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Mother-in-law and son-in-law. Infernal mix? How to prevent explosion?

There now, as always! The mother-in-law and the son-in-law once again quarreled with each other. About hatred in couple the mother-in-law - the son-in-law legends go. But when it concerns your family - that nen already your soul literally runs around like a mad. Well why they cannot understand in any way that both hurt you, really is not clear to them that it is very important to understand himself and at last to decide how to cease to take offense at each other? Why from - for an insignificant problem of family life the war axe is dug out? Both are offended. Do not talk, dart the alerted glances on the parties. Air is impregnated with aroma of fight. “Entrenchments are dug, the barbed wire is tense“. Here and the next problems of family life in your family.

It is not necessary to do of itself the great martyr of family life and to try on a suit: warm and fuzzy. This two expensive to you the person initially so nasty to each other did not belong. Problem the mother-in-law - the son-in-law not that they hate each other, and that they love you.

We practically all differ in garrulity. We like to gossip, be whispered, chatter away family secrets, to share pleasure and troubles, to discuss (ah what important) problems of family life. When we here so on - simple stir what we expect from the interlocutor? What he instead of us would solve our problems, participated in events? Of course - no. We expect simple sympathy, and nothing any more.

In conversation with the girlfriend and it turns out, compassions we get enough, however, small advice is pertinent: try to tell less details of family life to strangers. If at you everything is remarkable - that and close people can envy, or itself will maleficiate (if you trust in it). If everything is so bad - girlfriends will begin to mow towards members of your family. And the antipathy and vigilance from outside is always felt.

All this works for girlfriends. But we like to discuss the problems of family life with mother (son-in-law). And unless there can be they neutral to cares of the native person. If you have problems - they are ready to undertake their decision. They are the family! They are ready to help you! They perceive all your cares and offenses as own. And if, in their opinion, to you that that threatens - then precisely rise in defense.

So one of close people for you (the reason of your problems according to another) turns into the enemy. In total - war according to already trodden scenario began. The arena of military operations is designated. Actors on places. The red rag is you.

If the reason of scandal and family problems - you, then only in your forces to prevent the conflict, to hang out a white flag of a truce, to find the solution of an eternal problem the mother-in-law - the son-in-law. In practice to help them to find the answer to a question how to cease to take offense at each other.

But the patched-up peace, than good war is better. Therefore, main thing: it is necessary to make everything not to allow military operations. Mother (husband) cannot complain of the husband (mother). Do not add fuel to the fire. Just it is very difficult for them to listen to you (but also at a meeting to pretend that they it is not aware). They on a position are ready to solve any your problem for you and, if necessary, and to zashchishchit. And whether you need all this? It is just that case when pertinently to remember that my language - my enemy.