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What is told by wives about the husbands on social networks?

“My one and only“, “My darling“, “My elect“ - with what only do not present with words the wife of the husbands in the first years (months?) marriage. But gradually these warm and tender possessive pronouns turn in female small parties into the usual and simple word “MINE“.

And MINE - that!. And here MINE! … - chatter in eager rivalry on social networks of the young woman. And we read, and gradually unattractive image of the certain being sitting in a chair in one sock, scratching a paunch and who stared in the TV screen appears.

And MINE likes to pick out from a nose of a small insect and to rumple them thoughtfully as plasticine - one writes. Well you, MINE after a bathtub will sit down in a chair, having spread wide, and fingers the eggs. Dries, probably - another writes.

And MINE got a habit to put for the night in return beds a bottle of beer and takes a sip from it at half of the night. I - deliver it still nearby empty, it will not be necessary to stamp in the dark in a toilet … so timid

A my - sleeps absolutely naked, and “pod“ turns in a handkerchief that did not escape to take a walk inadvertently. And still, when sneezes, screams as Tarzan in the old Hollywood movie. And in the mornings sings an idiotic couplet which remembers, probably, from kindergarten: “Get up, get up, put on panties“.

WASH here that otchudit. Lately sleeps in socks, speaks, legs at it freeze. And when we go to the dacha, it driving, passing by a post of GAI, pulls out hair from a nose.

Well, it that! Here MINE, will come from work, will take off trousers and, scratching a bum, goes on kitchen, keeping saying: “That to gobble up it?“.

And here my friend tells. Her husband brought last year from Germany leather trousers. So he both dressed them, and does not remove still and carries without underwear. At the same time can daily change socks, smelling them at the same time with disgust. And then wraps socks in a shirt and goes to put to the washing machine.

And here MINE when I abuse it, can fall asleep. Says that it at it protective reaction of an organism such.

And MINE can directly sleep sitting on a toilet bowl and to burn at the same time pants a cigarette.

Well you. Here I will tell you that I recently incidentally saw. WASH after descends on - small, masses “friend“ over a toilet bowl as though squeezes out toothpaste from a tube.

And at my hobby. Before throwing out an old plastic bag, it inflates it and claps it. And if the pact strong got, throws it on a floor and jumps from above with victorious shout. The real monster …

A my, you represent, began to cross stitch. Will sit down on a sofa and considers the picture from a children`s set, a yellow chicken on a green grass, reflecting what color will approach better. Svekrovushka taught. Speaks, nerves well calms. muzhenyokot the mamkiny boob will not wean in any way.

Lovely ladies to continue, I think, is not necessary. Your husbands can tell a lot of things about your whims too, but for some reason do not do it. We will hope that these, in general harmless, pranks on the Internet will still not prevent you to love the husbands and to care for them how it was in the first years (months?) joint life.

Source : “Apartment as habitat“ www. kvartira - box. ru