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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 11 - 13? “Revolt big-eared“, etc.

In the Russian hire there came the relative calm in anticipation of several large film premieres which will take place in the second half of June. The formed “hole“ was decided to be closed tapes with a vague cash potential, strong middlings from which it is not necessary to wait for surprises especially as with might and main there is a country time and many residents of megalopolises for the weekend leave the stuffy cities in favor of personal personal plots.

As a part of film novelties it is possible to observe the Hollywood comedy with animation elements “Revolt big-eared“, the Russian resort skit “All inclusive, or All inclusive“ and the long-awaited fantastic drama of Terrence Malik “A life tree“. Two European melodramas, German “Love three together“ Tom Tykwer and Italian “Love finish the list: Instruction for application“. In limited hire there will also take place three-dimensional displays of an age-old razzing tape Constantinople “8 and a half dollars“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Revolt big-eared“ (Hop, 2011)

Admirers komediyno - a musical dilogy “Alvin and chipmunks“ can rejoice. Russia the full-fledged clone of burunduchy history, the comedy with animation elements comes out (or better to say, the animated film with living actors?) “Revolt big-eared“ the director Tim Hill who, by the way, is a director of the first part “Alvin and chipmunks“.

Localizers, as usual, missed a little with heading because just “big-eared“ (it is about easter hares) have no relation to revolt. Revolution at factory on production of easter gifts was started by the chicken tyrant Carlos while the main successor of family business, the hare - younger, goes to the world of people where spoils candies and practices music turns in public places.

In America the tape was met without special agiotage, though it is favorable. In leaders “Revolt big-eared“ held on not for long, but during hire managed to pay back costs of production and even to show some profit. Obvious similarity to the previous similar projects and humour in a tape affects it is focused on audience of younger preschool age. The optimum choice for a family visit of cinema.

2. “All Inclusive, or All inclusive“ (2011)

When still how at the very beginning of summer when many plan holidays and dream in reality of warm evenings by the sea, could be published the romantic comedy about adventures in the resort? Everything is correct, from the point of view of marketing, emergence of the movie “All inclusive“ of Eduard Radzyukevich hits directly the bull`s eye. It is necessary to hope that it not the only thing, than this tape can brag.

Radzyukevich is known by all country at the suggestion of STS TV channel where the actor and the director, the graduate of Boris Shchukin theatrical Institute, registered seriously and for a long time, participating in such most popular shows and series as “My great nurse“, “6 frames“ and “Father`s daughters“. Actually, exactly there Eduard also got the first rudiments of the director`s experience which he decided to develop fully in big cinema.

“All inclusive“ is the typical situation comedy with the Russian color telling about misadventures of the successful veterinarian (in his role somebody Mikhail Bespalov appearing also the producer of the movie) in the Turkish resort where it dashed away at full speed from the jealous husband of the client - mistresses. By itself, on others coast it is shone by a set of amusing situations, new love, and also communication with loutish, but kind in soul, compatriots.

3. “A life tree“ (The Tree of Life, 2011)

Thank God, this time the owner of “Golden Palm“ of the Cannes Film Festival reached Russia not a year later (as the Thai tape about the uncle Bunmi), and without delay. About the next tape of Terrence Malik there was a lot of talk as, however, and about all its movies which the director for the long career in cinema (since 1969) removed all … six.

Absolutely failure picture in financial sense attracts not so much with good critical responses which were never a sufficient reason for a visit of movie theater, how many presence at a shot of world stars in the person of Brad Pitt and Shauna Penna, and also a peculiar fantastic background of a plot.

A genre, certainly, for hire very heavy, but I hurry to certify - it is worth going to the cinema at least because the movie is incredibly beautiful visually. It to you not heartless computer special effects of comics, is the real masterpiece of camerawork of Emmanuel Lyubetski working earlier on such pictures as “A sleepy hollow“ and “The human child“.

4. “Love: The instruction for application“ (Manuale d’am3re, 2011)

Figure three in the Italian heading of a tape of Giovanni Veronezi replaces with

the letter “about“ not incidentally, kompozitsionno the melodrama consists of three short stories, each of which is devoted to love and the confused relationship of floors. More precisely, so confused that the story in each case (short story “Youth“, “Maturity“ and “After“) is kept on behalf of the heroes who suddenly learned new feeling at the most inappropriate moment.

Obvious plus of a picture is the cast. Giovanni Veronezi was succeeded to entice Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci into the project, and admirers of series “Octopus“ will also be pleased by participation in a tape of the grown old, but not lost Michele Placido`s charm. Alas, the modern Italian cinema cannot brag of glory and recognition which it used during a neo-realism era. Nevertheless, it is always pleasant to see the fresh Italian movies which are not fixated on subject of mafia or the fascist past of this southern country on screens.

5. “Love three together“ (3, 2010)

the Last year`s German tape in the original carries capacious and at the same time nothing meaning the name “Tri“. Love Tom Tykwer`s picture, the author of the well-known tape “Run, Lola, Run“, acquired already in hands of the Russian film distributors from the Russian Reporting company. “The love three together“ leaves in limited hire, not only the drama genre which is habitually difficult financed and paid back but also very scandalous plot is the reason of what. The movie tells about a love triangle where he, she and once again it. However, unlike traditional option when two men look after one woman, in this case between them the feeling flashes too.

Last “debutant“ of this week is Grigory Konstantinopolsky`s movie “8 and a half dollars“ which with success swept on screens of our country in 1999. The razzing comedy parodying the world of show - business and hinting in heading at a world masterpiece of Fellini “Eight and a half“, was made a copy in the 3D format. It is difficult to tell as far as this marketing mix is justified creatively, but if authors aspire, 12 years later, again someone needs to declare, so it? The main thing that this technique of reanimation did not become a tendency, differently soon we should revise anew many movies in stereo glasses.

In the absence of the Hollywood blockbusters the majority will prefer a domestic product, let also habitually average quality. Chances at the tape “All inclusive“ to head the Russian hire following the results of the forthcoming days off are very big, considering iridescent scope of rest by the tender sea. Well, or, at the worst, it is bright - the blue pool. Families with children will prefer to visit sessions “Revolt big-eared more likely“ where lovely small animals will amuse the audience of younger age again. To film fans I recommend not to pass “A life tree“.