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Why go to Arkaim? Traveling notes of

In the night of June 22 of the power engineering specialist of Arkaim reaches the highest force. So it is considered. The holiday of a summer solstice will bring together huge number of pilgrims, psychics, followers of various doctrines in Arkaim. In the small territory there will be a sea of people, fiery shows, unusual ceremonies and rituals. Mystical place, mystical night... Why here?

Arkaim is considered as the ancient homeland ariyev, “the place of force“. The place of worship and acquaintance to ancient history, place of implementation of hopes, understanding of the world and finding of in it.

Now our civilization reached rather high technocratic level of development, endured heavy wars and approached a side of even more terrible. And here hardly, but nevertheless we began to understand that we lost something very important in the development. Namely - spiritual a component which is necessary for rebalancing and harmony of the world.

More and more people go to Arkaim every year. What for? Someone looks for healings, someone wants to touch antiquity, someone believes that he will find for himself answers to questions of meaning of life.

If earlier only the elite went there, then all go now. 10 years ago the road should be found, now you will be brought in a terminal point by tourist buses and indexes. A few years ago said that Arkaim lets not all. Perhaps and today it will turn out not at everyone. Even the one who will gather can have unforeseen circumstances, and travel will be postponed. And if all - you arrive - receive the mass of impressions, I hope. I did not regret.

I will tell honestly that I possess not the poor imagination, but together with it at me two favourite rules: “And you prove …“ and “First try, then trust“. There was a wish to look at everything with own eyes and to understand the mind.

Unusual stories in Arkaim it is possible to hear a set, but I can be charged only for the impressions. That found that saw that felt.

the Impression the first calling

In the first trip, in 2002, I reached Arkaim at random, on pure enthusiasm, only with the map of Chelyabinsk region and foggy instructions of Pasha, daughter`s schoolmate. He is not a driver, went with acquaintances by the minibus there. Specified Pasch`s distance approximately as it appeared, it is nearly 150 km less than a present. The route described still tumanny.

But gathered so gathered! Went long, day ended, with it also asphalt reached a limit. We in the dark rustled on gravel already several tens kilometers. And here I with despair thought that Arkaim did not “let“ me. In the distance among the steppe settlement sparks seemed, we came around to learn the road - it turned out that to Arkaim remained to 10 - 12 km. After drudgeries and despondency it became “good news“ and hope for a miracle.

It seems to me that for the first time most of people goes to Arkaim with this feeling: many do not admit, but all - wait for something. I did not know why I went, but there it was necessary to me, just a magnet pulled!

the Impression the second curing

All road to Arkaim very much hurt

me the head, just broke up, there was already some otherworldly mood, nothing helped. Having appeared in camp and having begun to look round, I suddenly understood that the head does not hurt, absolutely! All this happened in five minutes of stay here.

Then learned that many come with the sores in hope for healing here … Go to mountains, bathe in the river. And water in the river pure and cold - very cold. And in it lilies and water-lilies blossom. I bathed with pleasure too and never sneezed!

Impression the third, mystical

very much surprised Me with

a type of the star sky over the Shaman (still it is called the Bald mountain, or a volcano Fiery). There was a feeling of presence at planetarium. Over the head the huge dome all covered with stars. Perhaps it is a sight joke when you are in the steppe, I will not argue. But I looked at the breathing, bent and attracting star space with own eyes!

Still it happened to me to see the huge arch in the sky thrown from edge and to edge, it reminded an indistinct trace from the plane. We group came back in the evening from the ancient settlement. Ahead - a dark cloud, over the head - an arch, behind - a tent of the star sky. So all road to camp the arch moved together with us, having hanged directly over the heads. Over the horizon the moon, huge rose at this time. The light cloudlet closed its edge, and the moon resembled the playful boy with the cap pulled over eyes who laughed and winked at us. Such it is the Arch - to them.

Still there was a cheerful case when we with the daughter wandered about the mountain in search of the UFOs promised us at night. I explained to her that in the steppe very good review of the star sky in which it is possible to see a lot of the flying artificial satellites. Also showed for an example on a moving bright point. At us in the eyes it stopped, increased several times and went out. We only made a helpless gesture. by

Impression the fourth, cool

you feel a scope, freedom and a unification with the nature Here. Incurred me on the unfamiliar mountain early in the morning. Then it turned out that on ignorance went to a reserved zone, but nobody stopped. There was a Monday, people and employees in camp were almost not. And the mountain just attracted.

When rose by it - burst into tears. Tears were shed without the reason. And when came to top, to me the sun towards rose, in a face struck warm wind. There was a feeling that I on a horse came out to the mountain, and around me the whole world was developed. And I one it is high among this magnificence! Feeling cool , I and now remember it...

Since then life presented me many lessons and unusual knowledge. But, perhaps, then I consciously began to find myself in this world.

Impression the fifth, positive

Since discovery of Arkaim here a lot of things exchanged. In the world all moves. And here money and a civilization came. They say that it is necessary to ask permissions Arkaim on the way to the Shaman, for the first time I executed this rule. And then is not present any more. To eat meat here was considered as a bad form - now workers of the dining room will offer you a ready shish kebab. There were “casual“, just visiting people to the “modern“ place more. That initial purity, a netronutost left. But …

But also now you can stay alone with the nature and be transferred to the past, can find interesting people and adherents. You hardly should worry for safety of the things. Still in Arkaim theft cases were not observed. All tents are open and many cars do not close. Most of people are very benevolent, at least, being here. You by all means feel this collective spirit of “positive thinking“.

And yet, maybe, is also not present for the Universe of “casual“ people. And they exert the impact on all who visit such places on the earth. On that they and “places of force“.

The ophthalmologist with a world name Muldashev E. R. offered the interesting theory about system of the pyramids, with a mathematical accuracy placed on all earth by the previous civilization. One of values of this system - absorption and the redirection of negative energy, especially negative human thoughts and emotions. Arkaim is in this system.

Except personal impressions, it is very important for me that several millennia ago in the heart of the continent, in the territory which scientists considered wild and not populated there lived rather highly organized civilization which is harmoniously connected with the nature and space. Here, in a muzzle of an extinct paleovulkan, there was very thought over, mathematically an exact, spiritual construction. Several honeycombs of years existed and … disappeared together with fire. As a mystical bird - the Phoenix.

Arkaim gives many answers and gives rise to even more questions. And there is a wish to answer them very much.

Behind that I will also go to Arkaim again …