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What to do if milk vanishes? Unexpected experience of restoration of a lactation of

All know that the best food for children of the first months of life is maternal breast milk. If initially there are no problems with a lactation and there are no contraindications, then voluntarily you should not refuse it. However what to do if after several weeks or months of successful feeding by a breast milk begins to vanish gradually? Its quantity decreases, the child is nervous, cries, shouts, coming off a breast. The stress, a sleep debt, fatigue, laktatsionny crises, impossibility in time and to satiety to eat, an illness, eventually, - the reasons can be a little, and even all at once. First of all, it is not necessary to panic. I will share personal experience how to overcome this temporary difficulty.

My Pavlik was not two more months old when I got sick. Caught a cold outright, having caught terrible quinsy. Did not do without antibiotics. And, as we know, at their reception breastfeeding is impossible. The son was taken away for three days to my mother that did not catch. Naturally, there he was fed with mix. The emergency doctors who arrived to me advised “to tie up“ urgently a breast and to forget about breastfeeding forever. But I so had no forces that I went to bed, having postponed this action for morning. In the morning I, of course, woke up in a pool of milk and with rasperty it a breast. It was necessary to be decanted.

Through some time the doctor of local policlinic came to visit the patient. I decided to consult to it into the account of the termination of breastfeeding. If it is honest, I even plainly did not represent how it becomes. That waved on me hands and told: “By no means. To be decanted, decanted and to be decanted once again“. I very much was delighted to this council. Painfully it was a pity to tear off mine the baby from a breast. The benefit there was a milk pump. But, alas and ah, it did not help. From - for the fact that the healthy and long sleep was required for my weakened organism especially at night, by the end the day before yesterday in a milk pump even 20 grams of milk from both breasts were not gained.

The kid was brought, I right there applied him to a breast. Naturally, he did not gorge on and began to shout. But refused the offered small bottle, having preferred mother`s milk. Also fight for a lactation began!

Various teas, drinks, poultices from drugstores were put to use. But effect - zero! The saw is a lot of liquid, tried to have a rest more, slept with the kid in the afternoon, walked with a carriage on 3 - 4 hours, fed the golenky kid herself undressed on a belt. Generally, followed the most popular advice. Everything is vain!

Passed about a month. I already almost despaired and was ready to transfer the child to mix as one night the husband came home with a can of beer. I took a sip at it to steam of drinks, and - about a miracle! - at night milk came! And still did not vanish.

I will not tell that this method suits all. Alcohol is harmful in any quantities, to especially feeding women. More likely, everything helped in total. But having re-read a heap of forums on this subject, it was convinced that everywhere advise some barmy drink. And where to take it, nobody speaks. Beer, as we know, contains yeast. From here and effect!