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Whether return of our deposits at bankruptcy of bank guarantees the state?

Ya think that many of us repeatedly thought of where to make the free money.

The most conservative way (for those who do not want to risk) is placement of free money in a contribution in commercial bank. Such way guarantees preservation of your money from inflation and even the small income on condition of placement of a contribution for longer term.

There now, we put the money, counted future income and quietly we wait for contribution completion date. And suddenly from mass media we learn that the bank in which we put the money began to experience financial difficulties. Of course, not everyone will sit still, having received such news if on a contribution almost all our savings, so to speak, on “rainy day“ lie.

And here investors begin to besiege offices of bank and to demand return of the money before expiration of the contract. Naturally, the bank cannot return all borrowed funds at once, at the expense of them the credits are issued, and the bank also, in turn, waits for them return. But unless concerns the investor where also to whom the bank gave its blood? Panic, an agiotage therefore the bank stops delivery of deposits begins.

And now let`s understand: whether the simple investor should have worried so? Probably, some of readers though overheard about the state system of obligatory deposit insurance which functions are carried out by Deposit Insurance Agency (further - DIA).

The DIA is a state corporation, the purpose of activity, function and which powers are defined by the Federal law from 23. 12. 2003 No. 177 - Federal Law “About Deposit Insurance in Banks of the Russian Federation“, the Federal law from 12. 01. 1996 No. 7 - Federal Law “About Non-profit Organizations“, the Federal law “About banks and bank activity“ and the Federal law “About insolvency (bankruptcy) of credit institutions“.

According to part 2 of article 11 of the Federal law “About deposit insurance in banks of the Russian Federation“, return of 100% of the sum of deposits in bank, but no more than 700 thousand rubles is guaranteed to the investor. Means, the first council: do not place in one bank deposits for the sum exceeding 700 thousand rubles.

Further follows from article 12 of the specified law that at bankruptcy of bank payment of compensation for deposits is made by DIA within 3 working days from the date of submission by the investor to Agency of the documents provided by parts 4 and 5 of article 10 of the Federal law “About deposit insurance in banks of the Russian Federation, but not earlier than 14 days from the date of a loss occurrence.

As it occurs in practice?

I Will tell

how it was on own experience.

When I learned that the bank in which I placed the money began to experience financial difficulties, and the issue of a response of the bank license is already resolved, my first desire was - as soon as possible to take away from this bank the money. My old acquaintance who works in bank stopped me and told me that according to the law my money will be returned within two weeks after revocation of license of Bank. The term of my contribution yet did not expire by then (before its termination there were about two months) therefore I was going to wait for revocation of license.

Having learned on the Internet that the license at bank is withdrawn, I called the acquaintance again and asked when return me my honestly earned? On what the answer received that it is not necessary to worry - I will be notified on date and the place of delivery of a contribution, it is only necessary to write the application of the established form and to give its bank in which there began the work the temporary administration appointed by territorial office of the Bank of Russia.

Approximately in two weeks I was really told that I can receive the money with the due percent on a contribution in branch of other credit institution which is authorized to make payment of money for obligations of bankrupt bank. Still not really believing that everything so quickly occurred, I came to the specified branch and … quietly received the money.

There is my such experience, and now I know that the state really guarantees return of my contribution (deposits) if its sum does not exceed 700 thousand rubles.

Though, on the other hand, I understood also what at our difficult economic and political situation of absolute reliability is not present even in such solid financial institutions as banks.