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How many we needed to live?

“Do not think of seconds haughtily.“ (c) Remember

: time flies when you`re having fun. Honestly, time passes unequally when the person stays in a condition of happiness or grief, disappointment or elation. Where this watch which counts the course of our terrestrial life, this interval of time which is called LIFE are hidden?

The phenomenology of our terrestrial time consists that it is changeable. We remember how once in the childhood so long and tiresomely hours and minutes before purchase of a favourite toy or a visit of circus together with mother and the father lasted.

And still it is possible to remember how it is speeded up heart before a meeting with darling, and hours as though stopped for the period of appointment fought. It seemed that there passed only 5 minutes, and it is already necessary to leave. How, really already passed the whole FIVE hours?!

And how the working day lasts? Time reduces the speed, coming to a lunch, and after a lunch we rush as though by a high-speed electric train to end of this piece of a non-existence because life begins later when we joyful, though a little tired come back home.

Quite recently came home, and time already comes by midnight. What for jokes? Who stole my time? And again immersion in dreamland, and then awakening and new run on a path of this imperceptible and absolutely unpredictable concept TIME.

How many we still needed to LIVE? Unless it is possible to ask such question?! Who granted the right to interfere in this measured world of vanity and a pursuit of illusive happiness?

TIME. Only It has the right to interfere in the world of everyone without exception. It wipes out continents and mountains, the states and the cities. It puts fancy ornaments on faces of people and forces them to be bent under freight of the lived years.

While the human race is live, it struggles with a solution of this mysterious and imperceptible force which proceeds through fingers and does strong weak, and weak strong. It is this force, forces us, or to forget about it and to wake up from drowsiness when already late. Or to create and dare, trying to resist in the plainness to this huge force.

Only certain madmen or geniuses managed to saddle this rebellious horse, under the name TIME. Their thoughts and the feelings given live in verses, prose, music, pictures and today among us as lonely icebergs, spirit tops which trampled on death. Means, TIME is not so omnipotent and it is possible to win against it!

And what the simple person can make to win against time? In my opinion, only creativity can stop and win against time. Any creative activity, snatches out us from the daily ordinary and places in other, creative measurement which has no borders of our short-term physical existence. Even usual letters - a tribute of an era of an epistolary genre, carefully kept by descendants, repeatedly endure their authors because the thoughts and feelings imprinted on paper continue to LEAD the unique life.

So how many we needed to live? Let everyone solve.