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Riddles of Arkaim. Whether there are answers?

the race of tall, white-skinned persons - ariyev came BC To India in the 3rd millennium. They brought Rigveda - the most ancient of the Veda, and reached the highest position in society, thanks to possession of unique knowledge and technologies. In ancient Persia at the same time there was a Zoroastrianism, the doctrine of the prophet Zaratushtra brought by the same Aryan race. Whom were they from where came where gained knowledge?

“Perhaps, at that time Gods still lived among people …“ So tell ancient legends.

Studying Arkaim, you begin to trust legends. Its riddles are very unusual.

Riddle the first. Opening

Arkaim was found in June, 1987 in the south of Chelyabinsk region. In 1952 the aerial photography of this territory was carried out, and in pictures the strange design with accurate geometrical forms is visible. Likely, from - for this correctness it was accepted for modern “ superconfidential “ object and … kept silent.

At the end of 80 - x here conceived a reservoir. Signed papers, invested big money, constructed a dam. But by rules, before flooding of lands it is necessary to be convinced that on them there are no valuable archeological finds. In group of the arrived archeologists there were two teenagers, they - that also found Arkaim. Mysterious circles were the remains of the unusual city age in several thousands of years.

But how was to stop bureaucratic machinery? The head of expedition, the candidate of historical sciences Zdanovich G. B., risking career and a scientific name, tried to make it. Saved Arkaim the whole world, even involved foreign scientists. Whether the pressure of defenders was strong, whether disorder of the Union came nearer - bureaucrats conceded. There was Arkaim. Took away, as they say. And, according to Zdanovich, there was a thing almost unreal - multimillion construction for the sake of an archeological find stopped!

Riddle the second. Observatory

In the ancient world were built by special type of observatories. Them call prigorizontny . There were no difficult devices, but astronomical observations were made very precisely. Arkaim just such observatory, and the most difficult of everything, known today to mankind.

Its design - the huge horoscope containing 12 zodiac signs, points of a vernal and autumn equinox, risings and sunsets and the Moon, winter and summer solstices.

Arkaimtsa knew even about the phenomenon of a precession . This slow movement of a terrestrial axis on a circular cone with the period in 25786 years, and it is displayed very precisely here.

And still Arkaim is located on 52 ° a northern latitude. It is considered that on it it is possible to observe the maximum quantity of the astronomical phenomena connected with risings and calling shone. At the same width there is the well-known Stonehenge, and they are age-mates. Only Arkaim is more difficult!

Riddle the third. The architecture

the Design of Arkaim strikes

. It is built according to in advance created plan as the uniform difficult complex reminding to the Mandala - the square entered in a circle. In ancient texts the circle symbolizes spirit, the Universe, a square - Earth, a material world. At construction of Arkaim the small Universe was created.

All city is executed in uniform system of coordinates. It is strictly focused on parts of the world with such accuracy that in the ancient world only some pyramids of Egypt can compete with it.

Fortifications are the wooden fellings filled with a brick. In them underground labyrinths with deep lovchy holes. All dwellings adjoined walls as segments and had exits to the main ring street. In each of them there was a well, the furnace and a special drain for water. The city had the real stormwater drainage system!

In the center there was a ritual area of almost square shape.

Arkaim was outside beautiful - ideally round, with the high towers burning with fires and external walls revetted with a color brick.

Everything was imbued with sense here. Fortress consisted of two ring walls - external, devoted to the Sun, and internal - the Moon. Entering the city it was necessary to repeat a way which passes the Sun. Four entrances of Arkaim formed drawing of the “correct“ swastika . This sacral sign was used by ancient India, Russia, China, Egypt, Maya as a symbol of light and development. The return swastika at ancient meant darkness and destruction. By the way, fascists adopted just it.

In Arkaim both swastikas were applied, was not “bad“ and “good“ - there was a unity of everything as “Yin“ and “Yan“. Day - night, light - darkness, the birth - death. It is a natural order of things in the Universe.

Riddle the fourth. Metallurgy

In each dwelling, except a well, still. To them from a well there were two earth pipes. What for? And you looked in a well? From it always “pulls“ cold. And so, one of pipes gave cold air to storage. It was the refrigerator!

And in the second pipe the same air created draft of such force that it allowed to melt bronze without use of bellows! The furnace was metallurgical !

The numerous copper products found in burial grounds confirm that there were many skillful masters of forge and foundry business.

Riddle the fifth. Wheel and chariots

On roofs of dwellings of Arkaim there passed the top street for pedestrians and … of chariots ! Presents. Because the most ancient wheels and chariots were found here, in burials. And still bronze knives, axes, a rigid bridle with thorns, images and skeletons of horses. They specify that there lived not only smiths, astronomers, but also soldiers - kolesnichy.

Riddle the sixth. The country of the cities


Now in the territory of the Chelyabinsk and Orenburg regions, Bashkortostan and Northern Kazakhstan found several tens settlements of arkaimsky type. Their age 3,8 - 4 thousand years. These settlements of an era of bronze were called “The country of the cities“.

The cities were surprisingly similar. Were under construction in the form of an oval, a circle or a rectangle, but always according to the standard project. It is considered that they were the spiritual centers where there lived priests, and tribespeople with all the district gathered for sacred festivals.

The cities were also production factories. There is an opinion that they arose from here - for available copper ores. Metal, tools, jewelry went for “export“ far away from the region.

And still found similar ancient settlements in Kazakhstan near uranium mines. For what?

But most of all in “The country of the cities“ surprising spirituality strikes it .

Riddle the seventh. Legendary arias

the Philosophy of “The country of the cities“ was formed on three cults: Fire, Sun and Hero. It is Indo-the Iranian religious system, Zoroastrianism sources. Arkaimtsam was open all physical and inner world. But not the luxury, but life in harmony from the Universe was main.

According to Avesta and Rigveda`s myths, in the ancient time of the aria dispersed from the ancestral home which sank in the Arctic Ocean worldwide. The tsar Yima is the first governor ariyev, by order of God went south and built the city as egg - a symbol of origin of life in the Universe. Arkaim (“are“ - the sky and - a suffix of reduction or accessory) is a “small“ sky of Yima or the double of the sky on Earth.

ARKAIM (“Ar + KA + And + M“) - “the beginning of light sincere throughout thoughts“, the light essence continuing initial knowledge. The sense of the word confirms one of versions that there was one of the scientific and spiritual centers of the Ancient World.

Riddle the eighth. “The place of force“

Arkaim is located

in a zone of a paleovulkan . Such districts call “Places of force“. Moreover and the 52nd degree of a northern latitude on which the real form of the planet is crossed from the imagined correct. “The earth meets the Sky“. Here influence of energiya and a magnetic field are unusual, are even destructive if not to understand how with them to be. Ancient knew. They knew, that needs to be built where spaces adjoin, opening the Window to other world.

Riddle the Ninth. The outcome

Arkaim existed all 200 - 300. The fire, it destroyed - a riddle. Singularity of the fire is that it did not become surprise for inhabitants. They gathered and left. And then the city was burned.

Researches showed that Arkaim, pyramids, Stonehenge are constructed in one system of measures and representations. Perhaps they have one builders? And it was one of that rare “sidereal clock of mankind“ when “Gods lived on the earth“...

Whether we learn the truth?