globalization, the people who are not guided on the Internet remained absolutely units if at all remained. For receiving quality remote education there are no problems, especially if the person possesses quality of high self-checking and self-discipline. It is very important as here, from usual comprehensive or specialized school nobody will force to write anybody compositions to olich, to read and retell, hand over it - to repeat the most various independent works and to receive and these are estimates. On the one hand, many will be delighted - walk soul, I will study supposedly for myself! But, if this training happens on two times a week or every other day, but is not regular, then is responsible, to sense from such training will be a little, if at all will be. For receiving any knowledge, self-checking and diligence is necessary. “Without effort you will not extend also a small fish from a pond“, - for distance learning this old wise proverb is ideal. Only for the modern world, it was necessary to add to it the word about self-discipline and orientation in a world wide web. Online of school are actually very effective, especially for those pupils who get a huge stress from answers before all class, the reporting before the teacher and other. But, of course, each medal has two parties, and in this case in the development plan at the child of skill to communicate, online of school is lost to usual. There is a risk that the child will be unsociable as he grew without communication with age-mates. It is not excluded that “having left to the world“, it will be absolutely silent, coward and to be afraid of people in general. Therefore it is necessary to know when to stop in everything. You should not be dug in completely in training, and to remember, there are no times any reporting, the mode on which it is necessary to resort on the first lesson or couple, time a great lot for another matters in that case appears. It both entertainments and communication with friends, and work and other.

Respectively, we come to a conclusion that to train the child remotely, is an effective way of knowledge acquisition, but the unusual self-discipline and sense of proportion is for this purpose necessary not to become the “clever hermit“ communicating only on the Internet with program robots.