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Rubens, “Sir and Siringa“. Where the nymph runs?

- the Girl what you are beautiful! Probably, all stick to you?

- Yes.

- And you refuse to all?

- Yes. - you Will regret

This joke comes

back to memory when you see the picture “Sir and Siringa“. Two characters: shaggy goat-hoofed brawny being of a masculine gender (Ban) and young maiden (nymph Siringa).

It as if is enough it, it as if beats off. It grasped the girl by a transparent cape. It still holds it with the left hand, closing the delights. And the red cover already almost fell down, hardly keeps on a shoulder.

Its intentions are unambiguous: he wants it to achieve. And it it, it appears, it is not necessary at all. His left hand already embraces the maiden, but actually it is a reed armful, a hint on succession of events. The action takes place in marsh thickets (not the most suitable place for love affairs). But - got his love (“You are good, canes, an evening time!“).

Who they are, characters of a picture? Their story is told by Ovidy on behalf of Hermes who went to steal the priestess Io on the instructions of Zeus, Zeus`s mistress turned into a cow (the Supreme god hid the sins). Zeus was forced to present a cow to the jealous wife Hera, and it charged to the tysyacheglazy titan Argus to take away it far away and to protect. Complicated story... And here Hermes with the pipe reached Argus, began to play with intention to lull him and, answering a question of the dozing watchman from where this magic pipe undertook, told it about how Pang chased Siringoy as it ran away from it and that left all this.

The sir is Hermes`s son (in the Greek pantheon of gods - Hermes, in Roman - Mercury). Hermes is god, Zeus`s son. But for some reason he decided to earn additionally the shepherd and went for this purpose in Arkady (Arkady - the area of Greece). As why - it is unclear, but “there was what happened“. And as the mere mortal, the immortal shepherd fell in love to unconsciousness with the nymph who did not resist it... And here it is a high time to remember Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin: “The queen at night not the son, not the daughter, Not the little mouse, not a frog, and to not permission gave birth to an animal“. The nymph gave birth to the boy: “it with horns, with legs goat, noisy, fun-loving “ (Gomerova anthems, “To Pang“) Was .

Hermes was a normal child. And quite nice became the adult. As it turned out that at it such, to put it mildly, unusual son was born, it is unclear: whether he too hurried, whether the nymph desperately resisted. But here so it turned out.

Mummy, naturally, was out of herself:

Gasped mother and swelled up and, having thrown the child, escaped:

was horrified by its bearded, terrible face.

So Pang was deserted, he did not hear about the mummy any more and did not meet it.

And here the father, Hermes, was fairly satisfied:

On hands quickly Hermes beneficial accepted the child.

Very much soul had fun it, looking at the dear son.

Besides, he decided to show the son to the Olympic gods:

With it the parent in the dwelling blissful immortal directed,

of the son having wrapped up with a skin fluffy a mountain hare.

Sat down before Zeus - the master it between other gods

and showed them the child. Gods swept with laughter.

of All was pleased by the boy - and named the boy Pang

What this boy had affairs, than he was engaged as it grew - it is unknown. It is authentically known that he spent time in the company of nymphs, sang, played, danced. About all it - can be, and with everyone, and we were reached by the information only about the elite. It is immortal therefore (probably) its games continue still.

Now about Siringe. She is a nymph, the daughter of river god from Arkady. Also was engaged in the fact that...

Often she escaped from satir, behind it running,

I from various gods that in the shady wood live

I in fertile fields.

Ortigiyskaya she honored the goddess

Business and virginity.

(Ovidy, “Metamorphoses“)
was beautiful

I it - Diana`s copy, just onions not gold. All occupations - to run on the wood in a seminude look (and can be, without clothes at all), all creatures of a masculine gender to tempt with the beauty, and then from all to escape to remain the girl in honor of Diana (the ortigiysky goddess - Diana, Ortigiya - the ancient name of the island Delos, Diana`s homeland).

Once it was seen by Pang, absolutely became stupid and too began to chase it, to try to obtain reciprocity. It - in any, runs away and runs away. And here canes, bog, river. There is no place to run further. Probably, she was not able to swim moreover and was tired immensely. Also asked the water sisters to hide it. The sir already caught up with it, embraced - and here saw that he holds a reed armful in hand.

It even moaned from disappointment:

As he sighs and as, on stems zadvigavshis, the

wind makes the Thin sound similar to a plaintive voice;

As it, new it is captivated by art and sweet of a sound,

“In this consent, - told, - forever we will remain together!“

was So moved since then that stems uneven, Are stuck together by

wax among themselves, keep that girl a name.

(Ovidy, “Metamorphoses“)

Was the nymph Siringa - turned into reed, and then into a flute which received own name of “siring“. Two coupled pipes of different length - primary option of a flute. Over time the tool became complicated, the design changed, the flute became cross. But also the longitudinal flute gained the development: it became multibarrelled. Each trunk, each tubule make the sound.

By the way, about Pang`s father, Hermes. Let`s return to the beginning when Hermes tells Argus from where there was such pipe which lulls. It means that the sonny (Pang) supplied the father (Hermes) siringy. Why and why? Perhaps, Pang was convinced that sounds of his flute lull (and used it in communication with nymphs)? And Hermes, knowing about it, asked the son to make also to him such when he went to kill Argus?

Generally, a cheerful family with awful heredity. Siringa was right: it is better to be reed, than to incur from it. Pang`s complaints that he remained at the interests, of his word that memory of the nymph will remain in sounds and the name of a flute, - no more as a trick to move to pity the next nymph.

The tool became a symbol of a pastoral, rural idyll. Besides, the statue “Remained the sir trains Daphnis in game on a siring“: art of seduction by means of a musical instrument was transferred from one handyman to another. In this case - to Daphnis who tempted Chloe (the truth, a flute did not participate in that process).

There is such history. And if to cut off a stem and to blow in it - you will hear an echo of an ancient baize how it caught up with it, and it - ran away...